Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 64: They Can't Outrun The Fireballs

After a really long hiatus, we're back, with full apologies! Work caught up to me, so I had to deal with it. But now, more Might and Magic! This won't be too long a post, but at least I'm still here (with Toblerone).

Back in Free Haven (after having to wait several days before being able to travel there), it's time to make for our next dungeon. To the west of town, we head, coming across some mages. They die.

Then we turn south, and our destination comes into view, along with some very annoying archers, who we kill with a combo of Fireballs and arrows. Before us lies the Tomb of Ethric the Mad, our dungeon of choice.

But in the distance, I see something else worth taking a detour for: the obelisk for the Free Haven region.

While initially it does appear unguarded, approaching it attracts the attention of a huge number of mages to the south. These mages are ready to blast of with spells. While normally they would not be a threat alone, in the number they are in, we could be in trouble...

...if they didn't group up so much. Fireball blasts clear them out nicely, and arrows finish off what's left. We check out their camp, which has a pair of chests with nice loot. However, our bags are full, so perhaps a dungeon is not the best idea right now.

We head back to the obelisk, get the inscription, then trek back to Free Haven to sell off our stuff. First weapons, than armor, than other stuff. At least Cate got a new suit of armor out of the whole thing, and that made it worth it.

Now we rest up, and head back to the dungeon, and enter it.

The initial chamber is strange. Two skull piles, which we still do not want to touch. Three elevators, leading up to three doors. The sound of exploding Fireballs and wary skeletons fills the air.

In short, this is going to be a fun little dungeon to do.

We go to the left door first. It leads to a twisty little corridor that forks into three rooms. Each room is filled with skeletons, which pose no challenge to us.

Each room also has burial niches. These can yield gold or an item, but the "fumes" can also inflict someone randomly with a disease. Still, since we have Cure Disease, checking them out is worth it.

The northernmost room also has a button. We hit it, and the right door back in the main room is opened. Time to check it out.

As it turns out, it's almost the exact same arrangement. Three rooms, skeletons, burial niches, one has a button. Yawn. We hit the button, and the final door in the first room opens - the one in the center, leading to the north.

Hopefully what lies beyond that is more interesting than what we've seen so far. As for what it is...well, we'll deal with it another time. Later!