Let's Play Might and Magic VI

Totemic Hero

Chapter 6: They Tried To Kill Me In That Tunnel

I know this is shorter, but I wanted to get Goblinwatch out of the way. Bear with me.

Naturally, the tunnels contains more rats, goblins and leechbats. We tackle the right tunnel first, killing anything and everything that comes at us, mostly with arrows. Halfway down the tunnel is a large chamber, apparently the main nest of the leechbats. We also come across the largest and nastiest form of leechbats around...the Soul Sucker. I kid you not.

Backpedaling and firing lots of arrows, we finish off this lot, then press forward. At the end of the tunnel is not light, but there is a small cavern with more enemies. Beyond that, there is a small corridor, with a staircase leading up to a treasure chest. Looks simple, right?

Wrong. There are a pair of alcoves to the sides, and each one contains some more rats. (I'm beginning to think this keep has a bigger rat problem then it does a goblin one!) You can guess what they will do when we approach the chest...and yet, approach it we must.

The rats prove no more difficult then previously, and we are able to claim the chest. Inside is some nice stuff, including a potion of extreme energy (+20 to all attributes temporarily). I have special plans for that one, so stay tuned.

We then head back over to the other tunnel, which is pretty much the same deal, only slightly shorter and with no rat trick at the end. However, one of the leechbats introduces Eno to one of the more annoying things in the game world: disease. A diseased character suffers Might, Endurance, Accuracy, and Speed penalties. Left uncured, it will result in a dead character. We don't have any method of curing it ourselves at this point, so a visit to the New Sorpigal temple is in order. Thus, we leave Goblinwatch.

Goblinwatch Complete!

A quick jaunt to the temple, and we leave 50 gold poorer and fully healed. Temples generally have varying prices depending on where they are, and the New Sorpigal one is the cheapest. Our next stop is the hill to the east of the town, where before we had noticed something before when we investigated the docks. It's a sword...in a stone. How cliche.

Before, none of our characters had the Might needed to pull the sword out, but with this new potion, Toblerone is ready to go! It's a nice two-handed sword, and Toblerone claims it. Now we head back to sell some stuff.

First stop is the magic shop, where we pay to have everything identified. As a result we find out that we have a nice set of magic items. Frustrating enough, one of them is a Warriors ring (yes that is punctuated correctly), which would have made it possible for Toblerone to get the sword without having to use that potion. Grrrr...

Among the others are a helm of defense (more armor class, given to Cate), a ring of fire resistance (Huaryu), a ring of luck (Cate), and a pair of Wizards gauntlets (bonus to Intellect and Personality, given to Eno).

Quick visits to the weapon and armor shops yield the same thing, but no more magic items (although there is a nice new shield for Huaryu), and we are good to go...but to where? The Abandoned Temple of Baa? Not yet...we've got something more interesting in mind! Namely, Castle Ironfist!

The next step is preparing to visit the mysterious Seer, who lives high in the mountains to the west of the castle. However, the Baa cult has surrounded the place with his followers. Guess what? We get to cut through them all...but not today.