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Let's Play Might and Magic VI
Totemic Hero

[table of contents]
Chapter 43: The Highs And Lows Of Free Haven
Well, we're going to tackle our first council quest...but first some more odds and ends.

We visit the Body guild, and finally get to learn the Cure Disease spell. This is essential for the upcoming dungeon, as Free Haven doesn't have a church to cure Disease...yet.

Also, we check up on the various Expert skill trainers (after a quick visit to the bank to withdraw some money we'd set aside). Expert Water and Air magic for Eno and Cate, and expert Merchant for Toblerone. Good stuff.

Now for the final touch: the Cleric promotion quest! As I mentioned before, you need a carpenter and a stonecutter to repair the Free Haven church. The stonecutter is the easy part; one lives in a house just south of the church's ruins.

The carpenter...is less easy. Carpenters have a chance to show up as random passerby or as a random citizen living in a house, but they are not guaranteed to be at any one location. Normally, it can take you a while to locate one of these. However, luck is my lady, as my house to house checking for trainers turned up a carpenter in Free Haven.

We just take them to the church and they get to work. All that's left is to return to Lord Stone and collect on that one. But...he had something else he wanted us to do...

Time to track down the Prince of Thieves and put an end to his nefarious schemes. However, he is well hidden, but my psychic powers (or my previous game experience, it can be difficult to differentiate the two) tell me where he is. He is hiding...in the Free Haven Sewers.

These sewers are a bit different from your typical dungeon. There are several entrances, located in various houses around the city. The best bet for exploring, which we will do, is to pick one entrance and go through it.

The entrance we choose, for convenience, is just southeast of the main Free Haven inn, and south of the docks. Easy access to a place to rest is a good idea.

The sewers are roughly divided into two halves, east and west. All of the entrances connect to the eastern side, so we want to clean out that first before moving west. We enter, and come face-to-face with some wonderful members of the Baa clergy. They aren't too difficult.

The eastern side is basically a giant maze of tunnels surrounding a single large room. Because giving a blow by blow walkthrough of the maze would be rather pointless (the dungeon is mostly the same killfest throughout), I'll skip all the details and give you the highlights and general advice.

Basically, we run in circles killing baddies until the section is clear. We only have to go rest once, and then we finish the section. Easy, wasn't it? But that was only the east side...the west side of the sewers awaits!
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