Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 49: Alchemy, It Does A Body Good

Time for a suitable finale to Snergle's Iron Mines!

We head back in, go back to the back, and slowly finish off the remaining enemies. The Devil Worker isn't too bad once we isolate him from backup, and the rest go down quick.

There are three cells to the sides here. Two of them hold even more slimes. Pity they are behind closed doors, which means we can Ring of Fire them down. Let me tell you, scorched slime smells awful. Really awful. At least there are barrels with red liquid, so Toblerone becomes more mighty.

The third cell...has a captive dwarf! This dwarf used to serve under Rocklin, and has no love for Snergle (hence why he was locked up). He tells us that trying to approach Snergle directly is futile, as the treacherous dwarf has holed himself up behind locked doors. Without the key, Snergle is untouchable. As cowardly as Toblerone thinks that is, you've got to admit it's effective.

Except for one tiny little detail.

This dwarf somehow concealed a key. It's official; Snergle, your guards are complete and total idiots. How could they not find a key on their prisoner...oh wait...

Trying to put thoughts of where he hid it out of our minds (preferably with Brain Bleach), we gladly accept the key so we can take the fight to Snergle.

But one problem. Our bags are full. Again. Plus we need to go train up a level, so...off to Castle Ironfist.

Traveling overland, we make our way back to the castle. Training done, and skill points assigned. Being level 26 never felt so good. But now we can feel better, as we sell off our loot. Which we do. Except for one ring, which gets enchanted (+Hit Points) and given to Eno. He needs the extra health at this stage.

While we could go straight to the next dungeon and slaughter more dwarves, let's take care of something else first. After all, we need to cure Toblerone's magical aging at some point, and now is the time.

Alchemy is key. First things first, we mix up an orange potion (red + yellow, duh). Now, we mix this orange potion with another yellow potion to get a potion of Extreme Energy! It's like a super charged version of a yellow potion (it has twice the effect).

Now for the kicker. We mix a green potion with the Extreme Energy, and get the black potion known as Rejuvenation! This potion cures all magical aging effects, so you shouldn't have to worry about those pesky ghosts, right?


Hate to tell you, but there's a nasty side effect. The potion permanently drops all your main stats by 1. So clearly you want to avoid aging effects whenever possible. There is another way to cure aging, but it has its own drawbacks. We'll cover that when we get to it.

We make three such potions, and give one to Toblerone. Magical aging is gone, and he is happy to be his right age again. Hooray. We also produce a bunch of Extreme Energy potions, as the buff will be godly later on.

Now that it's settled, we can head out to finish off the remaining villainous dwarves. They will be punished for siding with the devils...but not today.