Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 59: A Tragic Death By Moonlight

Well, let's keep going.

We shop around Free Haven, buying some stuff and selling more stuff, with a few Enchant Items cast for good measure. We end up with new Spirit spells: Raise Dead, Resurrection, and Shared Life.

You may be wondering what the difference between the first and the second of those is. The answer is Eradication, which Raise Dead can't cure, but Resurrection can. Where it gets weird is that Resurrection doesn't not work on ordinarily dead people. Yeah...

As for Shared Life, it does what it indicates: pools the health of your characters together and redistributes them evenly, with a little extra thrown in. This works exceptionally well when someone (like a certain Toblerone) has a lot more health than the rest of the party.

Now that we've done that, we travel west on foot. It takes us 5 days to get to a new place, but get there we shall. Welcome to Blackshire!

We fly past a couple of whirling tornadoes (that are actual enemies, I'll get into them later when we fight them), and land in the town. Our first order of business: deactivating the local tower, that tried to shoot us down coming in.

With that done, we go grab the horseshoes, and give them to Toblerone for extra skill points. We wanted those skill points for a reason...

One of the houses here holds Guy Hampton, the greatest swordsmaster of all of Enroth. And with Toblerone's sword skill now raised, we can benefit. Toblerone, with your Sword skill of 8 and your Cavalier status...you are now a Master of Swords!

And guess what this means? Dual Wielding. Beautiful.

With that done, we visit the other homes. One has a local old lady, who tells us a terrible secret. Under the light of the full moon, the people of Blackshire are cursed become werewolves!


This is a flat lie. They don't actually need the full moon. If you attempt to go out into Blackshire at night, any night, all of the people will be werewolves.

Anyway, she wants us to find a way to break the curse. Sounds like fun to me! So let's poke around a bit.

Heading south of the town, we come to a cave among the hills. Said cave is guarded by...guess who?

Welcome the werewolves (in the middle of the day)! These things have a lot of health and can disease you, but don't hit all that hard otherwise. Plus, they have no armor, meaning melee will bash them quickly. And Toblerone, with his new dual-wielded swords, is perfectly equipped for such bashing (or slashing).

With them dead, we decide to ignore the cave for the moment, because there's something else more important to do! We head east along the hills, and come across a larger force of werewolves. We polish them off, and discover they were guarding a chest.

This chest holds some very nice loot. The best item is a pair of Sterling Boots of The Gods. Any item "of The Gods" gives +10 to all stats. Since Cate needs an upgrade in footwear the most, we give her the boots.

Finally, the chest contains one final item of import...a large shield, engraved with the emblem of Lord Kilburn. It seems the werewolves did him in. But now we can report that information to Wilbur Humphrey.

Back we go! We have to wait one day to take a carriage back to Free Haven (fix the stable prices here while we're at it), then immediately taking one to Castle Ironfist.

Humphrey is saddened but grateful, giving us 5000 gold and his approval. Cue victory music!

Council Approval Quest 3: Retrieve Lord Kilburn's Shield complete!

We then Town Portal back to Free Haven, and take another carriage to Blackshire. It's time to stop this werewolf curse!

In the next installment, that is.