Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 36: Tricks Of The Teleporting Trade

Well, time to go attack Corlagon's Estate again. We head in, and prepare to take out all of those pesky ghosts.

This is easier done than said. Corridor running parallel to giant room + Ring of Fire = maximum victory.

Now we cross the bridge, which is tricky. A few skeletons (out of range of fiery death) swarm beneath us. You know how they tell you not to look down? In this case, we do, as looking down is the best way to cross narrow paths like this.

The next thing...is very interesting. It is a long corridor going south with two special traps. Each trap...teleports you to the other when you step on, effectively bypassing most of the corridor.

The key words are "step on". If you jump over it...you can bypass this. And let's just say the AI really, really has no clue how to deal with these things. Endless kiting, ahoy.

Essentially, that's how we handle the ghosts further down the next corridor and in a side room (which has a surprisingly fresh severed head), via endless kiting and lots of arrows. Easy enough.

The next room is another room with a bridge (seems to be a common motif), with more ghosts and skeletons. We try to lure them out, but in the process Toblerone gets zapped. Toblerone, how does it feel to be (magically) a year older? We'll cure that...later.

After killing those ghosts, we cross the bridge and come to a room with more skeletons. Easily dealt with. A treasure chest is in this room, and we help ourselves to loot. We duck out and rest, then return.

Beyond this is one small room with ghosts and a switch. We kill the ghosts and hit the switch. One of the ghosts also had a magic ring, a very nice gift for Toblerone.

This switch opens the door back at the beginning, so we backtrack to it. It opens to a spiral path leading downward, with many ghosts and skeletons along the way. We drop them, and move on.

Beyond this lies a room with a well. No way of knowing why there is a well, but it seems empty. Whatever.

South is a long passage with little alcoves and some skeletons in a room at the end. The northwest most alcove is very interesting, as it has a switch...behind a impassible chest-high stone barrier. We'll have to come back to it.

After observing another severed head to the south (nice decor), next we head east, and take the first path to the north. It's a small room with more ghosts and another switch. Kill them by kiting. In an amusing bit, one of them dies and falls down the well, which alerts some more enemies at the bottom. Hmmmm...

Back to the small room to press the button. Then we go back and check on the stone barrier. Still there.

Another rest, and we head further in. The next door leads to the lower half of the second bridge room. But we have our spell points back, and get to roast the skeletons from range.

This room has a door to the northwest, which leads to a long winding passage...back to the dungeon entrance! Well then, we're out of places to go...except down the well, which is where we will go next!