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Because one image from this scene just wasn't enough.

Nickelodeon's Cult Classic KaBlam! is known for its comedy, some sneaking stuff past the censors, occasional terror, and... sweetness?

Indeed, KaBlam! can be pretty darn touching at times. Most of these moments are between Henry and June, but some of the other shorts also have their moments.

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     Henry and June 
  • The Ka Blam! season two finale, "Won't Stick to Most Dental Work!" had the most heartwarming scene. It involves how Henry was sick of being the Butt-Monkey and quit. After many attempts to host the show by herself, June was heartbroken at the fact that her best friend wasn't there. So toward the end, she plays a quick slideshow movie called "My Friend Henry'', showing scenes from past episodes of the two of them being together. Henry, at his new restaurant, sees this and starts crying, as June does so back at the show. He then shows up, and the two run to each other happily and hug. Awwwwwwww!!!!!!!!
  • The ending "More Happiness than Allowed by Law!", when Henry is upset for forgeting June's birthday and gives her a mood ring while apologizing. And according to the ring, she changed from "sad" to "happy".
  • In the series finale (not really, more episodes were made), June allegedly gives Henry a kiss.
  • In "Sasquatch-ersise!", the duo are upset about knowing they wont pass a fitness test and think they'll get fired from the show. June admits how she'll miss Henry, and he agrees, as he tries hugging her (but they can't, as in this episode, they're too chubby).
  • In "You May Already Be a Kablammer," after spending the entire episode being put down by the "sidekick" the network hired because he allegedly wasn't funny enough, Henry finally makes a funny joke. Well, June thinks it's funny, anyway. Then they decide to can the whole "sidekick" business and be each other's sidekicks from now on.

     Life With Loopy 
  • In the episode "Your Real Best Friend", in the Life with Loopy short "Hi-Fi Frankenstein", Loopy laments about how much she wanted a friend, with her brother Larry telling her that he's her friend.
    Larry: I never liked that bucket of bolts!
    Loopy: I did. I just wanted a friend.
    Larry: What are you saying? You've got one!
No wonder why some of the fans really wish he was their older brother.
  • In "Trouble with Inflation", after failing to prevent the mailman from delivering bills to her irate father, Loopy sends her father a letter herself so that even though he continues to get bills, he can also get nice things in the mail, too.

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