Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 20: How Many Ways Can I Look Stupid?

We now head back into town. We can now level up, but decide to put it off in case turning in the quest makes us level up twice. That way, one less game week is spent on it. Aren't I smart? As you'll see, I'm not.

We rest up at the inn, and then go through the song and dance of selling off our goods. Yay for fake commerce!

Now we visit the stables...and no rides today. Sounds familiar, right?

However, there is something that we can do in the meantime. Remember where we found the strange mansion and the semi-friendly Temple of Baa? We're going back there, to finish clearing out the last of the outdoor monsters in the Castle Ironfist region. Huzzah!

Along the way, we open that one crate we skipped before. Some weapons, some gold, nothing fancy.

Before, there was a road leading north into the mountains. We didn't take this road because all the leechbats made me scared...or something...or maybe I just hit the level goal before getting there. Yeah.

Anyway, after killing off a lone leechbat, we take this road, which leads into a rectangle shaped valley tucked away in the mountains. Below us...more Baa cultists and lizard men. This is starting to get old.

Cleanup proceeds as planned. Not entirely pretty, but a few well-placed Fireball spells go a long way. Anyway, the floor of this valley has a teleporter pad, identical to the ones found in the Misty Islands. This pad will take us to and from Castle Ironfist itself.

Hold on, you say. Why didn't you just teleport in to begin with? Well, would you want to teleport into the middle of the enemies? Didn't think so.

Besides the teleport pad...is another obelisk! This makes #2. One step closer to that, right?

Anyway, we decide to hike back rather than teleport. Good exercise, and saving the world is physically demanding, after all.

Rest up at inn, and then travel to New Sorpigal via the stables.

I get to New Sorpigal and train everyone up to level 9. And then...wait, wasn't I supposed to turn in a quest first?

Well, somebody hit me. Hard. Please.

We go turn in quest, and discover, yes, I can level up my party again. Grrrrrrrrr.

Another week spent on leveling up (this time to 10) later...and we allocate skill points. Now to pick up some major Expert level upgrades, all in New Sorpigal.

  • Expert Fire Magic - Cate and Eno
  • Expert Earth Magic - Cate
  • Expert Body, Mind, and Spirit Magic - Huaryu
  • Expert Meditation - Huaryu

With that done, back to Castle Ironfist. We visit the local Body guild and pick up the Cure Wounds spell for Eno. He'll need it where we are going next.

Why, where are we going next? To the place I went before by mistake. Bootleg Bay awaits!