Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 27: The Divine Reset Button

We return to New Sorpigal by taking a carriage from Castle Ironfist.

I'd love to turn Sharry over to the local official, but the office is closed. Time for a tavern visit. After resting up, and auto-waiting until the office is open, we go drop her off. Reward of 2000 gold, and we can now go train everyone up a level, to level 14.

<puts on "Eye of the Tiger">

Now we are ready to rock. Skill points assigned, and gold to spend...so let's spend some getting more Expert skills! This ultimately means that now that both Cate and Eno have Expert Earth magic...so guess what? Expert is all that you need there!

We sell off our loot, and drop the money in the bank. Now to go back to Castle Ironfist and...wait, what's that in the stables?

The horeshoes are back! More skill points for Eno, which leads me to conclude this area has been reset. All areas eventually reset if enough game time passes, with the monsters and treasures respawning. Dungeons reset much slower than outdoor areas.

While I could go around bashing in more goblin skulls, I decide not to, for the most part. The one exception: I clear the upper balcony of the Self Guild again.

Finally, to Castle Ironfist. We head south, the same way we went to the not-so-abandoned Temple of Baa dungeon. This time we keep going south at the crossroads, then hang a left to the east. Built into a mountain is a cave. This is the Dragoons' Caverns, where we will find a certain stolen harp.

Inside is a wide passage, with an window looking down on a natural cavern with two groups of thugs (the same kind we found in the half-dungeon). One group is outside of our reach, but the other happens to be standing a little too close...Ring of Fire time.

Now we go down the passage and around a corner, and encounter more thugs. We melee them down with few choice healing spells to help. The room they were in has two doors near the back: one to the left and one going straight. We take the left one.

It opens to a long hallway with three doors, one on each side and one at the end. I skip the side doors and go straight to the end...which is a small room with yet more thugs. We wipe them out, and take the small stash of gold they were guarding.

However, the design of this place has convinced me I need to make full use of Ring of Fire...and we're out of spell points. Time to go rest up, so we can return to killing the Dragoons!


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TriggerLoaded 16th Jan 11
Still reading! Just started on MM 7, so far, think I prefer 6, though that may be because I miss being a high level!
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