Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 48: Repetition, Thy Lord Is Snergle

Back out to the inn, and back into the mine.

We turn the corner and...slime time! Magic finishes them off, but we run out of spell points doing so.

Back out to the inn, and back into the mine.

Back inside, we take the door to the left. It leads to what appears to be the kitchen, which seems to have a slime infestation problem. We clear those out, and take all the dwarven food stashes.

Beyond the kitchens is another room, with no enemies, just bags of stuff. We get to loot the sacks.

Down a staircase to what looks like a treasure room...with more dwarves, and a pair of Devil Spawn. Whee. We kite them back and take them out, then investigate this room.

A few barrels of liquid stat goodness, a pair of cabinets along the walls, and several sacks. We loot to our hearts content. Toblerone is in heaven; this is what he signed up for, after all.

But we are out of spell points, so...

Back out to the inn, and back into the mine.

Next is a passage on the right. This leads to the dwarven dorm rooms. There are two to four dwarves in each room, and a couple have cabinets with loot. Not much else to say about that.

The big door at the end of the hall opens to reveal a larger bedroom, with more dwarves. Guess what we do to them?

No, we don't share our ale. Toblerone would never share his ale.

This room has two doors, once which is a secret door looking like a wall. Silly dwarves, not foreseeing my psychic powers and their ability to know of such things? Dwarven craftmanship sure has gone down since Tolkein, that's for sure.

This secret door leads to a hidden vault, with four treasure chests. Guarding them...are three of our friendly neighborhood Devil Spawn. Isn't this fun?

We loot most of the stuff in the chests. We have to leave a few items, due to...running out of bag space again. And I just sold off loot last chapter too...

Anyway, we head back down the other passage. It twists and turns and leads to a jail. Guess we get to use that Cell Key here. We step forward and...

A door opens, and dwarves, devils, and slimes all stream out. Too many for us to handle, and they have a Devil Worker...a nastier form of the Devil Spawn.

We stage a fighting retreat, killing off several dwarves and a few slimes, plus one Devil Spawn. We are unable to kill off the Worker, although we make a valiant attempt. But in the end, you know what we have to do.

Back out to the inn, and back into the mine.

The devils shall fall! ...but not until another day.


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