Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 19: We Are Officially Boned (In More Ways Than One)

Well, we head out and rest, as is normal. Rather then find an inn, we just camp out just outside on a patch of grass. Now, time for the final wing of the temple.

The east wing lies behind two pairs of double doors. We open the second door, standing to the side because my psychic powers tell me to. Naturally, they are right as usual.

A spell trigger is set up here to continuously cast the Fireball spell towards the doors. Of course, with all the doors we opened, this means that said fireball flies all the way to the dungeon entrance, where it hits and explodes. Gee, getting out of here is going to be fun!

The east wing consists of a long corridor flanked by mini-water canals. Seeing as said canals appear safe, we hop in one and wade down the corridor, avoiding the fireballs in the process.

The end of the corridor consists of a pair of stairways branching around in opposite directions, leading upward. Both lead to the same place, and each one has a small group of Baa acolytes guarding them. Easy enough.

Both stairways connect to a short hall, with another entrance halfway down the hall. We head in there to find...

...the main chapel, the largest room in the dungeon yet. A huge columned room with an altar on a raised dais, the room is mostly empty. Around the altar are group a not-insignificant number of Baa followers. Guess who we get to kill?

Among these followers are three Priests of Baa. These guys mix up Lightning Bolts with Harm (Body Magic, does damage) spells, and have a good amount of health. Luckily for us, we are able to separate them and kill them one by one.

When all of them are dead, our spell points are all but gone. We head outside (dodging the fireballs) and rest up, again forgoing the inn for a patch of grass. We then head back inside (dodging the fireballs), ready to find out what these last two keys open.

We approach the altar in the chapel. We notice that there is a gong on the altar. We can't reach it from this side, so we circle around to pick it up...


The sound following the ringing of the gong is the combined sound of bones rattling as dozen of skeletons began to charge, and three of my four characters (Toblerone is too cool for this) coming very close to needing new pants.

Luckily, my psychic powers tell me of a secret door behind the altar. I open it (this uses the Secret Room key), and we dart in, running down the right side of a corridor that splits in two directions.

We head up and reach a ledge that overlooks the chapel. We are able to discern three things:

  • There are far too many skeletons for the old AI to control at once.
  • The skeletons have trouble navigating the dais.
  • There is another ledge directly opposite the one we are on.

Opportunity for us!

We shoot down all immobile skeletons in range, then head over to the opposite ledge and do the same. We then began switching back and forth between ledges, killing the skeletons that get hung up on the dais with arrows and spells.

Once we are down to about ten or so skeletons remaining, we just head out into the chapel and kite them around, pumping them with arrows until they are all dead. Slow, but it worked, and we took no hits from any of the skeletons.

(I wish I could say I took no hits at all, but a poorly-aimed Fireball spell kind of...um...blew up in our face. Yeah, I suck.)

We then begin our search for the locked door that the Treasure Room key will open. It turns out it was on the ledge down the left path past the secret door, and it itself is another secret door. We open it, and enter a small room with a chest.

The chest contains mostly gold, a nice suit of magic leather armor (upgrade for Eno), another Treasure Room key (huh?), and...the Chime of Harmony! That quest is effectively complete! (Kudos if you remembered us getting this quest way back when.)

We decide to see if there is another such secret door on the opposite ledge for this new key to open. Of course, there is. Inside is another room, filled with a very large number of bags of gold. Do we take it? Yes we do!

Now over 10,000 gold richer, we can now declare...

Temple of Baa Complete!

We now leave to turn in our quest and sell off loot (dodging the fireballs).