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  • After Mikey receives a "Reason You Suck" Speech from Lily when he screws up his first taping of LilyMu, he considers quitting and going back to America but Gonard and Guano convince him to come back and try again.
  • Mikey loses Mitsuki's precious photo album so he tries to recreate the photos based on Mistuki's descriptions in the album and taking pictures of her in the studio. After being caught in the lie, Mikey sends her a new album with all the photos they took and apologizes. Mitsuki doesn't forgive him right away but it does help mend their relationship.
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  • In a very rare Pet the Dog moment for Lily, Ozu tells her to break up with Gonard after setting them up in a Fake Relationship to boost gossip and publcity about LilyMu and Lily actually tries to let him down easy at first. Of course then she goes right back to her Alpha Bitch self when it's revealed she's supposed to leave him for Guano.
  • Mistuki leaves the group's band when it seems like they're not going to tell their fans the truth about how the music they are playing isn't actually theirs. When it seems like the group is going to get away with their lie, Mikey sees Mitsuki in the crowd and decides to come clean to their fans. Thankfully their fans, and even their rivals, forgive them because they love LilyMu.
  • Mitsuki rescues Mikey from his super fans by setting them up with her own, female, super fans. After she unties him, the two muse about Mikey and Mistuki fans being together, have a Held Gaze briefly and then quickly change the subject.
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  • In "La Femme Mitsuki", Mitsuki is offered the chance to go back to her exciting life working in espionage. However she ends up turning it down because it would mean giving up her new life with her friends, most notably Mikey.
  • Mistuki and Gonard request Mikey to join their Secret Circle of Secrets so that they can hang out with him more. Later after he gets kicked out for not being able to keep the secret society a secret, they quit in solidarity for him and decide to form their own with their friends. Also they let Guano join, who had previously been excluded due to being too short.
  • After Mikey felt really bad that his plan to prank Gonard with a farting agent backfired on him, with Mitsuki eating the tainted food between breaks during Live LilyMu, he took the farting agent as well. He apologizes profusely to Mitsuki during the end of the performance (especially since this is at the point where Mikey stopped falling for Lily and started looking at Mitsuki in the romantic light). Mitsuki is so moved by his apology that she breaks her stage persona and hugs him.
  • The Christmas Episode has these in spades:
    • Ozu is particularly nasty around Christmas time due to his Dark and Troubled Past, refusing to renew Mikey's contract to stay on LilyMu and even going as far to say that he doesn't deserve to be on the show since he was just there as a publicity stunt. He changes his attitude towards the end and renews Mikey's contract after learning to love Christmas.
    • By the end, Ozu has learned to love Christmas, but at the end of the episode, ends up sulking in the corner. Guano comes over and...
    • Mikey learns how valuable he is to his friends through a parody of It's a Wonderful Life and gets a boost to his self esteem. He also gets to kiss Mitsuki under the mistletoe.
  • Really, every episode has at least one varying degree of heartwarming moments at their endings.


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