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Loopy is the future daughter of Henry and June
  • No one in her family has blue-greenish hair, and while Henry has green hair and June has blue, then sometime in the future, June gave birth to Loopy. Then when Loopy turned four, she wanted to see what 1996 was like, so her parents sent her to the past. She then housed in with her (said to be) parents and (said to be) brother, and made them belive that she was with them all along.

KaBlam! is a prequel to Cowboy Bebop.
  • June is a nickname for Julia (who is also her voice actor's name), and it turns out that Spike, who changed his name, and Julia were childhood friends. The anime never said they first met during Spike's stint at the Syndicate. Also, Mr. Foot disguised himself as a human and renamed himself.
  • Hell, ignoring backstory, the Bebop crew itself resembles the cast. Henry is Spike, Faye is Season 2-4 June, Jet is Mr. Foot, and Ed is Season 1 June. I don't know about Ein. Maybe June's dog from that one episode?

June is only different in season one because it's her little sister
  • When June couldn't make it for season one of KaBlam! because she was failing her studies for slacking off, her younger sis (by a year), also named June, stepped in. Unlike her older sis, she's crazy and hyper, and is only a bit smarter than the average rock. Then, one tragic, tragic night, younger June was walking home from her friend's house and got hit by a car. She died shortly after. When older June heard the news, she was greif-stricken, but got over it and went on to do her part in the show.

June is Satan
  • But reincarnated into a cute little girl.

Dawn is Angelica Pickles as a ten-year-old
  • Right? Or is she Piyoko? Both look awfully similar.

Prometheus is actually trying to teach Bob how to be his slave when Prometheus takes over planet earth
  • We all knew it....

June actually has no intrest in Henry, she's actually lesbian
  • She only loves him because Nickelodeon couldn't show her love for Dawn on the show.

In Sasquatch-Ersize!, Henry is overweight due to being a couch potato as stated in the episode, but June is because Henry knocked her up

June is ignored and abused at home, which explains her mean personality.
  • It's true for Helga, and June is pretty much her clone.

Loopy's adventures don't exist. They're just stories that she told Larry
  • Duh.

Actually, the entire show is just June's dream
  • Maybe....and it's also Henry's hallucinations...

June is actually planning to kill Henry, to please her overlord in her evil kingdom, but failed and fell in love with Henry, so the only reason why the show ended because her emperor killed her. Now Henry is scarred for life.

Everyone's mean to Henry because he was a criminal
  • Why else?

Henry grows up and becomes the new Danny Phantom

Season 1 June is a clone of the June of Seasons 2-4, who is the real June
  • June was hired for KaBlam! but couldn't make it (insert reason here - maybe she ended up in a wreck and got put in a coma), so they genetically engineered a clone of her to fill in. However, due to Clone Degeneration, the clone June is a lot dumber and more easily excited than the real June. Ultimately, the real June is able to come on starting with "Resistance is Futile" (near the end of season 1, but June is a lot more normal than usual - including the season 1 episodes aired after "RIF" - just pretend they aired the episodes out of order or something). As for the clone June? Well... she either becomes a stunt double for the real June (and grows resentful and bitter), melts into a puddle of goop (hey, Clone Degeneration) or is disposed of in some manner. Of course, all of these outcomes are rather disturbing and are very What Measure Is a Non-Human?.


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