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Recap / Twisted Tales Of Felix2x 04 The Fuzzy Bunny Show The Milky Way

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The Fuzzy Bunny Show

The first half of the episode starts with Felix sleeping in his house, only to be awaken by his annoying alarm clock, which Felix quickly smashes with a hammer. Felix realizes he slept in and has to get the cartoon started. Not long after Felix gets things started, the narrator butts in to tell the kids watching the show that Felix isn't cutting it in the ratings, so they immediately replace him with the test marketed, cutesy Fuzzy Bunny Show. Felix is not amused at this and tries to get his show back on the road, but the Fuzzy Bunny Show title card slams back down on him. The lights on the stage Felix is on shut off, and Felix gets stuffed into a cannon and launched into space away from the studio. He tries to call his agent, only to find out his agent has dumped him. Felix falls back to Earth and lands facefirst on the window of the APC network, who run the Fuzzy Bunny Show. Inside, a network exec is congratulating a man named Donald for the show. Felix slides down the building, refusing to believe that kids couldn't have stopped liking him in favor of the new show. Felix lands at the bottom and sees some kids nearby watching Fuzzy Bunny on TV at a window display. The kids react to Felix with indifference as the insufferably cloying Fuzzy Buzzy pops up on TV, grabbing their attention. After the show goes off, the kids fight each other because of an argument over who liked Fuzzy Bunny saying "Neaty-O!" first. Felix is stupefied that an American icon like him is being overlooked like this, and literally explodes when he sees a kid running nearby with American flags saying she loves Fuzzy Bunny, and Felix's disembodied head gets mistaken for a soccer ball by some other kids. Later that night, Felix is revealed to be reduced to airing commercials for a Psychic telemarketing program. He gets a phone call, but its just a thug who tells him he's gonna bust him in the nose as the show goes off the air. The next day, Felix attends a Cartoon Expo to promote himself with autographs, but his booth is completely deserted as the Fuzzy Bunny booth is packed. The only autograph he's able to give is quickly torn up when the kid who gets it finds out that Felix isn't Garfield.


The second half of the episode shows Felix is now working at a drive-in Fuzzy Bunny restaurant, depressed at having to serve Fuzzy Bunny toys to the customers. Felix sneaks in a toy styled after himself into the kids meal, but the kid whines because she didn't get a Fuzzy Bunny toy (with the parents angry at Felix because their kid had just gotten out of the hospital), and Felix gets fired over it, landing with his toy in a four way traffic lane. Felix abruptly meets his landlord there, who immediately hands him an eviction notice and walks off. Felix suddenly wakes up, assuming the prior events were just a dream—until he sees a Fuzzy Bunny alarm clock nearby. Roscoe suddenly appears near the bed Felix is sleeping in, and it turns out Felix is in his house, and Roscoe took him in while he was asleep for three weeks. But Felix quickly finds out that Roscoe is a Fuzzy Bunny fanatic too. Felix goes to visit a psychiatrist, but he suggests that Felix is simply suppressing his inner fuzzy as he hugs and kisses a bunny doll. The doctor straps him to a chair and show him a film of the rabbit to brainwash him into liking it. It works and Felix decides that there's a little fuzzy inside of everyone. Felix heads off to Fuzzy Ventures to apologize to Fuzzy, walking up to his make up room. But Felix listens in and finds out that Fuzzy Bunny is not as benevolent as everyone thinks he is, speaking with a gravelly voice and abusing his co-workers, and he then takes off his costume, revealing his true appearance as a muscular, cigar chomping thug. Felix decides he has to save the world from the scumbags influence. Later, at a live performance of Fuzzy Bunny's Holiday Special, Felix walks up to the stage, getting past a security guard who mistakes him for Garfield. While Fuzzy Bunny is speaking to the audience, Felix unzips his costume, revealing his true appearance to everybody. Felix then summons a colony of underfed fleas from a nearby box, who stuff themselves inside of Fuzzy's costume as Felix zips it back up. Fuzzy starts dancing against his will on a disco floor, and the audience all decide to mob him for it. Later on, the kids turn on the TV, and Felix's show is back on the air, with Felix telling the kids to Be Yourself.

"Am I beginning to put on a few pounds here?"

The Milky Way

Felix is at his house preparing breakfast, and decides to top it off with a glass of milk, only to find out he's out of it. He hitches a ride with the milkman, but finds out he's out of milk and is selling fax machines instead. Felix goes to a mini-mart and finds out they're out of milk as well. Felix briefly stops by a Used Car salesman, and tries and fails to find milk from several other people. Felix stops by a farmer, who explains the situation to him—the milk industry has gone sour and all the cows are on strike. Felix attempts to find alternate sources for milk, including trying to milk a goat, but these all lead to dead ends. Felix even tries to steal a babys milk bottle and fails. Felix begins going through withdrawal and hallucinating everything around him as looking like milk. Suddenly, a cow with wings and a wand appears near Felix, and addresses herself as his Dairy Godmother. Felix thinks its just another mirage, but she insists that she'll grant his wish, and he asks to be sent to a land where he can have all the milk he wants, so she sends him to The Milky Way. Felix lands and gorges himself in the land of milk and cheese. After a long day of enjoying himself, Felix finds out that he's swollen up from all the food. Felix gets sick of milk and opts for a change of pace and asks a street vendor for a diet cola, only to find out he's out, but offers him a glass of milk instead. Felix refuses, and a crowd notices and forms around him, taking him away and strapping him to a table, stuffing a hose of milk into his mouth and force feeding him chunks of cheese. He bloats him enough to break free of his restraints, but he is so large that can barely outrun the crowd behind him. Felix asks the Dairy Godmother for help, and she appears in front of him. Felix asks her to take him back home. She's indignated at him asking her to undo her favor, but she complies and teleports Felix home. Felix wakes up back at his table, with his breakfast still there. Felix is relieved, but when the milkman walks in and announces the dairy strike is over, allowing Felix to have glasses of milk again, Felix screams and runs through a wall. The milkman then pulls off his face, revealing it to be a Dairy Godmother pulling a prank on Felix. She sips on a glass of milk as the cartoon irises out.

The Fuzzy Bunny Show contains examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: When a baby watching Felix cries that Felix is acting scary, his parent throws a rock at his head. Thankfully, the kid was wearing a football helmet, so he's unharmed.
  • Cartoony Tail: As a gag, Felix pulls off his tail and peels it like a banana to get the kids to laugh.
  • Hostile Show Takeover: Felix gets his show hijacked by Fuzzy Bunny and is out of a job as a result.
  • Lighter and Softer: In-universe, Felix's show, which is already called "The Not-So-Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat", is replaced by the unbearably cloying, infant aimed Fuzzy Bunny Show.
  • Mythology Gag: Felix owns an alarm clock styled after himself, an obvious reference to the real life Felix the Cat wall clocks.
  • Nice Character, Mean Actor: Fuzzy Bunny seems like a very nice and friendly character to the children, but the person inside the Fuzzy Bunny suit is throughly unpleasant off camera, abusing his co-workers and actually being a huge hulking cigar-chomping thug underneath the costume.
  • No Name Given: The thug in the Fuzzy Bunny suit isnt named.
  • Self-Deprecation: In-show, Felix's cartoon is called "The Not-So-Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat", a jab at the second seasons retool of the series.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Fuzzy Bunny is an obvious parody of Barney the Dinosaur and other saccaharine kids show characters.
    • After Felix gets the Fuzzy Bunny Show title card slammed on him again, he pushes it back up and says "You wouldn't do this to the Ninja Turtles!"
    • APC Network is an obvious reference to ABC.
    • At the Cartoon Expo, Felix gives an autograph to a kid, but he tears it up because it turns out the kid mistook him for Garfield. A security guard at the Fuzzy Bunny Show Holiday Special also mistakes Felix for Garfield and lets him pass. These both double as an in-joke, as Film Roman was producing Garfield and Friends at the same time as this show.
  • Show Within a Show: Felix has his own cartoon series in-universe, called "The Not-So-Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat".
  • Take That!: They weren't even trying to be subtle that this episode is a take that towards the Lighter and Softer revamp forced on the show by then-owner of Felix, Don Oriolo, for Season 2. The person responsible for the idea of Fuzzy Bunny Show replacing Felix is even named Donald, an obvious jab at Don himself.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: The Fuzzy Bunny Show. It's one of the main problems Felix has with the series and titular character.
  • Villainy-Free Villain: Fuzzy Bunny doesn't directly try to ruin Felix's life and doesn't even interact with him until just near the end of the episode, since his show was a creation pitched to the studio to replace Felix's show due to its declining ratings—his show being a success was just an indirect catalyst in sending Felix's life into a downward spiral. His worst crime is just being a jerk to his co-workers and his real persona being absolutely nothing like the cutesy character he portrays.

The Milky Way contains examples of:

  • Balloon Belly: Felix bloats up considerably after he gorges himself in the Milky Way. He gets even more bloated after he's force fed milk and cheese by the crowd, to where he can barely move.
  • Cartoony Tail: Felix uses his tail as a parachute before he lands in the Milky Way.
  • Fairy Godmother: Parodied; Felix gets a Dairy Godmother to help him out with his milk problem.
  • Impact Silhouette: Felix leaves one of these in a wall when he runs away from the milkman in the end.
  • The Man in the Mirror Talks Back: Felix's reflection talks back to him when he notices he put on a few pounds, saying he's big enough to do crowd shots on his own now.
  • Or Was It a Dream?: The ending, where the Dairy Godmother scares Felix with a prank.
  • Punny Name: Dairy Godmother.
  • Shout-Out: When one of the cows is giving a speech to a crowd, he references the classic "Cow Jumped Over The Moon" Nursery Rhyme.
  • Stock Animal Diet: Felix craves a glass of milk in the cartoon.

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