Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 17: Just When You Thought We'd Seen The Last Of Them

We leave the temple and rest up at the inn. Now for what we have to do:

To get Expert Training in a skill, said skill has to be at rank 4. I think the problem is pretty evident: Toblerone's Disarm Trap skill is only at 3.

Thus we have to go gain a level, which means killing stuff, which means finding stuff to kill. What to do?

Fortunately, we have not explored all of the Castle Ironfist environs, and there happens to be some more goodies to get that will help us, so off we go.

But first, I must confirm what my psychic powers are telling me. Sure enough, the Disarm Trap expert trainer lives near the castle. Also, we discover that an Identify Item expert trainer lives next door, and will train any one of us for 500 gold. Toblerone, you are now an expert!

We head west from the castle, and enter the swamps, which look like someone laid out a dirty green throw rug on the ground. Figures. Along the way, I resist the temptation to have Toblerone open a pair of random crates sitting there...why risk it when our abilities will soon go up.

The swamps contain more Baa cultists then you can shake a staff at, plus more lizardmen. They are guarding what appears to be a shrine and to the north of it...an inn in the middle of nowhere?

<Cue epic battle time.>

Having cleared those out, we stay at the inn and learn that there's a nearby dwarf mine. Guess what we'll be doing at some point.

Anyway, now we head south. A giant square-shaped valley, looking suspiciously like an arena, sits south of the shrine. We skirt the coast to the west, and...

Oh no. Not again.

Facing us are more lizardmen, but they have pets. Guess what these lizardmen think make good pets?


However, we have something different that we didn't have the last time we faced leechbats...namely, a certain fiery spell that tends to even the odds no matter what you are doing. So we let them close.

The good news is, we kill off the leechbats in short order. The bad news is: These leechbats aren't nearly as hygenic as the ones in Goblinwatch.

Toblerone is diseased. Cate is Diseased. Eno is diseased. Huaryu is...not diseased. And I lack means to cure disease.

We go and polish off the lizards (who were apparently guarding an ancient stone manor - guess what that is), and then we retreat back to Castle Ironfist. The temple there charges an arm and a leg (180 gold per person) to cure us, but it is done. Now it's time to head back to the field and finish up, as we still haven't quite gained a level yet.

Before we do, I stop by the Body guild and see if they have a Cure Disease book available. They don't. I smell a marketing collusion. Anyway, I go ahead and take advantage of an offer I didn't take advantage of before...the Body guild teaches the Meditation skill. Obviously Toblerone can't learn it, but the other three can. And do.

Now back down to the swamp. This time we take the east side of the valley. There's an odd building here, surrounded by the usual lot of enemies (including more leechbats). This time, I pick them off with arrows rather than let us get surrounded.

The odd structure is...wait for it...another temple of Baa! This temple is actually semi-friendly, and they offer the standard services of any normal temple. However, seeing as we're trying make our names as adventurers fighting said cult, we decline to use said services. It would make us look hypocritical (and lower our reputation too).

We check our screens and...bingo, we're ready to level! We head back to Castle Ironfist, and spend a week training. Skill points allocated, and now we can buy Toblerone Expert status in another skill. 500 gold, and he can disarm more traps than ever!

Now we're ready to return to dungeon-form Temple of Baa (Trust me, keeping track of all the Baa temples is only going to get worse from here on out). Get ready!