Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 37: The Master Of The Estate

Now down the rabbit hole mystery well!

At the bottom are more ghosts, and since we have nowhere to retreat...that's right, we have to take them on face-to-face. There is no way around it. Fortunately, it isn't too hard. One ghost zaps Eno unconscious, but he's easily healed up, and we finish off the enemies.

Now we work our way through these corridors that extend from here It isn't easy at first, as they are packed with skeletons and ghosts alike but we do well enough. Halfway down, there's a small alcove with a switch, which we press. Eventually the path forks north and south. The north path leads us back to one of the early rooms, while the south path leads further in.

A short venture along the south path tells us we need to go rest, as the ghosts there are a little much. So we head out and rest.

We go back in and finish off those ghosts. This passage leads to the first bridge room, where a few more skeletons await. We clean them up, and loot all the remains of the mass extinction of ghosts.

So we're done, right? Nope, no Crystal of Terrax yet...but there is that stone barrier to check out. So we work our way around, and guess what? The barrier is down! We hit the switch.

Now is the time to get ready. Remember when I said we hadn't had a real boss fight? Guess what...we've got one now.

This switch opened a secret door in the bottom of the second bridge room. We go there, and follow a corridor around to one final door.

Boss Battle: Corlagon

Behind this door lies three Skeleton Lords, and their master...Corlagon himself, turned into a being known as a Power Lich. Tons of health, as well as nasty spell attacks that can do a lot of damage. In addition, he has one final trick up his sleeve exclusive to him - if you try to run away, he can teleport you into the middle of his room, and summons ghosts to block the passage behind you.

In short, there is no cutting and running from this guy. It's time to slug it out.

We start by using Ring of Fire to kill off the skeletons. That is very important, as it means we really won't have to deal with anyone but the boss. Now we buff up with Heroism and Bless, as well as various magic resist spells. Now we open the door and get in his face.

The basic strategy we have is to get into melee range, then go to turned based mode. In real time, it's pretty much impossible to keep up with his spells. Turn based is the only way to pull this off. As it is, it usually plays out that Corlagon will cast two spells in quick sucession, and then sit there and give your party a couple of turns to do whatever before he casts again.

Both Eno and Huaryu usually end up casting healing spells every chance they get. Without two healers, at this level someone will most likely die unless you have some luck with who he hits with his spells. (All of them hit only one target at a time.)

As for offense, Cate throws her (limited) spell points into Ice Bolts before switching to melee once they are depleted. Toblerone...just smacks the boss around. Even Eno manages to squeeze one or two Ice Bolts in between healing.

Corlagon's one weakness is that he doesn't have very much armor, so melee is typically the best way to go. Spells can do good damage, but they are a bit more iffy. So Toblerone ends up doing the lion's share of damage, which suits him just fine.

In the end though, Corlagon falls, and we stand triumphant over his bones. Searching the chest behind him reveals the Crystal of Terrax. You know what that means...

Corlagon's Estate complete!

With nearly full bags, and everyone still alive, it's time to depart.


No update this week, for the 3.1415927 of you following me. Sorry, but Real Life called, and won't hang up. Next week I will have more Might and Magic.
TotemicHero 19th Mar 11