Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 24: You Asked Why It Had To Be Snakes, Didn't You?

Warning: The description of the Temple of Tsanta here may be confusing. To assist you, I recommend you visit the-spoiler.com and look at their map of the dungeon.

Anyway, we've crossed the Floor of Doom (TM), we hang a left and encounter a room with more cannibals. They die easily, as will most of the cannibals in the dungeon. My psychic powers tell me I want to clear out all the monsters first.

Now we head south, then hang a right. Two rooms on the sides of this hall, each with cannibals. But the walls are thin, and Ring of Fire is so very nasty. Oh Ring of Fire, I love you so...


Anyway, at the end of this hall we take a right and head north, cleaning up the monsters as we go. We come to a looped corridor with a room in the middle. We clean it all up. Now we notice a corridor heads southeast back towards where we started in this chapter, so we go that way.

As it turns out, there is a corridor offshoot of this, leading to a room with more cobras, as well as some human bones. Hey, someone could use them, so we collect the bones after silencing the snakes. One of them makes Huaryu call out for a healer...again. I suspect he has personal issues.

Now we proceed the other way, and come to a room with an altar. After beating down the locals, we discover said altar has a switch. Best to leave that alone for now.

Time to go rest at the local tavern. On the way out, we try jumping to avoid the Floor of Doom (TM). It doesn't work, and we get hit.

Back inside, we try jumping again to avoid the Floor of Doom (TM). It does work, and I am pleasantly surprised.

Now we head south, clearing rooms to the right and the left with much Ring of Fire awesomeness. No, I'm not going to make that joke again. The southern room has a passage to what appears to be the men's quarters, which has more men then beds. (Only four beds, to be precise).

No comments on the cannibals' sexuality, please. Even as we kill them.

The quarters have a pair of chests. We open them to find the usual mix of loot, and...a Cell Key? Interesting.

We head north, through a storeroom with stacks of crates (and a pair of cobras), and enter...the ladies quarters. Much the same as the men's, but with female living occupants, rather than dead male ones. We correct for the living part.

The chests contain an oddball hat of defense, which Huaryu gets as an upgrade to his dinky baby helmet. (The hat itself has no intrinsic armor value, but the enchantment makes up for it.)

To the north is another room with beds, occupied by female cannibals. Our theory of a cannibal matriarchy grows ever sound.

Afterwards, we tour around the other corridor, clearing a few more rooms of cobras and cannibals. Clearly the cretins would create a crisis unless we unleash a calamity upon them. (That was fun!)

However, our reserves are depleted yet again. We exit, jumping again, and once again dodging the Floor of Doom (TM). The cannibals ought to sue whoever designed that floor.

Time to rest up. When we return...we will finish off this dungeon, in epic style!


Not much I can think of to say, other than keep on keepin' on...

Incidentally, I know our goal was to chase back the demon invasion... But what kind of progress have we made on that? Or are we mostly focusing on just killing off the cultists right now?
TriggerLoaded 19th Dec 10
Absolutely no progress whatsoever!

The main focus right now is gaining enough levels and gear to begin the storyline. Killing cultists, is, of course, a bonus.
TotemicHero 19th Dec 10