Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 54: No Reason For This Season

Right then, let's take care of some seasonal shopping before we end winter, shall we?

We go sell off our loot, with a little enchanting to see if we get better gear. (For the most part, we don't, except for new boots for Eno.)

Now, it's time to visit the local guild. What guild is this? The Dark Guild. Ooooh spooky...sort of. But the key to visiting this guild is we have to wait until around midnight game time, so we do.

Huaryu is now able to learn Dark magic, and we pick up the mega spell Day of Protection for him. Now he can cast all the resistance buffs, Wizard Eye, and Feather Fall in one easy cast. Sadly, there are no other useful Dark spells to learn right now.

Finally, we head to the tower in the center of White Cap. It is indeed one of the Dragon Towers, and we are able to use the keys to deactivate its more offensive capabilities.

The next day, we head west with a Fly spell, dodging a few arrows from archers on the ground. We move on to the next zone...Kriegspire. Don't worry, we won't be here for long.

After the travel time, we fly across the Kriegspire landscape. Kriegspire as a map is divided into a northern wintery half and a dusty plain southern half by a large mountain range. Our destination sits right in the center of the mountain range.

Up there is a small house, home of the Hermit of the Mountains! We step inside, and inquire about the winter.

The Hermit is pleasantly surprised by this. Apparently he thought the unending winter was somehow Stromgard's doing. Personally, I suspect Lord Newton was involved, given his absent-mindedness. Regardless of blame, the Hermit agrees to end the winter...somehow. Don't ask me.

We make a swift trip back, dodging attacks of a few local creatures. If you wonder what said creatures are, I'll get into them when I actually fight them. For now, enjoy the view.

Once back, Stromgard is incredibly happy to find out the snow has finally stopped. He throws ceremony to the wind and grants us his eternal friendship. Oh, and council support too.

Council Approval Quest 2: End Winter complete!

Time to train up our levels after a very easy quest. Level 32, with fresh skill points! Naturally, Huaryu uses his to bolster his Dark magic skill.

Now, we go to the stables and take a carriage to Free Haven. From there we note we can take another carriage to some place named Silver Cove.

Hey, why not?

So our next stop is Silver Cove! It's one of the larger towns in the game, and it has a number of things to do.

The first of which is collecting the horseshoes to bolster skill points. We hold off on using these.

Next is the Light guild! Considering it's the opposite of the Dark guild, it's natural that you can only enter it around noon game time. This time, we don't have long to wait.

We pick up the Day of the Gods spell in addition to Light skill for Huaryu. Hooray for that. Day of the Gods offers various Stat buffs as well as Guardian Angel (which will save you if you get wiped out). While the other spells I had hoped for aren't there, we can live with this.

Okay, now we use the horseshoes, but not on Eno as normal. Instead, we give them to Huaryu to get a head start on Light magic.

Now we head south to meet the final council lord and...oh shoot.

Say hello to our newest enemy: gargoyles. These stone beasts can paralyze with a touch. Even worse, their elite members, the Diamond Gargoyles, are immune to physical damage. Only magic can defeat them.

Sounds like a problem right?

Not really. Gargoyles have a tendency to get stuck in narrow spaces a la the Minotaur King we fought. And with how closely built the buildings are...

We get the Diamond ones stuck, kill off the rest, then pelt the trapped Gargoyles with Ice Bolts until they crumble. Go us!

Of course, now we need to go rest. And so do I. But when everyone is rested, we will visit the last remaining council lord and speak with him.

...or her...


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