Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 13: Saying Bah To The Cult Of Baa

After much delay, I bring you more might, more magic, and more Toblerone!

Okay, we're all on the same page right? Wait a second...nope, we aren't.

It turns out, I did something earlier I forgot to mention. When I turned the Goblinwatch scroll over to Janice, she offered a new quest, which I picked up. Said quest involves going to a non-abandoned Temple of Baa south of Castle Ironfist and recovering a sacred chime...or stealing it...or something. We'll cover doing that later. Sorry I forgot to mention it, feel free to slap me.

Anyway, we leave the Abandoned Temple of Baa and rest up at the inn, then turn in the spider's heart. 1000 gold for our troubles.

Next, I use my psychic powers to locate someone in one of the southeastern houses in New Sorpigal who is willing to buy the cobra eggs we found. 300 gold for each, with 6 eggs total...yay.

Next stop is the training hall, where we each train up two levels. Allocation of skill points to magic skills (or for Toblerone, misc. skills), and we are good to go.

Back to the abandoned temple!

We make our way back the long cavern where we took the right path to fight the queen spider. This time, we go left, out onto a natural stone bridge overlooking another cavern.

Killing a spider that jumps out at us, we notice there are several other spiders in the cavern below. These congregate at a point directly underneath the bridge. Guess what spell we use to kill them all without breaking a sweat. (Three guesses, first two don't count.)

We then proceed across the bridge and down a tunnel, killing several spiders and bats along the way. The tunnel dead-ends in a tiny room with a odd circular altar. We leave said altar alone, and backtrack.

Back to the right then. We work our way around to find the room with the stone bridge overhead...and a bunch of nasties in wait.

Ah, but we can be clever! We rapidly retreat around to the top of the stone bridge. The bats fly up to get us, and get shot down. And now that the remaining spiders and snakes are below us again...Broken Spell of Fire seals their fate.

We head back down again, killing off a handful of spiders that hid in the corners (wimps). The next room is a medium-sized cavern with another of those circular altars. Also, there is a treasure chest, which we loot.

Abandoned Temple of Baa Complete!

Time to head on out and enjoy the spoils. Tune in next time.



Just kidding! I'm still here.

We head out of the temple, and rest at the inn. Toblerone somehow identifies that mace we found. While it's not the top-tier like I thought, it's the second highest-quality, and very nice all the same.

Now, one more juicy tidbit to share with you...one of the game's most well hidden secrets. You need someone with a Disarm Trap skill of at least 4 to get this (or else a lot of health).

We head east along the coast north of New Sorpigal, until we come to a rock. But this is no ordinary rock...it is a Rock with a capital R! And that means...it hides a hidden (trapped) treasure cache!

The contents vary, but ours has a lot of gold, a Protection from Electricity spellbook, and some magic boots Rogues (+5 Accuracy and Speed). Cate gets the boots, Eno gets the book, and we are all very happy.

Ok, now we're done for real. Next time: goblin slaying!