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  • Author's Saving Throw: This game launched without a restart function, which Criterion was afraid would bring Loads and Loads of Loading. However, the complaints over this prompted the developer to add one in an update, and the restart time is actually pretty quick.
  • Awesome Music: Criterion sure knows its deal in terms of licensed music. Here are some examples:
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Showtime Mode. Tap the 2 shoulder buttons and the game suddenly turns from a high-speed racing game to a smoldering wreck of a car tumbling down the road and smashing everything in sight.
  • Broken Base:
    • Paradise was adored by critics and arcade racing game fans, but became hated by core Burnout fans because of the open world element that they find inferior to closed circuits (see also They Changed It, Now It Sucks!), the removal of popular features such as Aftertouch Takedowns, and Showtime mode taking over for Crash mode. Until Crash came out.
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    • It still goes on a decade later, as the release of Burnout Paradise Remastered not only excited fans and critics of the game, but also brought out the classic Burnout fans to continue berating the game and complain about EA not remastering "superior" entries including 2, 3, or Revenge. Some of those fans do cautiously hope that should Paradise Remastered succeed, EA may (and it's a big may) consider remastering one of those entries, but even then they wouldn't give their hopes up. (At the very least, the Xbox 360 version of Revenge has since been made backward compatible with the Xbox One.)
      • On a different subject, many are unhappy that the PC version of Remastered isn't available on Steam, only Origin, when the original version is. It's as if EA is punishing you for using a platform that isn't their own.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • Get ready to see dozens of Carson GT Nighthawks online. Especially in Remastered, which has no DLC restrictions.
    • In a non-character variation, most online lobbies have the In-Universe Game Clock set to always be noon, likely for visibility's sake.
  • Fridge Brilliance: A race is triggered by holding the brake and accelerator at the same time, also known as a burnout.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The Carson GT Nighthawk. Let's see - One of the toughest cars to take down in a head-on collision? Check. Great speed and acceleration? Check. Easy to handle? Check. It's best just to avoid getting into a fight with the driver of one.
    • The Carson Extreme Hotrod, thanks to its peculiar boost mechanics (once you use the boost, it's on until you either crash or brake hard enough to bring the car to a halt), and extremely high stats, is possibly one of the few other vehicles to match the Nighthawk in terms of performance. Sure, all that speed might be too much at first, but once you get the hang of it, you become so blindingly fast the CPU opponents shouldn't even bother racing with you. It is also fast enough to let it Takedown cars twice its size (such as the Hunter Takedown 4x4), making it also a great choice for Road Rage events.
    • The Jansen P12 and variants (especially the Toy version, the 88 Special, and the Toy 88 Special) are absolute monsters at Stunt Runs. The Carson GT Concept and the Montgomery Hawker do just as well, but the P12 gets unlocked much earlier than the last two cars mentioned.
  • Goddamned Bats: The series tradition of Goddamned Traffic. Although there is a Good Bad Bug that allows you to get rid of traffic in Online Freeburn sessions in the console versions. Traffic can also be turned off in the Vanity Pack 2.0 mod for PC. (See below for either one.)
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • Disabling traffic in the console versions can be done if you and a friend have the Cops and Robbers DLC, as the Cops and Robbers mode itself removes traffic. One person hosts an Online Freeburn session, then starts Cops and Robbers, then kicks out the other player from the session. (If it was a two-player session then Cops and Robbers ends automatically.) The other player then hosts an Online Freeburn session of their own and sends an invite to the previous host player. Once that person joins in, then the traffic will disappear. Players can easily beat their friends' Timed Road Rules with this. It will also work for bikes, provided that the kicked-out player changes vehicles in a junkyard before hosting their new session. Said bug has also been used by Criterion themselves for an experiment on which is the fastest car in the game.
    • There's a small part on a ramp outside of the Wildcats Baseball Stadium which counts as being in the stadium.
  • Polished Port/Porting Disaster:
    • Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box release on PC. On one hand, it is a graphically superior version of the game that contains a lot of content not found in the original release. On the other hand, you have a version of the game whose majority of new content being stuff that have been released in free updates for the original gamenote  while lacking in other content. Only the premium DLC car packs were released for download on PC, while neither the "Cops 'n Robbers" game mode nor the Big Surf Island expansion ever saw the light of day on the platform. Even worse, the PC servers were shut down about a year later, so the Burnout Store is no longer available for computers. However, the premium car packs are still legally available for download on Amazon in the US and Green Man Gaming in the UK, and modders have aimed to bring Big Surf Island to the PC version with the Vanity Pack. "Cops 'n Robbers" mode remains unavailable, however.
      • Thankfully, Burnout Paradise Remastered brings the missing content to PC for the first time! However, unlike the original release, you can't get it on Steam, only EA's own Origin service.
    • On a lesser note, the PS3 version was very impressive for running smoothly at release during a time when unreliable PS3 versions of multiconsole games were becoming a notorious issue.
    • Remastered should also be praised for allowing 4K/60 FPS driving and crashes on consoles. Hell, Criterion and Stellar Entertainment Software getting the long since ended RenderWare engine running on the eighth-gen consoles is something to applaud itself (although it probably wasn't too hard to give it an update).
    • On the flip side, the PS4 version is plagued with random crashes and corrupted saves when connected online.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Showtime Mode replacing Crash Mode in Paradise.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The game doesn't allow you to switch between cars on the fly, instead having to drive back to a junkyard to change cars. For most part this isn't a problem since there's no event that's really impossible even if you take the wrong spec car, but the Burning Route events can only be started with a specific car. Driving along the road, discover a Burning Route and want to complete it? You better hope you have the right car, or you'll have to drive 2 miles to the nearest junkyard and another 2 miles right back to do so.
  • That One Achievement: "Running Scared", which consists in successfully completing an Offline Marked Man event with the Krieger Racing WTR, is universally regarded as one of Paradise's hardest-to-achieve awards. Take note, it takes only two crashes to lose an Offline Marked Man/Road Rage event in that car. Thankfully for Xbox 360 owners, this is not one of the achievements found on their system's version of the game.
  • That One Level: The Carson 500 GT Burning Route event is particularly reviled among most of the player base. Having to control a fast, but frail and extremely difficult to control car around the tight roads of White Mountain is certainly no easy task.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Burnout Paradise got this from long-time Burnout fans for taking the game out of its closed-circuit roots and thrusting it into an open world without a restart function (initially) or a useful compass. Very mixed, though. Again, it was still regarded better than the next (and last) Burnout title.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: This game is a decade old and runs on a now-outdated engine, yet its graphics, especially the crashes, hold up very well today. Remastered makes it look even better. 4K at 60 FPS, anyone?

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