Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 44: Finding The Favor Of Stone

Here we are now going to the west side...weapons in hand as we go for a ride...

Well, maybe not a ride, but hey, let's finish these sewers.

In absolute contrast to the maze of the east side, the west side is little more then a long winding passage. A few dead end offshoots, but only a couple of things of note. Enemy-wise, it's more of the same.

Sadly, chest-wise, it's also more of the same...Toblerone failing and explosions in our face. Good thing they don't do too much damage, and we can heal up afterwards.

The only oddball thing here is a ramp leading down to a room with Baa followers (they die), which leads to another ramp connection to a secret door...which opens up to the hallway directly opposite the original ramp.

At the end, we come to a room with a looped corridor. Dead end...and no sign of this Prince of Thieves. Of course, it wouldn't be that easy, would it?

Yes it would. Halfway down the looped corridor is a oddly marked wall...clearly a secret door. We open it, arms at the ready, and find...

A bedroom. What.

The room is empty, but contains a chest and cabinet in addition to the bed. Hmmm, maybe a clue to the Prince's whereabouts is in the chest...


Toblerone, what the heck are you doing? Try actually disarming the trap next time! Well, anyway, there's nothing but generic loot in the chest. Maybe he's hiding inside the cabinet...


Toblerone...can I hurt you? Well, no clues in the chest or cabinet. That leaves the bed. Not that anyone would be silly enough to do that...

Wait a second, is there someone under that bed?

"Curses. Foiled again!"

That's right, the Prince of Thieves was hiding under his own bed. Wow, what a coward. All this build-up of him as a major villain...and he's a total pansy. We tie him up, and off we go. But wait, does that mean...

Free Haven Sewers complete!

Well, that was silly. The first (and easiest) of the council approval quests is in the bag...but we have to report back to Lord Stone for that...and Huaryu's promotion.

Overland travel go! On the way out, we dodge some archers (on a side note, all of the archer enemies are female...oh boy).

We arrive, and use the Fly spell to avoid some harpies, who respond with their usual tactic of cursing everyone...except Huaryu, who lifts the curses as soon as we are safe.

Anthony Stone is delighted to have the Prince in custody, and pays us 10000 gold, as well as gives us his approval.

Council Approval Quest 1: Capture the Prince of Thieves complete!

Woohoo. Now for the promotion...no sooner said than done. Huaryu is now a Priest! As for the High Priest promotion...we are expected to recover a sacred chalice from a small cult that stole it. The cult is based out of the islands to the east of Free Haven (better known as Booty Bay).

Leaving, we then put the Town Portal spell to it's inaugural use, teleporting us to White Cap. Training time...two levels up for everyone. Level 25, Ho!

After waiting one day at the inn, we take the carriage back to Free Haven. What an adventure! Time to rest for now...before we go off to the next task, whatever it may be!