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Let's Play Might and Magic VI
Totemic Hero

[table of contents]
Chapter 30: Killing Thugs And Seeing Numbers
We re-enter the dungeon and prepare for battle!

Working our way back to where we were, we Ring of Fire the enemies at the bottom of the second elevator. They die, as do all who oppose us! Mwa ha ha ha!

...no, this isn't getting to me! I swear!

Back on task we get to the bottom of the elevator and clear the room just beyond it. It has pathways going to the west and east. We go west, with leads to a stone walkway suspended over a pool with more slimes. Oh joy. A couple of thugs want to mess with us, and we take them out.

There's a single room to the south (left), so we go in and kill more thugs, who were guarding a pair of chests. We loot them, and it makes me wish I had made Cate a Spear wielder this time...because the each chest has a really nice spear in it, one of them magical (does lightning damage). Oh well.

Now I could open the double doors at the end of the walkway, and face what my psychic powers tell me is the final battle. But Toblerone wants it to be climatic, and I agree, so we have to finish the rest of the dungeon first.

We head back to the eastern path in the last room and follow it. It leads to a tiny room with more thugs and a treasure chest. Easy enough, so we're good to fight the boss right? Wrong!

There's a sewer filled with slimes to be killed, and we will kill them all! But first, it's been fifteen chapters since I last did this, so I give you...

Character Data Report 2

Toblerone the Cavalier

Cate the Archer

Huaryu the Cleric

Eno N'foretsam the Druid
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