Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 29: And He's Not Even The Big Bad

One day late, but better late than never! Onward!

We head back into the Dragoons' Lair, and take the other door at the first set of doors. It opens to another room, with some more thugs. They die, we don't.

The room beyond this one has an elevator leading down, with thugs swarming around the bottom waiting for us. Unfortunately for them, the elevator height is just a little too short for their own good. Barbecue time, courtesy of everyone's favorite Fire spell.

Of course, this drains all spell points, so we duck out for a quick rest.

Back inside, we go to the bottom of the elevator. The corridor beyond it has a door and a odd looking wall. Hmmm...we'll see about this wall later. We open the door, beat down a pair of thugs (only two?) and claim a treasure chest they were guarding with lots of gold.

Now we round the corner, and spot another thug. Boy, they must be running thin to send only one. We kill him, and open a door to the north. A soldier walks out and we go toe-to-toe with him. He's a little tricky, but easily beat. Behind him is another door with a button. Well, I haven't found out what the last one did, but what the heck!

The noise of a secret door is fairly close. Since Eno thinks it was the odd-looking wall, we go back and check. Yep, it was. Behind this not-so-secret door is a chest and some loot bags. The chest contains an interesting note, from someone familiar:

Damian, congratulations on your new assignment. The Shadow Guild wants you to ambush caravans passing from New Sorpigal to Ironfist or Free Haven. Under no circumstances are you to divulge that you have any connection to us, or the deal is off and you will find out what happens to those that betray us. Do as you are told and there won't be any problems.

Guess who signed it? No clue? It's the Prince of Thieves...again! Between the Cult of Baa and the Shadow Guild, is there going to be any quest that doesn't involve one of these factions?

Anyway, we go back down the corridor, and find ourselves at the room that the entry overlooked. Hooray for mini-map spoilers. Now we can Ring of Fire out the other thugs in there. They die fast.

The natural cavern is bisected by a deep chasm, at the bottom of which are more slimes. We don't want to tangle with them, so we cross the bridge and open the door on the other side.

There are two paths here, one to the north and one to the east. We go east, which leads to a room with two more thugs and a door...that won't open. Guess what? We need a switch!

We go back to the other path, which leads north to a natural cavern bisected by another rift. The bridge here is a rope bridge and far narrower. On the far side of the chasm, more thugs sit there and wait to be pumped full of arrows. We oblige them.

On the other side is a short passage to a switch altar. My psychic powers tell me this opens the door from before, so we hit it, then backtrack. This opened door leads to another elevator room. This time, they stuck one thug at the top. He dies.

However, we're out of spell points again. Time to go rest up...and then finish this place up!


You know, the Cult of Baa sounds like it worships sheep, or animal noises. I suspect Old McDonald Had A Farm is their hymn.
TriggerLoaded 30th Jan 11
Okay, now you're going a little overboard in trying to comment on every post.
TotemicHero 30th Jan 11
You think I'm being annoying?

Well, I'll grant you that. Now that I read what I just typed... Okay, yeah, that was pretty bad.

Still, as I think I've mentioned, there's two reasons I post. First is to serve as a marker. "I've read up to this point." The second is a confirmation that I am, indeed, reading this.

Perhaps it's just me that feels that constantly commenting is better than not typing anything at all. And thus you'd update in silence, with nobody saying anything at all, not even sure if anybody is reading.
TriggerLoaded 30th Jan 11
Fair enough. Also, be sure to check out my new liveblog here, which deals with something else entirely, and I think is easier to comment on.
TotemicHero 3rd Feb 11