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Quotes / KaBlam!

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  • "They're nervous, they're nebbish, they're small, and The Populars don't like them at all. But that's okay, life is sweet. They're cool... they're The Off-Beats."

  • "What you are about to see is top secret. It is a video recorded 900,000 years ago by an alien using a remote controlled camera. It shows its attempts to educate a caveman. They have been code-named "The Prometheus & Bob Tapes".

  • "Hey KaBlamoids, keep your hinder in the reclinder!" / "Hey KaBlamoids, keep your derriere in your chair-ierre!" / "Hey KaBlamoids, keep your tushie on the cushie!" / "Wake up your grammy, there's more KaBlammy!" - announcer quotes when going to commercial

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