Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 8: You Knew I Was Going To Screw Up Somewhere

When I said I'd make it up to you later...now it's later!

Apparently while we were visiting the Seer, they moved out of the field to the north, leaving just a sizable group of lizardfolk to oppose us. My guess is they didn't tell them they were doing it too, leaving their scaly allies in the lurch.  *

We wade in and kill a large number of them, but even we have limits. After a while, we pull back and rest in the local inn. Afterwards, it's time for a walk around the castle town. Specifically, we're out to join the Body, Mind, and Spirit guilds that have halls located near the castle. That's 50 gold for each. The Mind person is located next to the inn, while the Body and Spirit recruiters are up near the castle itself.

Of great importance here is the Spirit recruiter, a man named Bishop Inquisitorio (innovative names are clearly not a forte of this game). Want to know why he is so important? He's also the Master trainer for the Spirit Magic skill! Seeing as this is as good a time as any, let me explain Expert and Master training a bit more.

When you reach rank 4 in a particular skill, you can train it to Expert level if you can find an Expert trainer, improving what you can do with it, as I mentioned earlier. Usually this will set you back by a fair amount of gold. Master training is the next step, but there is only one Master trainer per each skill in the world (whereas there may be multiple Expert trainers). Unlike with Expert training, the requirements for Master training vary from skill to skill.

The good bishop is so kind to tell us that he is willing to teach any High Priests (final cleric promotion) how to Master Spirit. He's even so nice, he'll do it for free. What a swell guy. However, since we are neither Experts in Spirit Magic nor High Priests, we have to leave for now. We'll be seeing him later.

Next stop are the guild halls, where we pick up some nice spells. Cure Poison (Body) for both Eno and Huaryu, Cure Wounds (Body) for Huaryu, and Heroism (Spirit) for Eno. I guess we don't need those potions so badly anymore!

On our way back down from the castle, we notice one of the locals apparently is of reptilian lineage, as they too possess magic lizard climbing powers. Go figure.

Back to the killing fields, where we...um, kill lizardfolk. This time, they have slightly tougher variants called Lizard Archers (despite the fact they all qualify as lizard archers) who occasionally fire off Flame Arrow spells.

And now it's time to loot bodies and...

Oh, Crap!.

You see, we as a party are limited by the map, and there are invisible walls that bound the edges. Walk into one that borders another zone, and you are given the option to travel to the next area.

The monsters, however, have no such limitations. And if they die while beyond the boundaries, their body cannot be looted. This I know.

However, rapidly clicking the mouse when walking towards such a body is not a good plan. As a result...I accidentally traveled to the area known as Bootleg Bay.

Overland travel consumes 5 units of food (Did I not explain food earlier? If not, let me know.) and takes 5 game days. Luckily I had 14 food, so I just turn around and travel back as the local enemies growl at us.

In an effort to recover dignity, we loot the lizard camp (a nice treasure chest with good leather armor of poison resistance for Eno). We head back to the Seer, in hopes that he knows a way to rewind time so that our embarrassing mistake never happened. (Along the way, we kill that one lizard man that didn't get it before).

Unfortunately, the Seer is not a Time Lord and cannot help us. However, he does tell us that it is now February, the month of Intellect, and that we should go pray at the Intellect shrine in order to stop being so stupid.

Using my incredible psychic powers, I have determined the location of this shrine. First, we need to get back to New Sorpigal. We wait a day in the inn resting, then we are able to take the carriage to New Sorpigal.

Once there, it's time to visit the docks and see if ships are sailing! They aren't currently, so it's to the inn for another day of rest.

The next day...the boat is ready to sail! The destination: the Misty Islands, home of the aforementioned shrine...and so much more.