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Film / Betelnut Beauty

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Betelnut Beauty (Chinese title: 愛你愛我) is a Taiwanese romantic comedy by Lin Cheng-sheng, released in 2001. It stars Li Xinjie (a.k.a. Lee Sin-jie and Angelica Lee) and Chang Chen.

While the plot is ostensibly about the relationship between a young drifter and a betelnut salesgirl, the main interest of the movie is its depiction of a quintessentially Taiwanese phenomenon, the sale of betelnuts from transparent roadside booths by young women, who attract the attention of prospective customers by wearing outrageously skimpy clothing.


Betelnut Beauty provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Happy Rain: Fei-fei, annoyed by her mother, steps outside just as a summer downpour is falling. She releases pent-up frustration with a long shout, and Feng joins her under the rain.