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YMMV / The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat

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  • Anvilicious: Parodied in "Star Trash", which mocks the preachy green aesop laden cartoons of the 90's.
    Poindexter: "You can't use our planet as a junkyard!"
    Captain: "Why not? You do."
    Audience: "Oooooh..."
    Captain: "Your rivers, your beaches, your canyons, your frankfurters, all filled with the filth you so frivolously fling!"
    Felix: "Poindexter, this is horrible. We're prisoners in a cartoon with a moral to it!"
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  • Awesome Music: The opening is as awesome as it is bizarre. Doubles as an Ear Worm, and a portal into just how weird the show is.
  • Bizarro Episode: Every episode. It might as well be a Bizarro series.
  • Cargo Ship: Pretty much inevitable since Everything Talks, but still used really weirdly, much like every other trope in the show.
    • In "Manhattan Triangle", the Chaotic Stupid Bermuda Triangle comes to New York and unleashes random, surreal stupidity everywhere it goes. Felix decides that the triangle just needs some excitement and sets him up with the sultry female Times Square. At the end of the episode, Felix is best man at their wedding.
    • In "Viva Lost Wages", Felix's relationship with the bag of tricks is played as a romance.
    • In "Felix's Gold Score", a sexy lady cactus tries to seduce Felix. It doesn't work since she's...well, a cactus, and in the end she gets paired with a mountain.
  • Cult Classic; The show wasnt popular even in its heydey and had a rather short run overall due to its subpar second season getting cancelled eight episodes in, but it maintains a devoted fan following to this day, particularly among fans of cartoony animation, due to its 1930's cartoon aesthetic and all around surrealistic tone.
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  • Designated Villain: Fuzzy Bunny's thuggish actor from the episode "The Fuzzy Bunny Show". Sure, he was a jerk to his co-workers and the polar opposite of his cutesy persona, but it wasn't his fault at all that Felix's show got cancelled in favor of his since the show was someone elses idea and it was pitched to replace Felix's show due to its declining ratings. But since he indirectly ruined Felix's career, being revealed to be a jerk behind the scenes is all Felix needs to decide to publicly humiliate him on live TV and destroy his career in order to further his own again.
  • Ear Worm:
    • The jazzy theme of the eponymous character of Space Time Twister.
    • Same goes for both of the jazzy song numbers in Noah's Nightclub.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The premise of "The Fuzzy Bunny Show", where Felix gets his show cancelled by the network in favor of the cutesy pie Fuzzy Bunny show, became this when Twisted Tales was cancelled only a few episodes later.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the episode "Wet Paint", a rooster rips Felix's face in half (in a non-graphic way), which Vinesauce and Siivagunner fans will undoubtedly find familiar...
  • Second Season Downfall: Season 2 took a budget cut in the animation, attempted to take the series into a more script driven and less weird direction with more emphasis on the Joe Oriolo era of the Felix the Cat series in an attempt to bump up the ratings higher than the first seasons underperformance, and it along with its turbulent behind-the-scenes production completely backfired on the show—the ratings for it tanked even harder than the first seasons underperformance. It only lasted eight episodes before the show was cancelled altogether. Even the production team and one of Felix's own voice actors considered the second season to be a complete disaster.
  • Shallow Parody: A lot of "Star Trash" basically consists of cheap and mean-spirited potshots at the original Star Trek series, with the implications being that the show (and its successor) are hokey and pretentious TV garbage that only appeals to nerds. It even makes broadsides at it that aren't even true, such as depicting the ersatz-Kirk as being a reckless Cowboy Cop with an unusual way of emphasizing words (in the actual show, Kirk was usually a rational, level-headed and by-the-books Captain, and Shatner's unique way of delivering dialogue wasnt nearly as over the top as parodies make it out to be) and the joke of the Spock expy, Mr. Gleep, claiming that he's not unemotive, just "a bad actor" in particular is rather petty considering that in reality, Leonard Nimoy had much more versatile acting chops than his role as the rigid and unemotive Spock implied (including both in the show itself and the six movies following up on it), but he rarely got to show them off due to the inescapable typecasting he got from the role). While the jabs at nerds might have been relevant in the mid 90's (and admittedly can still apply to the more elitist or out of touch sections of certain fanbases), in light of nerd culture growing in the years after and eventually becoming a mainstream culture unto itself (with Star Trek itself eventually breaking into the mainstream and becoming a billion dollar franchise around the 2000s and still running to this day with shows like Star Trek: Discovery) its safe to say that this episode has not aged well at all, especially in comparison to other Star Trek parodies like Galaxy Quest.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: In-universe example with the Fuzzy Bunny Show, a show so utterly infantile, it makes Barney look downright masculine.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • The episode "Step Right Up" has a gag invoving a Bearded Lady (who doesn't have a beard) that is clearly meant to be a transvestite. This was already a rather risque thing to put in a kids cartoon of the 90's, but in the 2010s and on, where mistreatment of LGBT individuals and jokes made at their expense are taken much more seriously than in the past, a gag like this would be now seen in extremely bad taste and would never fly in a kids cartoon today.
    • Its very unlikely a character like Peking Duck would fly in todays cartoons either. While the character isnt Asian in nationality, his Yellow Peril overtones (since he's basically a G-Rated Fu Manchu) are a relic of an era when it was still barely acceptable to use such old fashioned exotic Asian-themed stereotypes as villains and likewise probably wouldnt fly today either, at least not without a big overhaul to his schtick.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Both of Felix's actors in this show get this.
    • Thom Adcox Hernandez, Felix's voice in Season 1, is often considered to be a peculiar choice for Felix since his voice is unusually young and juvenile sounding for an ostensibly adult character like Felix. This is partially justified by the fact that Thom was casted just weeks before the first episode aired and the episodes he lent his voice to had to have their dialogue animated to scratch tracks due to just how much behind the scenes trouble Film Roman had with casting a voice for Felix.
    • Charlie Adler as Felix in season 2. The voice change is jarring to begin with since Charlie doesn't even try to keep his voice consistent with Thom Adcox Hernandez's performance in season 1, but his raspy voice (which is basically the same voice he would later use for Chicken) goes in the opposite direction and sounds too adult for Felix, and just doesnt match his appearance or personality at all.

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