Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 16: This Is Why Trap Safety Is Vital

In the interest of safety, we head back and rest up at the inn. Having done that...time for Baa!

We enter the temple. Classy Roman-style architecture in a small room. A single door in front of us. We go through it and...

...End up in a huge square room. A central chamber with four doors sits in the center. Slightly raised pathways extend to the north, east, south, and west (which is where we entered from). Tunnels connect to northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest corners. It is very majestic in size and scope.

It is also very empty.

Since we're here, let's check out the structure in the center first. Signs beside each of the doors read:

As the winds blow, the seasons change, and only at the end of all can the doors be opened.

On a side note, the in-game texture for the sign actually reads like a town sign, complete with population (4346) and a establishment date (1408). No, it does not tell how to unlock a Luigi class.

Good NEWS, everyone! I fixed the poison slime pipes! I know the solution to this puzzle! You can figure it out to, the answer is somewhere in what I just typed!

Okay, for those of you that didn't get it, the solution is to activate the doors in the order of North-East-West-South. Fail to do this correctly, and the doors have traps waiting to hurt you.

The doors open, revealing a small chamber with a treasure chest. We go forward to open it...and it explodes! While Toblerone does his best Homer Simpson impersonation (D'oh!), we loot the chest and get a Bathhouse Key.

Monster trigger activated! A monster trigger causes monsters to spawn when you activate something. In this case, skeletons, along with a few acolytes of Baa (which have more spells than the rank and file cultists) spawn...right outside the doors of the little room we're inside.

Time to beat feet. We make it out, despite Eno ending up cursed (a skeleton did it) and unconscious. Curses make it so spells do not successfully get cast sometimes. After quickly healing and curing Eno, we rest (I forget to find favorable terrain to rest on, so I use up extra food), and prepare to head back.

Inside, we get to enjoy the benefits of the raised pathways - skeletons can't navigate them. They pile up on either side of the door...and you know exactly what spell is tailor made for clearing them out.

In the wake of Ring of Fire spam, we get to mop up the acolytes who are much smarter and have kept their distance, along with a few skeletons who missed the memo telling them to fall for obvious traps. The acolytes prefer lightning bolt spells, so I activate the Protection from Electricity spell and shoot 'em.

After finishing those off, we head outside and rest. Going back in, we kill off a pair of new skeletons and go north.

The door at the north end leads to a long hallway extending in both directions lined with sculptures. There are doors at either end of the hall. We don't have the key to the door on the right, so we go left...and enter the bath house.

Inside, oddly enough, is another treasure chest. We go to open it, and...another explosion! Grrrr. We loot the chest and claim the Treasure Room Key. Woohoo!

Now we have to deal with a group of skeletons and one acolyte that have spawned behind us. Easily done, and no one got cursed. Plus, we only had to cast Ring of Fire three times.

However, I get the impression that this dungeon's traps might be slightly ahead of my skill levels. However, I know a way I can even this up. Time to go seek out expert training for Toblerone before we return to this place!