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  • Award Snub: The show was nominated four times for awards, and all of them lost.
    • The first was an Annie award in the category of outstanding music in an animated television program, for Lino Sound's score for The Off-Beats episode "Suave-o-Matic". (1998)
    • The second was another Annie award, same year. This time for Outstanding Male Voice Acting, for Nandor Nevai as various voices in Sniz & Fondue.
    • The third was another Annie award in 1999, the category being Outstanding Acheivement in Production Design in an Animated TV Program. The Jetcat short "Scred Identity'' was a nominee.
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    • The fourth time was for a Young Artists Award in 1999. Julia McIlvaine was nominated for Best Young Female Voiceover in an Animated Production, for doing the voice of June.
  • Cult Classic: Sure it's no Invader Zim, but it got screwed over just as badly and it has its share of fans (a lot of which are the ones who claim that Nickelodeon's first wave of Nicktoonsnote  were the best).
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: June and Henry, the hosts of the show, are this for the Nick fandom as a whole in a similar fashion to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, they where long-forgotten for years up until recently with a strong fandom.
  • Fan Nickname: The generally-accepted episode titles are not official and taken from the usually-unrelated fake ads on the back of that episode's comic. Officially, each episode is just referred to by number. This has been such a common convention that the "Episode 29" urban legend persisted for years despite the actual episode with that number being a well-known one: "Your Logo Here".
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  • Genius Bonus: Mr. Stockdale. You may remember him better as this or this.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The show is very popular in Latin America.
    • As well as the Netherlands. In the same way as most anime, everyone hated the dubbed version shown in syndication, so by the time Nicktoons picked it up, the episodes were subtitled, with the audio still in English.
    • Life with Loopy is the most popular short in Russia.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: One episode featured Henry and June all set to celebrate the show's 100th episode, but it turns out that Henry miscounted, and that it's not the 100th episode after all. This amusing gag is made a bit sadder when you realize that the show never made it to a 100th episode, coming short of even the halfway point at 47 episodes.
    • In The Henry And June pilot, The first half (The duo starting their new show) has them nearly get cancelled in-universe while the second half (Henry and June going back to school hoping to get some recognition for their show), no one (besides creepy fanboy Ryan) watched their show's premiere the night before in-universe. Considering the fact that the Henry and June show lasted a single 2-episode half pilot before being not only cancelled but erased from the network's history as well anything having to do with Kablam! besides Action Leauge NOW!, it makes the pilot strangely prophetic.
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  • Jerkass Woobie: The titular Shizzagee is this when you think about it. He's extremely snarky and irritable but he's also the Last of His Kind.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Whether she's speaking, singing or laughing, June's voice is this.
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: Subject of a stunningly large number of them, not least of which are that Henry and June kiss in a lost episode 19 and Nickelodeon junked two seasons worth of unaired material.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Loopy was notably Danielle Judovits' first (major) voice acting role before she went on to play Tenten, Naru Osaka, Glitter Spring, and Batgirl, among others.
  • Special Effect Failure: Life with Loopy falls under this sometimes. However this was more often in the older episodes, and improves as the show goes on.
    • There's a scene in "Get Sam Donaldson's Mystery Bag!", where the duo are having a robot war...and one part shows that inside the robots, the duo are completely static. However this is justified, as flash animation wasn't very common yet.
  • Squick: Ryan the creepy fanboy asking for tongue scrapings and later blood samples from Henry and June for his collection in the second half of the Henry and June show pilot.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: In one "Action League Now" short, the stock music piece "The Escape" by Dick Walter plays, which is a similar song to the theme of The Great Escape.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Life with least for a minute
  • Tear Jerker: June missing Henry after his resign from the show. And many other moments due to nostalgia.
  • Toy Ship: Henry and June. Justified, however, as it's quite obvious that they like each other.
  • Uncanny Valley: On some occasions.
    • One example that comes to mind is the characters from the one-off CG short The Shizzagee. Especially the Shizzagee's owner.
    • Garbage Boy. DEAR GOD.
    • Angela Anaconda. Believe it or not, the spinoff actually had more effort put into it.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Many fans were shocked when they found out that June was a girl.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: While it is for kids (never mind all the nightmare fuel and crap past the radar), it's for a somewhat (but not by much) older demographic than most of Nick's shows at the time.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Life with Loopy, depending on who you ask.
    • Lava, full stop.
    • The early versions of the Henry and June shorts
    • The Adventures of Patch Head.
  • The Woobie: Henry.

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