Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 52: Wild Women In A Winter Wonderland

We head south from White Cap, ready to take names and find treasure! (I think I left something out there...)

To the south are archers. Lots of archers. Armies of archers. All of them female, as usual. And we get to take them down.

The strategy is simple enough: rush into melee and pound them one at a time, starting with the Fireball-throwing Fire Archers. The execution is not nearly so neat, as we get Annoying Arrows coming in from all sides.

It's a slow grind, and we have to go back and rest several times, but then we get to a bridge. Across it is the fortress known as Icewind Keep, surrounded by yet more archer women, and...armored women.

Introducing the Magyar! These amazons hit moderately hard and their Matrons command the power of lightning bolts. They have decent armor, but they have low melee accuracy.

We polish off the archers and the Magyar, then turn our attention to their campsite. We take their food, open up the nearby chest and...my jaw drops.

Inside the chest is a very magic sword. A Champion Sword of the Dragon. What does this do? First, it gives +25 Might to whoever equips it. Second, it has a chance to do Fire damage on hit.

Toblerone's response: YES! YES! YES!

As soon as he calms down, we head back to White Cap and sell off stuff, enchant other stuff, sell off more stuff...I won't bore you with the details. Just letting you know Cate and Huaryu end up with new gauntlets.

We also hit the local Guild of the Elements and get a couple of new spells for Eno. Stone Skin (Earth) to improve armor, and Shield (Air) to reduce ranged damage. (I wish I'd gotten the latter before I took on those archers.)

Now we tackle the keep. Icewind Keep. Not to be confused with Icewind Dale, thank you very much.

The inside is very dark, but the inhabitants are not happy to see us. Said inhabitants include guards (we faced them back at the Silver Helm Outpost) and ogres (fought in Hall of the Fire Lord).

Easy prey, the lot of them. Ahead of us is a four-way passage. The way straight ahead is blocked by some wooden barricade or gate, and a bunch of ogres and guards are behind it. The side passages seem deserted.

Said barricade has a sizable hole, just big enough to stick weapons through. Guess what we get to do to the poor dumb enemies gathered on the other side?

After the massacre, we head left, and open a door. It's a barracks room, and the ogres are bunking here. I never knew ogres slept in actual beds. The more you know...

We pull the ogres back and kill them. Once that's done, it's time to tackle the rest of Icewind Keep! But that time is not today.