Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 9: Political Correctness Is A Myth In Enroth

A three day voyage, and here we are, sailing into a small bay in the quaint Misty Islands and...MORE BAA CULTISTS?!

Yep, they're here too. And they're even more stupid than ever. How stupid? Well, instead of walking along the coast to get to the boat, they stand on the shore and stare angrily at us. If looks could kill...they probably would still fail.

We have bows, so the ones to the south die quickly. The ones to the north don't, mainly because the ship we sailed in on sits smack in between them and us. As can be expected, the mystic among them doesn't like the ship we sailed in on, and casts Mind Blast spells on it. Someone needs to tell him boats don't have minds...

The Misty Islands consist of a single large island to the south, and several smaller islands to the north. The dock, part of the unimaginatively named town of Mist, is on the western side of the large island. Just directly north of Mist is the castle of Lord Albert Newton, which is...


Remember when I said that the followers of Baa wore Sikh-style turbans? Well now there are Cutpurses, Bounty Hunters, and Assassins after us. And they are all women. Indian women. Indian women complete with midriff-baring sari-esque outfits.


Well, whatever. We kill them one by one with arrows, until there are none left on the island. Next stop: the shrine.

We visit the shrine and pray. Behold: +10 Intellect to all characters! Cate and Eno now have more spell points to throw around.

Now, we head to visit the castle of Lord Newton. As you might guess, he is another of the prominent six nobles, and handles promotion quests for sorcerers.

He agrees to give us High Council favor, if we can just find the Hourglass of Time. He plans to use it to create a scrying mirror that can look into the past. As he has poor memory. As he demonstrates by forgetting where the Hourglass is supposed to be. Eventually, he thinks that it must be in a nearby fort, and tells us to look there.

As for the Sorcerer promotion quest, he tells us we can all be honorary Wizards if we drink from the Fountain of Magic. Good, so where is it? He refuses to tell us, saying that is part of the task. Personally, I think he just forgot, but whatever.

Now we visit the local houses, and join the Fire, Air, and Water guilds. (This being an island, apparently there isn't enough land for an Earth guild.) And guess who these recruiters are? That's right, it's the Fire, Air, and Water Master trainers!

Now we visit the Fire guild and pick up a very important spell for Eno. If you've been paying attention, you can probably guess what it is...

Introducing one of the joys and masterpieces of magic, the Ring of Fire! This little spell chews up 10 spell points and hits anything and everything within a certain distance of you. Walls, doors, and other barriers pose no obstacle to this spell. It is a beautiful thing, and pretty much is key to a lot of dungeon exploration later on.

And now, since we killed a bunch of Indian girls and Sikh cultists, we can go train up everyone to level 5. Hooray!

Our next stop is going to be the northern part of the Misty Islands, where more politically incorrect enemies await.