Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 63: Of Spirits And Shields

After a week of hiatus, we're back and ready to kick butt!

First, we return to the depths of the Lair of the Wolf. There's just a few rooms left. One has slimes, one has werewolves, and one has swordsmen. We had tried the last of those before we retreated.

We go in and finish them off. Lots of barrels with yummy stat boosts in the slime room, and treasure chests in the both the werewolf and swordsmen rooms. The chest in the latter has a very interesting shield that Toblerone can't identify, which is classified as a "Relic".

Quick explanation: Relics and Artifacts (the two terms are used interchangeably in this game) are unique magic items with incredible properties. Barring a few exceptions, the only way to find them is in random loot.

Back on task, there's just one place left, and it was somewhat earlier in the dungeon. We use Lloyd's Beacon to backtrack, and take the other path just inside the wolf's head.

It leads to a small section with several prison cells, all but one of which are empty. (That one is occupied by a werewolf.) There's also a room with several other werewolves, which we finish off. The final room has slimes and nothing else, but since we're not in the mood to fight them, we Town Portal out.

Now we head back in briefly, and make our way back to Balthasar Kilburn's ghost. We hand over the black pearl, he is very grateful for what we've done. He fades, telling us he plans to take the cursed pearl with him where no one will reach it.

Sounds good to me, and since I don't feel like killing off those last few slimes...

Lair of the Wolf complete!

We visit the armor shop, but they can't identify relics. Luckily, I have a backup plan.

After a couple of days resting in a tavern, we head back to Free Haven. There, I decide to do something I've been putting off. We head to a local small house, and Toblerone gets Identification mastery! Maybe now we can tell what that shield is.

Sure enough, we can! This is Aegis, a large shield with several unique properties. First, it renders the bearer immune to petrification. That would have been nice when we were fighting medusas, and if we have to fight more, it would be handy. Secondly, it acts as if the Shield spell is cast on the wielder, reducing missile damage. Third, it provides a whopping +20 to Luck.

All of this comes at a price though; Aegis is heavy. So it reduces Speed by 20 when it is equipped. And given how important Speed is, this shield is pretty situational.

We'll keep it for now, so Huaryu (the one person using shields) can take advantage of it if the time is right.

Now, we head to Ironfist, and turn the pearl over to Humphrey. The regent is satisfied, and thanks us. Now to go train up some levels...3 in total. Everyone is now level 39!

Next stop, Free Haven, as we're going to tackle some more dungeons in that area. Stay tuned...


Due to a number of factors, again, no update today. I'll try to do something over the weekend, and speed this thing up.
TotemicHero 21st Oct 11