Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 10: Enroth's Travel Agencies Need Better Customer Service

The northern Misty Islands...I hear it's a wonderful vacation spot. Sadly, a lot of cultists and Indian women have taken their vacations there as well. Our job: to turn those vacations into permanent retirement.

Our first stop is the southern of the two lighthouses in the town of Mist. The fellow there has a quest for us...or not! It never shows up in our quest log, nor will we hear about it again, and there's no clear reward. However, he does do one thing of importance: He activates the magical teleport pad just north of Lord Newton's castle. This will take us to the northern islands.

The islands are all pretty small, linked by narrow bridges. The teleport is one-way, but there's another teleport pad at the far end of the island chain. Naturally, we have to fight our way through...sounds like an epic challenge!

...or not.

Like the majority of enemies in this game, these ones have no way to swim. And what about the bridges? What about them! They won't even bother to use them.

Therefore, the only enemies that pose any threat are the Baa cultists with Mind Blast spells. The rest are just fish in a barrel (and yes, that has been proven).

This is pretty much the story as we cross the isles. Each island except for the one we start on has at least one treasure chest (but they contain nothing special). There are also some fruit trees, from which we can pick more food. Finally, we clear the last island, go to the treasure chest, and-


Apparently Toblerone's Disarm Trap skill wasn't up for this one, as it explodes! Traps going off do damage to the entire party, and can potentially kill off people. This blast, while not fatal as such, is nasty enough to instantly knock Huaryu and Eno unconscious. Toblerone and Cate are left standing, but I have no way to heal up without resting now. Good thing we killed off all the enemies first, isn't it?

Chest traps are a one-shot deal, so having survived it, we can now loot the chest. Very nice shield and suit of chain mail inside, but Toblerone is proving useless...he can't identify them.

We now go to the end of the island, where there is a teleport pad - our way back - and an obelisk. The obelisks (there is one in each in-game outdoor area) each hold part of a code. Find all of them, decipher the code, and it leads you to...well, I'll tell you what it leads you to later. What I can tell you now is that you don't really need the obelisks to find it.

We hop on the teleport pad and get whisked back to the Shrine of Intellect on the main island. Back to the inn, a good night's rest, and then we go to sell our spoils.

An unfortunate discovery: it seems that the trap has damaged Eno's leather armor. No problem, we'll just have Toblerone fix it and...WHADDYA MEAN HE CAN'T FIX IT?!

Fine, fine, Toblerone's secondary skills are completely useless. Thus we have to have the local armorsmith handle repairs. Once everything is sold or identified (the new chain mail went to Cate, and the shield went naturally to Huaryu), we are ready to return to New Sorpigal.

We head to the boat...and the good captain tells us he's only currently running to Bootleg Bay. Time to wait.

We come back the next day...and now he's going to the Castle Ironfist docks. Dang it, we have to wait again.

Come back the next day...and it's Bootleg Bay again! Grah!

Day after that...and he's not sailing anywhere! I'm beginning to think the Baa cult is behind this.

The next day, which is March 1st...Castle Ironfist again?! NOOOOOOO!

March 2nd...Bootleg Bay. WhyyoulilcapnImmakickyouinda...

March 3rd...Castle Ironfist...SCREW THIS! I'm taking this boat!

We arrive at the castle docks, and make a beeline for the stables. They have a carriage ready, so we go back to New Sorpigal. ABOUT TIME!

Well, enough fooling around! It's finally time to tackle the Abandoned Temple of Baa!