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Recap / The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat

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Season 1

  1. Guardian Idiot, Space Time Twister, Don't String Me Along
    • Felix's hunger gets the best of him as he wanders into the kitchen of a restaurant that has an excessive need of fodder for its meat grinder. As Felix's luck would have it, at the moment he needs help, it is an idiot angel's turn to earn his wings.
    • Felix is tricked into traveling to the center of the Earth, where he encounters the Time Twister, an eccentric old man who owns a time warping Magic Box. Curious, Felix steals it and tries to use it, and much hilarity (and surreal imagery) ensues.
    • After his disgruntled vacuum cleaner storms out, Felix decides to straighten up the house himself. He begins by yanking a black string off his coat rack, unraveling first the furniture, then his house, then the entire structure of his cartoon world.
  2. The Sludge King, Mars Needs Felixnote 
    • Felix visits an animation studio and tries to hook up with Roscoe's sister, Candy Kitty. Things go south when Roscoe is kidnapped by a new foe, the Sludge King, forcing Felix to travel into the sewers to save him.
    • Felix is kidnapped by Martians and is taken to Mars to be used for slave labor. Felix escapes and tries to find a way back home in the surreal landscape of the planet.
  3. Step Right Up, Now Playing--Felix, Jailhouse Shock
    • Felix visits the carnival with his Bag of Tricks, but he ends up the target of a new crook in town, Peking Duck, who wants to steal the bag for his own ends with the help of his sumo chickens.
    • Felix goes to see a movie starring the lovely Nastassia Slinky, but gets way into the movie, to where he goes inside of it and tries—and fails—to win over the affection of the actress.
    • Felix and Roscoe end up at the Middle of Nowhere Home for the Hopelessly Loopy on a dark and momentarily stormy night. They eventually land in a court and get sentenced to life in prison, but Felix finds a way to escape...
  4. The Manhattan Triangle, The Petrified Cheese
    • The living personification of the Bermuda Triangle visits Manhattan and turns it upside down with his reality warping abilities, ruining Felix and Candy Kitty's date and forcing them to find a way to stop the foolish behemoth.
    • Felix flies off to Egypt with Detective Shamus H. Goldcrow to recover a treasured relic stolen by the wisecracking Skidoo the mouse.
  5. Middle Aged Felix, Felix in Psychedelicland
  6. Order of the Black Cats, Now Boarding, Felix Breaks the Bank
    • Felix goes out to return a video tape late on Halloween night when he's kidnapped and inducted into a cult of strange men dressed as cats.
  7. Noah's Nightclub, Felix's Gold Score, Forever Rafter
    • Felix is awoken at night by an alley cat who tells him about a jazz club named Noah's Nightclub. Felix sneaks into it and tries to take part in the fun while avoiding the owner, at least until the club winds up getting washed away in a flash flood.
  8. The Earth Heist, Attack of the Tacky
    • Felix is travelling through outer space and stops by an alien cafe on the way to Earth, just in time to see Earth "repossessed" by a spaceship owned by Intergalactic Repo Inc., forcing the cat to track down and save his home.
    • Felix and private detective Shamus H. Goldcrow team up to stop Fufu Gauche, a loony and disgraced fashion designer who forces the city to wear his tacky fish costumes.
  9. Felix in Nightdrop Land, Shocking Story
  10. Love at First Slice, Space Case, Peg Leg Felix
  11. Shell Shock, The Big Hunt
  12. Felix's Big Splash, Gross Ghost, Swedish Meatballs
  13. Wet Paint, News Blues, Copycat

Season 2

  1. Surreal Estate, Phoney Felix, Five Minute Meatball
    • Felix tries to buy a new toaster, and winds up traveling through a very strange house after getting an offer to buy it, with a free toaster promised as a reward.
    • Felix is kidnapped and impersonated by an impossibly stupid and flaccid imposter, Oscar, and has to put a stop to his antics.
    • Felix helps out a chef who runs a Meatball delivery service. The Chef risks having his business ruined if even one meatball is late, so Felix is tasked with delivering a meatball in five minutes or less.
  2. Bet A Billion Bill, Background Details, Viva Lost Wages
  3. The Punderground, Nightmare On Oak Street, Star Trash
    • Roscoe is being haunted in his sleep by the evil Jeepers Creepers, and Felix has to travel into his dream to stop Jeepers from making his friend fall into an eternal slumber.
    • A crew of a familiar looking spaceship decide to make Earth the dumping ground for their ships trash, and Felix and Poindexter try to stop them.
  4. The Fuzzy Bunny Show, The Milky Waynote 
    • Felix's show gets cancelled and is replaced by the incredibly saccharine Fuzzy Bunny Show, resulting in Felix's life and career going down the drain. Things change when he discovers the true nature of Fuzzy Bunny...
    • Felix wants some milk, but the city is suffering from a severe milk shortage. Felix eventually gets a Dairy Godmother to help solve his milk problems, but things take a turn for the worse when he bites off more than he can chew.
  5. Black Magic Bag, The Maltese Milkshake, Attack of the Robot Rat
    • Two familiar faces, now living in a derelict apartment, return to try and steal Felix's Magic Bag of Tricks with a giant robot rat, forcing the cat into action.
  6. Heart of Tin, Battle of the Brains, TV or Not TV
    • Master Cylinder returns and plans to invade the Earth, and Felix is forced to stop him.
  7. Wizards and Lizards, The Evil Donut, An Auto Biography
  8. Comic Calamities, Super Felix, Dueling Whiskers
    • Roscoe visits Felix's comic shop, and Felix shows off his ultra rare 1925 comic book, which is stolen by a comic book crook, forcing Felix into a chase to retrieve it.
    • Felix, tired of the crime rate in town, uses the Magic Bag to make himself a superhero. Soon after, he gets tied up in a plot involving a new villain in town, The Elf.

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