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Hell's Kitchen has a lot of small-to-medium screw ups each episode, but some moments of idiocy stand out:

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     General Idiocy 
  • Every season starts with the Signature Dish challenge, designed to give Gordon an idea of how you cook.
    You'd Expect: The chefs to remember that Gordon wants them to use only fresh ingredients, and stick with fresh ingredients.
    Instead: There are chefs who will use frozen, canned, or prepackaged food. This will, inevitably, frustrate Gordon, and usually paints the chef in a negative light.
  • Another from the Signature Dish challenge.
    You'd Expect: The chefs would take advantage of the 45 minutes they've been given as much as they can. After all, this is supposed to be "[them] on a plate."
    Instead: A handful of chefs have presented dishes that would, at most, take three minutes to make. This often results in them being considered The Ditz.
  • Gordon will often criticize chefs for something either during the challenges or service, often in his signature style.
    You'd Expect: The chefs to either take it as advice and/or simply nod and say "Yes chef!" Even if they don't care for taking the advice, they're talking to their potential future boss. They don't want to make him mad (well, madder than he already is).
    Instead: The chefs get into arguments with him, thinking they're in the right. Nevermind that they're talking to someone who's not only been cooking longer than some of them have been alive, but he's been rewarded for his skill and is often regarded as the best chef in the world.
  • On a related note...
    You'd Expect: The chefs would avoid arguing with the Sous Chefs as well. The only person in the kitchen that outranks them is Gordon himself, and he picked them to be his Sous Chefs for a reason.
    Instead: Some chefs argue with them, probably thinking they can get away with it since it isn't Gordon Ramsay. Guess who's going to inevitably learn about these moments?
  • Every episode, about half the chefs have to do a punishment, while the others (almost) always go on a reward.
    You'd Expect: That the chefs would just get it over with. If they don't want to do one part of the punishment, they could at least keep busy with another part of it (unless whoever is watching them tells them not to).
    Instead: Some of the chefs will attempt to sit out of the punishment entirely, even while the other chefs are working their butts off. Even if Gordon doesn't do anything about this, your team will inevitably begin to hate you for it and try to get you eliminated.
  • Sometimes a chef will cook too much of a dish on order (usually Risotto), meaning the unused portions will go to waste.
    You'd Expect: The chef would throw it out. As Christina noted during her run in Season 10, Gordon's standards are too high to reuse that food.
    Instead: Some chefs decided to use those old portions, often trying to pass them off as new portions. Bonus points if said portion was rejected for being over or undercooked, since that means you either reused old ingredients or screwed up the same dish in the same way.
  • Family services have been an annual occurrence at Hell's Kitchen since the fourth season, and Gordon's family is always in attendance for these services (Sous Chef James has had his family appear too). Cooking for them is a big deal.
    You'd Expect: The chef cooking for Gordon's family would make sure to get it right, and watch out for sabotages from other people such as the producers, who are eager to get them into trouble for this critical order.
    Instead: The chef proceeds to send up something unacceptable such as a cold cheeseburger or undercooked, pink chicken, which prompts a Papa Wolf attack on them from Ramsay.

     Season 1 
  • On Episode 6, the blue team was punished by having a keycode lock on their storeroom, which had to be used in order to get their ingredients.
    You'd Expect: With the keycode in hand, they at least have one person on hand remember the code.
    Instead: Andrew decided to use tape to cheat out of it, only for Sous Chef Scott to catch him doing it, and get seriously reamed out.

     Season 2 
  • On Episode 6, the red team was seriously struggling on their own menu items, and Ramsay, having already ordered their rack of lamb removed from the menu after Sara couldn't cook it, suggested that they take one of their salmon entrees and turn it into a simpler dish.
    You'd Expect: Sara to just do what Ramsay was suggesting. She's on thin enough ice as it is after the lamb debacle, and at least this way Sara will be able to blame Maribel, who is on the fish station, for not being able to cook the dish as originally designed.
    Instead: She snarks that changing the dish would be inconsistent — even though they haven't managed to send one out yet — and gets a hell of a tongue-lashing from Ramsay. Probably the only reason she doesn't get eliminated that episode is because Maribel had been so consistently weak throughout the season.

  • On episode 9, Keith was eliminated, as Gordon didn't feel he had the right attitude or leadership qualities, even though Virginia, the other one on the chopping block, had weaker skills.
    You'd Expect: He would take the compliment of Ramsay's saying he had potential and talent but wasn't ready yet to run his own kitchen.
    Instead: First, he ARGUES with Ramsay, asking if he is really saying Virginia is a better leader, and then tells him he thinks Ramsay has a hard-on for her. This outburst only serves as confirmation that Ramsay made the right decision after all.

     Season 3 
  • In Episode 3, both Joanna and Jen are up for nomination for poor performances, and for improper use of food (Joanna was caught trying to serve rotten crab while Jen almost served pasta she threw into the trash by accident).
    You'd Expect: They both admit to their mistakes.
    Instead: Jen does, but Joanna doesn't, trying to paint the former in a bad light for the trashed pasta incident. However, Ramsay, not being an idiot, calls Joanna out for the rotten crab incident and not taking responsibility.
    As a Result: Joanna is eliminated.

  • In Episode 8, the first black jacket service took place, but Ramsay caught Josh cooking risotto not on order.
    You'd Expect: Josh not do that again. After all, this is the part of the competition where the contestants are judged more, and that they have never cooked food that has not been ordered before in the past. Plus, he has not had a good service all season, so this was not the night to fuck up.
    Instead: He continues to cook food not on order, this time involving spaghetti, frustrating Ramsay even more.
    As a Result: When an undercooked risotto was sent back, Ramsay finally had enough, and eliminated Josh while service was going on.

     Season 4 
  • Episode 2 saw Corey named the Best of the Worst, which means she gets to nominate two of her teammates to be put up for elimination.
    You'd Expect: Corey to nominate Sharon right off the bat, considering her disastrous performance on the meat station. For the second nominee, she had a choice between Roseann, who was disorganized and slow in her role as the service's assistant maître d, and Christina, who Ramsay said had "given up" before shutting down the service.
    Instead: Corey "strategically" nominates Christina, but for being "condescending" rather than the fact that Ramsay felt she didn't give it her all. Her second nominee? She "personally" nominates Jen. The only reason being that she finds Jen annoying and wants her out.
    As a Result: Ramsay ignores the nominations altogether and eliminates Sharon, who Corey didn't pick. At the beginning of episode 3, Jen and Christina were angry over Corey being strategic and personal with the nominations. Even the Blue team, who had some amusement over the resulting drama, felt Corey was playing a dangerous game, with Petrozza thinking that she was acting on "evil tendencies".

  • On episode 4, Ben saw that his team reached a good 6 tickets left to go in the fourth episode's Family Night service.
    You'd Expect: Ben to keep his mouth shut and get back to work.
    Instead: He does a high-five and congratulates his team on their work, which Ramsay overheard. Cue Mood Whiplash when Ramsay mocks him and tells him the women's team has only two tickets to their six. The ladies had to be brought in to help.
    As a Result: Ben never left Ramsay's crosshairs for the remainder of his time on the show, being given extra individual punishments when his team lost challenges, and getting bullseyed by the chef three episodes later.

  • In the same episode, after the women are sent into the men's kitchen to help finish their service, Craig still has a few pasta dishes to serve. Shayna goes over to help him.
    You'd Expect: Craig to accept Shayna's help in getting his remaining dishes out, seeing how the men have clearly lost the service, and he needs to give Ramsay as little reason as possible to eliminate him, especially seeing how he only avoided nomination the previous week due to Jason nearly quitting and then crashing and burning on the dessert station.
    Instead: Not only does Craig refuse to accept any help from Shayna, even when his own team-mates are telling him that he should, but when Ramsay asks how much time is remaining for his final order of pasta, Craig yells and swears at Ramsay before throwing an empty pan to one side in a moment of anger. This gets him eliminated over Ben (nominated for the reasons described in his own entry) and Matt (who served raw chicken and overcooked hamburgers, and was the main reason for the men's loss).

     Season 5 
  • The third episode had a double steakhouse dinner service. The blue team won the challenge earlier, and got the choice of cooking first or second; they cooked first, and as the service began, Ramsay told Ben "Desserts, pick up".
    You'd Expect: For Ben to interpret that this means keep the station manned, and of course, keep in mind that the desserts come much later, if the blue team can get to them. If confused, ask. You may get yelled at, but it doesn't hurt that much.
    Instead: Ben interpreted this as "give Ramsay the desserts", and made a few and brought them up to the pass right away, before Charlie on apps can even complete an order. Ramsay was very unimpressed with him doing this, and harshly made fun of him for his sitcom-style mistake. Seth, the resident Butt-Monkey and weakest chef that season, even admitted that while he did stupid stuff, Ben's maneuver was embarrassing. For extra points, the team never even reached desserts due to having a disaster on the grill, and they went on to lose the night.

  • As part of the aforementioned grill disaster, a combination of Giovanni's screwing up several orders and then Lacey forgetting to hand in a ticket until late in the service causes them to run out of prepared filet mignon. Ramsay orders Seth to prepare some more filets, but Seth is forced to solicit Charlie's advice due to never having done this before.
    You'd Expect: Seth to do exactly what Charlie shows him to, namely cut all the bits of fat off the tenderloin while keeping as much meat as possible, considering it's the most expensive cut of beef out there.
    Instead: He cuts nearly half of the meat off the tenderloin, going way beyond the realms of what could reasonably be chalked down to just poor knife skills. When Ramsay finds out, he's unsurprisingly furious and throws the wasted chunks right at Seth for good measure; as the icing on the cake, Seth proves he Does Not Understand Sarcasm when Ramsay sarcastically congratulates him on "butchering" the tenderloin, and he takes it as a compliment. Only Charlie's performing poorly as both a cook and a waiter in the second half of the service (the latter of which Seth at least did somewhat competently) saves Seth from elimination that week.

  • On episode 9, Carol's gratin dauphinoise potatoes were very raw and hard due to her not cooking them fully before service began (that alone was a stupid mistake), and said that it could take another ten minutes to get them cooked properly.
    You'd Expect: Carol to drop the potato dish and make another one on the fly.
    Instead: She tried pouring cream on them in an vain attempt to save them, only for Ramsay to catch her in the act, and dump them in the trash. She then freezes up completely when Ramsay asks what she intends to do to salvage the situation, forcing Giovanni to come up with a replacement side to get the team unstuck.
    As a Result: Although the red team won service, Carol became the first person to be eliminated from the winning team as Ramsay felt that she had given up.

     Season 6 
  • In the first episode, Ramsay commented that Melinda's spaghetti looked undercooked, which prompted her to throw the whole batch in the trash instead of just cooking it for a bit longer. This is a big enough What an Idiot! moment in of itself, but then Ramsay leafed through the trash and found a huge amount of spaghetti that she had wasted over the course of the night.
    You'd Expect: Melinda to admit fault on throwing away the undercooked spaghetti, but point out that the reason why she had to ditch most of the other spaghetti was because Tek kept ruining the scallops, which required the entire dish to be recooked. Additionally, she wasn't even the person who wasted most of the spaghetti; that was Lovely, who had abandoned her station for a snack break five minutes beforehand.
    Instead: She spends the next five minutes with a deer-in-the-headlights expression on her face and acts as if she's totally unaware of the fact that Ramsay is yelling at her and trying to extract an explanation.
    As a Result: This proved fatal as, despite Amanda and Lovely making far worse mistakes in the service, Ramsay eliminated Melinda that night for her spaced-outness and the amount of spaghetti she supposedly wasted. Ramsay's parting shot: "Melinda was completely lost in space, so I sent her back to whatever planet she came from."

  • In episode 2, Ramsay asked Joseph who the blue team's nominees were.
    You'd Expect: He, like every other chef before and after him, would call out the nominees properly.
    Instead: For some reason, he decided to say that the two nominees (Tony and Andy) could speak for themselves, which led to Ramsay calling him a smartass.
    Then You'd Expect: After Ramsay asked him again, that he do it properly.
    Instead: He calls out Tony and Andy's names, but without proper reasons, making Ramsay even more frustrated, and Joseph gets angry as a result. After a shouting match, the chefs remind him to show some respect and calm down.
    It's By That Point You'd Expect: Joseph to calm down, and apologize.
    Instead: He refuses to, gets even angrier, and even threatens to beat up Ramsay.
    As a Result: Ramsay finally had enough of his poor attitude, and ordered him to leave.
    As a Final Point: Joseph said during his Elimination Statement that anyone would be proud to hire him... immediately after he blew up on national television, displaying a horrendous temper and an inability to follow instructions. (Oh, and threatened to beat up his boss, something sure to go over great in interviews.) Ramsay even commented, "What an idiot."
  • In episode 5, the challenge was to create a tasting menu for an upcoming Welcome Home Party, and Robert and Suzanne are chosen to listen in on the wife's suggestions on the menu.
    You'd Expect: They take the knowledge in as this menu is for the husband's likes, and not their own likes.
    Instead: While Robert does just that, Suzanne does not, deciding to make dishes she knew, and forced her team to make them, even ignoring Tennille's suggestion on a jambalaya sauce.
    As a Result: The red team missed all the cues that the wife wanted (such as soul food, grilled lobster, etc), and lost the challenge 1-2.

  • In service that night, Tek is on the grill station.
    You'd Expect: She would realize that the grill only adds sear marks, and she would still have to put the meat in the oven to cook.
    Instead: She treats it like a grill back home, believing it would cook the meat.
    The Result: Her meat ends up blue raw and burnt to a crisp at the same time. Even worse, Tennille and Ariel both warned Tek about how the grill there really works, but she blew both of them off. She ends up getting eliminated that night.

     Season 7 
  • The second team challenge involves the chefs being split into pairs, and then cooking eggs in four different ways. Due to the red team being a member down after Stacey's elimination following the first service, Ramsay orders Siobhan to work by herself. As soon as they enter the kitchen, however, Autumn tells Siobhan to ignore Ramsay's instructions and work as a trio with her and Fran.
    You'd Expect: Siobhan to reject Autumn's suggestion and work alone. Even in just the first service, the cooks have all seen first-hand how angry Ramsay gets when you screw up accidentally, so deliberately flouting his orders likely isn't going to end well.
    Instead: She goes along the suggestion, and she, Autumn and Fran cook eight eggs between them. Ramsay naturally ends up finding out about this and disqualifies most of their eggs, causing them to lose the challenge. On top of that, Autumn's unapologetic attitude about the whole thing, combined with her holding up the team by over-salting their pasta-boiling water at the start of the next service, firmly cements her as The Friend Nobody Likes among the red team.

  • In the fifth episode, the teams have a challenge involving cooking pork dishes with a certain side. Due to a poor performance in the first half of the challenge, the team ends up with a slightly awkward selection of ingredients including pork tenderloin, ham hock, blood sausage, apples, sweet potato and prunes. The team quickly agrees on pairing the tenderloin and apples, but are unsure of how to pair the remaining four.
    You'd Expect: The ham hock and prunes to be paired together (possibly in a salad or something similar) due to their similar natural sweetness, and the blood sausage with the sweet potatoes, which will take the edge off the sausage's taste. Failing that, the team could at least produce something that doesn't break the rules of the challenge.
    Instead: Scott browbeats the rest of the team into producing a blood sausage and prune purée dish, along with a sweet potato soup garnished with some ham hock. The former dish ends up tasting so bad that it nearly makes Ramsay throw up, and the latter violates the challenge rules since the sweet potato is meant to be a garnish to the ham hock, not the other way around. Unsurprisingly, the team loses.

  • Later that episode the red team also loses the service, and Fran is named the Best of the Worst, giving her the task of picking which two chefs should face elimination that week. It looks as if she'll have an easy choice to pick Maria and Scott, who screwed up badly in this and previous services, but Scott corners her in the dorms and tells her that chances are Ramsay will eliminate both him and Maria if they're nominated, which will leave the team down two members.
    You'd Expect: Fran to realize that Scott is just trying to save his own neck, and tell him to fuck off, keeping in mind that Ramsay had never eliminated two chefs on the same night after nomination before (the first time this would occur outside of the "running the pass" service is during Season 11).
    Alternatively: If Fran was worried about a double elimination occurring she could have nominated Siobhan rather than Scott, as she had screwed up badly enough to justify being nominated, yet had done sufficiently better than Maria that she likely wouldn't be eliminated.
    Or Better Yet: Fran would remember that Ramsay can and will ignore the nominations and eliminate whoever he feels deserves it — something she can't claim Genre Blindness towards, seeing how three episodes earlier she saw Mikey get eliminated despite his name not having been mentioned once during the process — so not nominating Scott won't guarantee his safety.
    Instead: Fran nominates Maria... and Nilka, who had been the team's best performer in most of the prior services. This move not only makes her look like a gullible idiot and leads to Ramsay rejecting her nominations (calling up Scott and Maria anyway, the latter of whom got the boot), but alienates Nilka and completely shatters the team's morale, leading to an even more lopsided defeat the following episode.
    As a Result: Scott is eliminated after this for his egotistical nature being nowhere near his inept cooking level as a result, something he didn't take well.

     Season 8 
  • For the signature dish challenge, Antonia cooks a Mardi Gras gumbo, a dish that she claims always gets a good reception whenever she serves it to family and friends.
    You'd Expect: Antonia to taste the dish as often as possible while cooking it. Not only does she want to make as good of an impression as possible on Chef Ramsay, but this is the first challenge of the season, and any dish can make the difference between winning or losing the challenge.
    Instead: She never once tastes it, with the result that she ends up becoming only the second contestant in the show's history (the first being Matt from Season 4) to serve up a signature dish bad enough to make Ramsay vomit. To add insult to injury, the challenge ends in a tie, and Ramsay decides to use the weakest dish as the tie-breaker; naturally, it ends up being Antonia's dish that causes the women to lose.

  • In episode 2, Vinny serves as an assistant maître d', while Raj is in charge of sides. Vinny does not have faith in Raj being able to handle his station.
    You'd Expect: Vinny to just get on with his job. It's not like Gordon will yell at him if Raj screws up.
    Instead: He suggests to the customers that they don't order sides. One of the tables informs maître d' James of this advice, which leads James to drag Vinny with him to the pass.
    As a Result: When Gordon finds out about the suggestion, he's furious, and removes Vinny from the service completely. Raj meanwhile takes Vinny's actions as a massive insult towards him, further exacerbating his inability to get on with the rest of the team. As the icing on the cake, Ramsay nominates Vinny for elimination after the blue team loses the service, with Vinny only avoiding going home due to Curtis' performance on the sushi station burying the team from the word go.

  • The following episode, Raj manages to use up the team's entire supply of Dover sole just serving the first few tables. Ramsay is understandably pissed off about this, and orders Raj to go out to the dining room to apologize to the affected diners and get substitute orders.
    You'd Expect: That Raj, who by his own admission doesn't cope well in a hot kitchen, would take the opportunity to have a quick breather in the cooler dining room. If nothing else, you'd certainly think that he'd just do what Ramsay tells him, considering how annoyed he already is.
    Instead: Raj protests that he doesn't want to go into the dining room because his clothes are dirty. Ramsay bluntly says that he doesn't care whether Raj is wearing clean clothes, dirty clothes or nothing but a thong, and tells him to get out of the kitchen.
    You'd Then Expect: Raj to finally take the hint and do what he's being told.
    Instead: He apparently decides that sous chef Scott will be more sympathetic, and tries protesting his case to him. Scott angrily (and loudly) sends Raj packing into the dining room, doubtlessly contributing to Raj's eventual elimination despite being on the winning team.

  • Despite Raj's misadventures on fish, the blue team manage to win the third service, leaving the red team with the task of selecting two nominees for elimination.
    You'd Expect: The red team to nominate Emily, as she's completely tanked in every service and challenge (apart from the signature dish challenge) so far, along with Melissa, who kept overcooking the dover sole and did poorly enough on garnishes to get kicked out of the previous episode's service.
    Instead: Nona, in an obvious attempt to shield Melissa from potential elimination, persuades the other women that they should nominate one person (namely Emily) based on service, and the other person based on the prep work before the service... namely Sabrina. Jillian points out that Ramsay isn't going to eliminate someone based on their performance in prep, but the other women stick by their choice, leading to a baffled Ramsay asking why they would nominate Sabrina when she had spent the service serving cocktails and never even set foot in the kitchen.
    The Result: Actually, not all that much, because as mentioned earlier, Raj got ejected despite the blue team's victory. However, her being nominated over the clearly more deserving Melissa hugely exacerbates Sabrina's existing inability to get on with the other women.

  • In episode 7, Hell's Kitchen decides to have a Family Night, with members of Gordon's family in attendance. Their order includes a risotto, which Vinny's in charge of preparing.
    You'd Expect: That, given how angry Gordon gets whenever the chefs try to serve substandard food to people not related to him, Vinny would make sure not to cock this order up.
    Instead: He tries to serve a risotto that was prepared a few minutes earlier. Cue Gordon going Papa Wolf on him.

  • The next episode, apparently learning nothing from Vinny's getting torn a new asshole, Nona gets the idea to try the same trick of passing off an old risotto as a new one. Though she does at least have the foresight to ask about it beforehand.
    You'd Expect: Nona to ask sous chef Andi. She might get annoyed at Nona for suggesting an obvious short-cut, but it'd still be far milder than how Ramsay would react.
    Instead: She asks Gail, who might be her closest ally in the competition, but is nonetheless a fellow competitor, and someone not used to working in Ramsay's kitchen. Gail tells Nona to go ahead and do it, leading to a predictable verbal savaging at the hands of Ramsay when he finds out, and as the kicker, Nona tries to blame Gail rather than taking responsibility. Fortunately, it proves only a mild blip in what otherwise turns out to be the best performance by any chef in that service.

     Season 9 
  • Episode 2 is a prime example of why you should never lie to Ramsay. During dinner service, Brendan decided to send up a sea bass he cooked ten minutes ago, but a suspicious Ramsay asked him if it was an old portion.
    You'd Expect: Brendan to admit it was, and while he would be berated for being lazy, he would be at least honest.
    Instead: He lies to Ramsay, claiming that he sent that portion to the trash, but was forced to admit his lie after Ramsay threatened to turn the entire kitchen on its head.
    As a Result: When the blue team loses, Brendan is nominated, and then eliminated for lying to Ramsay.

  • Episode 5's challenge has each chef cooking one of six proteins by either braising, steaming, or boiling. On the red team, Krupa and Gina argue about who gets to work with the guinea hen, eventually resulting in Krupa backing down and deciding to cook veal.
    You'd Expect: That Krupa would recognize what veal looks like — it's typically lighter in color than other cuts of beef, and often served on the bone, just like the very obvious side of veal that's been left out on the tray.
    Instead: She grabs two leftover filet mignon that Jennifer, who took that protein, left on the tray. Even when Elizabeth voices concern that no-one's using the veal, Krupa reassures her that the filet she's working on is actually veal.
    As a Result: Krupa goes into the final round of the challenge with the scores tied at 2-2, and her "veal" dish is deemed to be easily better than that of her blue team rival, Natalie... before Ramsay drops a bombshell by informing Krupa of her screw-up, meaning that instead of her dish winning the challenge for her team, it causes them to automatically lose for not using all six proteins.
    For Added Stupidity: Because the red team were a member up on the blue team, Carrie and Elizabeth both cooked shrimp dishes, and the team was told to drop whichever was the weakest. They immediately chose Elizabeth's without even bothering to taste Carrie's, and while it ended up being academic because of Krupa's screw-up, Ramsay disliked Elizabeth's dish, and said that Carrie's would have earned the red team another point. Had they sent up Carrie's dish, and had Krupa not confused her proteins, the red team would have won 4-2.

  • In Episode 6, Hell's Kitchen hosted a High School reunion, and Ramsay called Paul and Elizabeth to his office to hear the party committee's wants for the menu.
    You'd Expect: The two chefs would listen very carefully to the committee's preferences with the main theme.
    Instead: While Paul does that and tells the blue team what to do, Elizabeth, for some reason, ignores the committee's preferences. She tells the red team to do Asian inspired dishes instead of the Hawaiian dishes that was requested, and told Elise to cook bacon wrapped scallops even after one committee member said she was a pescatarian.
    As a Result: The blue team crushes the red team 3-0, and the red team end up pissed at Elizabeth.

     Season 10 
  • In episode 6, the chefs are preparing to serve for a fashion show. Ramsay tells them to wait for the first part of the show to finish before cooking anything.
    You'd Expect: They would wait for the signal before cooking anything. Failing that, at least remember that they cook food to order and wait for the first ticket to be called.
    Instead: Chef Clemenza, for some reason, decided to cook scallops before they were even open, meaning they didn't have any patrons or tickets yet, wasting four portions. Unsurprisingly, he got chewed out for that.

     Season 11 
  • During the first service, Sebastian, after messing up two risottos, started trying to be loose by saying people's names funny. The first one, Mikey Wikey, went undetected, but the second one, Zacky Wacky, got Ramsay's attention. Ramsay laid into him, then ejected him from the service.
    You'd Expect: Sebastian to head straight upstairs, and sit and wait for elimination, since events in the kitchen were now out of his control for that service.
    Instead: After leaving the kitchen, he turns around and comes right back in. Ramsay yells at him to get out a second time.
    To Make Matters Worse: After Michael and Barrett mess up their meat, Sebastian returns for the third time, disgusting Gordon, who calls him up front. After ordering Michael and Barrett out of the kitchen, he informs Sebastian that if he reenters the kitchen a fourth time, he'll kick him out of the competition, and eject him through the front door (meaning a walk of shame through the dining room) at that.
    As a Result: Sebastian stays upstairs this time until the after service meeting, but he was eliminated for this anyway, with Ramsay feeling he wasn't taking the competition seriously.

  • In Episode 5, Hell's Kitchen hosted a breakfast service with scrambled eggs, but this service is also an elimination challenge. Prior to the service, the teams are shown sample dishes that Gordon cooked beforehand to study.
    You'd Expect: For the chefs to leave them alone once they've got the idea down, and if they need a mid-service refresher, not to confuse the samples, which would now be cold, from the ones they're cooking.
    Instead: In the blue team, Jeremy took one of the samples to the back, and inadvertently serves it to the pass without noticing it was the older dish from earlier. Ramsay did notice, and calls the entire team up, rips into Jeremy and Dan for being "disgusting pigs" for attempting to serve one of the samples, which now could make someone sick, and forces the team to redo that specific order. Jon notes Jeremy as an idiot for this, but the blue team was able to win anyway.
    As a Result: At elimination, they get rewarded... with Jeremy getting ejected from their team, something that's only happened a few times before (such as with Season 5's Carol and Season 8's Raj), and Ramsay called it a reward for them.

  • Later on, Hell's Kitchen hosted a quinceañera, and the birthday girl specifically said she didn't like overly spicy food.
    You'd expect: The chefs would listen to her and cook something with, at most, a little spice for some kick.
    Instead: Barret reasoned "Hispanic people like spice!" and made something which tasted of hot sauce and nothing else.
    As a Result: Cyndi from the Red Team easily scored a point in the hot appetizer round and when Michael’s steak turned out to be raw, the Blue Team loses another challenge.

     Season 12 
  • In the signature dish challenge, Mike reveals he used packaged tortellini and canned tomatoes, causing an angry Chef Ramsay to throw it away without eating any, and he fails to earn a point. As mentioned in the General Idiocy tab, this already counts as a move worthy of being listed, but then...
    You'd Expect: Mike to accept that he made a mistake and move on.
    Instead: He says, "Fuck it; that's bullshit bro." Out in the open.
    The Result: Everyone, Chef Ramsay included, hears him, and he gets called out for this. This also goes hand-in-hand with the next one...
  • Later that same episode, the blue team goes on to lose the signature dish challenge and are tasked with carrying tables into the dining room as part of their punishment.
    You'd Expect: That Mike would carry tables with everyone else.
    Instead: He vacuums instead, which causes numerous of his teammates to try and get him to carry tables with them, only for him to go to the dorms and start eating an orange.
    The Result: The above two entries firmly cement Mike's status as The Friend Nobody Likes, which lasts until his elimination in the fourth episode.
  • In Episode 3's challenge, each team has to choose five dishes to present to Chef Ramsay, dropping the other four in the process. Mike requests his boulangerie go up.
    You'd Expect: That the rest of the team taste his dish first, especially since he's proven to be one of the weakest chefs on their team so far.
    Instead: Scott and Jason agree to send it up without bothering to have them or anyone else eat it, angering frontrunner Anton, whose dish gets dropped in the process.
    The Result: Mike's boulangerie turns out to have so much rosemary Chef Ramsay can't taste anything else, and he gets the only 1 out of 5, causing the team to fall behind and ultimately lose.
  • In Episode 7, the chefs had to make gourmet pizza dishes, but Ramsay and guest judge Wolfgang Puck were only going to taste three of each, forcing both teams to drop a dish.
    You'd Expect: The red team to immediately drop Joy and Jessica's skinny girl pizza (named because Joy dropped their initial pizza and they could only make a small one due to low ingredients) as that's not what Ramsay and Puck wanted.
    Instead: Melanie convinced them to drop Kashia and Bev's dish as it looked burnt on the bottom. Unfortunately, Joy and Jessica's dish was poorly received, and, in a form of irony, Melanie and Sandra's dish suffered the same fate.
    As a Result: The red team lost the challenge 12-15, and...
    To Make Things Worse: Out of curiosity, Ramsay tasted Kashia and Bev's dish, and said it would have scored a 7 if used, meaning the red team could have won had they used their dish in the first place.

  • A rather big and shocking moment occurred in Episode 18. During the second black jackets service, Joy made the rare mistake of walking fish up before Jason and Rochelle were ready on their garnish and meat respectively. When it happened again, Ramsay pulled her aside to try and explain that he wanted garnish first before fish.
    You'd Expect: Joy to listen to Ramsay. After all, she's been consistent for a good majority of the seasons, and this is only a minor mistake.
    Instead: She doesn't, instead she gives Ramsay attitude by talking back and walking back to her station mid conversation, leading Ramsay to tell her not to take her poor attitude out on the food.
    As a Result: Joy Rage Quits the competition, much to everybody's shock, and leaves the kitchen.
    What's Worse: When she finally calms down, Joy is remorseful of her actions, but feels it's too late for her to make amends to Ramsay after everything that happened.

     Season 13 
  • In the second service, Janai is one of the nominees for struggling all night.
    You'd Expect: She'd give it her all when explaining to Chef Ramsay. She was one of the worst performers that night, so she needs to prove why Chef Ramsay should spare her.
    Instead: After admitting to overcooking a risotto, she says, "That's all it was." Never mind the fact it was two risottos she overcooked, plus a third that was too soupy.
    The Result: A bewildered Chef Ramsay eliminates her.
  • The beginning of Episode 3 saw that Denine was unhappy about being nominated.
    You'd Expect: Denine to spend time with her team, at least for encouragement and to discuss how to do better in future services.
    Instead: She heads straight upstairs and concentrates more on looking out for herself.
    As a Result: This didn't go unnoticed by the red team, which follows into the rest of the episode.
  • Also from Episode 3, the red team lost the challenge and Denine is annoyed about the loss.
    You'd Expect: Denine to just get on with the punishment and simply see to it that it's done.
    Instead: Denine spends her time aimlessly wandering around the kitchen, refusing to help because she scored a point in the challenge and thus believes that she shouldn’t take part if she didn’t cause the Red Team to lose.
    As a Result: The red team get annoyed by Denine's lack of participation which carries over to service. Kalen refuses to let Denine help her, and they use that to get her eliminated.

  • On Episode 8, Hell's Kitchen hosted a Dog Show that season, and had a challenge to create a sample dish for the guests.
    You'd Expect: That they all know that they were cooking for the guests watching the dog show.
    Instead: Sade, for some reason, though they were cooking for the dogs, and made dog food as a result. And it was only after the cooking time that she realized her mistake. Despite that, she lucked out only because the blue team had an extra person, and her dish was immediately taken off.
    You'd Also Expect: That the other members of the Blue Team notice Sade's error and correct her right away, especially since Sade states out loud that she was making dog food.
    Instead: Their lack of communication allows Sade to continue cooking food for the dogs, not the guests.

     Season 14 
  • On Episode 1, during the Signature Dish Challenge, it's revealed that Monique's dish contained pre-made sauce, which is one of the worst things you can possibly do in said challenge.
    You'd Expect: That she would realize that it was a mistake and apologize for not realizing that it was not what Ramsay was looking for.
    Instead: She argues that Ramsay should have said something before cooking her dish.
    As a Result: This attitude and argument leaves a bad impression with the red team, which follows well into Episode 5.
  • On Episode 3, Michael accidentally heated up a pan to the point of it being smoking hot.
    You'd Expect: Michael to let the team and Ramsay know that the pan was smoking hot. He might get scolded for it, but Ramsay will put it away safely so no one can get hurt.
    Instead: Michael has a bright idea of putting it on top of the colder pans under the fish station, where Bret and Josh were working.
    As a Result: Ramsay catches him in the act, and is understandably shocked at how dangerous Michael was for doing what he did. Had he not caught on, Bret or Josh could have suffered a third-degree burn. Michael was eliminated for this mistake.
  • On Episode 4, the red team was kicked out of service for a third time, and decided to put up Mieka and Monique (who were on the meat station) for elimination. T realizes that if Mieka goes up, she will likely be eliminated.
    You'd Expect: The team to stick with the nominations. If Mieka is eliminated, at least they have shown good judgment in regards to picking the correct nominees.
    Instead: T decides to be strategic with the nominations. They pick Sarah (who had a bad service in her own right) to go with Monique in an attempt to get rid of her.
    As a Result: While Ramsay starts by saving Sarah, he follows this by eliminating Mieka out of the blue. Monique even told Ramsay that they avoided picking Mieka in order to eliminate her. This further alienated her from the group. Adam summed up the moment very well.
"It was a good try, girls. You're never gonna get one past Chef Ramsay. If they want to play around and take their eye off the prize, it'll just make it easier for us to send another one of them home."
  • On Episode 5, Monique is spared once again at elimination, and Meghan decides to give her a chance with the team by being more open with them so they could function as a team.
    You'd Expect: That Monique will be open with her team, and try to rebuild any respect she lost during the first four episodes.
    Instead: She does not, and basically tells her teammates to go fuck themselves.
    As a Result: This causes the red team to deem her a lost cause, and when they lose the next dinner service, Monique is nominated and, soon after, eliminated.
  • On Episode 14, Nick and Milly come off of a terrible service. However, Meghan doesn't want to put Milly up for elimination.
    You'd Expect: Even if she didn't know coming into the competition that Gordon can eliminate whoever he wants, she would remember the incident with Meika (noted above) and put up Milly if only because he's not safe anyway.
    Instead: She (and presumably T) puts up Michelle, who had a good service, for "not communicating well." This only pisses Gordon off enough that he brings Milly (and Nick) up anyway.

     Season 15 
  • In the first episode, the chefs must make their signature dishes. Kevin prepares a chicken Caesar piadina.
    You'd Expect: Him to have actually made a piadina. They essentially look like a flatbread/taco hybrid.
    Instead: He puts a chicken Caesar salad on top of a pizza.
    The Result: Right away, he's looking at no more than a 2, as Chef Ramsay notes a salad shouldn't be on top of a pizza, and also finds the dough unevenly cooked.
    You'd Then Expect: Kevin would have used fresh ingredients.
    Instead: He admits that he used prepared dough and dressing, the latter of which after Ramsay already took a bite.
    The Result: Chef Ramsay threatens him with elimination and gives him a 1, presenting him as one of the absolute weakest contestants of the season.

  • On Episode 4, the red team are prepping up for service, and get a prep list started.
    You'd Expect: That the team leaves the list alone and use it only for reference.
    Instead: Jackie decided to be funny and rename it “The Fucking List”.
    As a Result: None of her teammates were impressed, leaving a bad image for Jackie that stayed until her elimination, and Sous Chef Christina gives her a massive tongue lashing.

  • In the fifth service, Alan already presented Chef Ramsay a risotto that was too runny. Alan's solution is to put shredded cheese in it.
    You'd Expect: He would put a tiny amount at most. It would be even better if he just forewent the cheese and cooked it a little longer.
    Instead: He puts no less than two handfuls in as Jared more or less recites the "You'd Expect" part in a confessional.
    The Result: His risotto is now too gooey, and he is forced to start over completely. This is one of the main reasons behind his elimination that night.

  • On Episode 10, the challenge involved breakfast dishes, and the red team had to pick either Ariel or Jackie's dish for judging.
    You'd Expect: That they pick Ariel's dish since she has been the strongest in challenges so far, especially since she's going up against Jared, one of the strongest chefs on the blue team.
    Instead: They decided to go for Jackie's dish based on a better presentation. Unfortunately for them, Jackie's dish tasted awful and she scored a low 3.
    As a Result: The red team lose the challenge 23-25.

     Season 16 
  • On Episode 3, the red team lost the service and have to nominate two people for elimination. While Gia was an obvious candidate due to her poor performance on meat and lying about a cut, they need a second person up.
    You'd Expect: They try to debate between either Kimberly or Jessica as the second due to both of them were the weakest chefs of the red team at the time.
    Instead: Jessica flat out admits defeat and wants to be nominated despite making only one mistake that night, while also announcing her intent to pack up just in case she goes home.
    You'd Also Expect: The red team to convince Jessica to fight back and not throw in the towel.
    Instead: None of them, minus Kimberly, does that, and the nominations are Gia and Jessica.
    As a Result: Jessica is eliminated for giving up over one mistake after Gia tells Ramsay what happened at the dorms, and Jessica is left beating herself up during her exit interview for self nominating herself.
  • On Episode 8, both teams are prepping for a dance competition service, but Shaina asks Johnny if he should be searing the sea bass during prep as the red team did before.
    You'd Expect: Johnny listen to Shaina and do so. After all, by this point, the blue team only won two services and were kicked out in all but three services that season so they really need the win.
    Instead: He arrogantly ignores Shaina and come dinner service, Johnny is frantically trying to sear fish off when entrees come around, leaving the blue team 10 tables behind the red team.
    As a Result: The blue team loses the service.
    Worse: At the elimination ceremony, he lies about it. What follows is a video replay of Johnny refusing to sear the bass, and Chef Ramsay eliminates Johnny without even bothering with the "My decision is..." part of the ceremony.
  • In episode 9, the blue team gets kicked out of service, and Koop is particularly angry over this.
    You'd Expect: He would try to keep himself contained as best as possible, and maybe unleash his anger when they discuss elimination, as Wendy would go on to say after Koop does the below.
    Instead: He throws a chair, breaking it, all while cussing a blue streak.
    The Result: Paulie, the other nominee besides Koop, reports this to Chef Ramsay, and Koop gets eliminated, as Chef Ramsay no longer feels he is the right fit for the job.

     Season 17 
  • On Episode 5, Josh, after a miserable night on garnish, gets kicked out of the red kitchen after being caught holding cold garnishes when the cooked protein was on the hot pass.
    You'd Expect: That he waits up at the dorms, and prays that the red team wins service (worst case is that he would be eliminated from the winning team).
    Instead: He decides to go back to the kitchen because "his body told him to".
    As a Result: Ramsay decides to eliminate Josh mid-service as he can not deal with him anymore.

     Season 18 
  • On Episode 3, Jen gets called by Ramsay after not cooking enough garnish for the current order.
    You'd Expect: That she says "Yes Chef", cooks more garnish, and wait til after service to voice her irritations.
    Instead: She argues with Ramsay mid-service and, long story short, ACCUSES HIM OF SABOTAGING HER.
    As a Result: She gets eliminated mid-service and is forced to walk out the front door. Much to the relief of the Blue Team.
  • On Episode 6, the challenge involved making potato dishes, but because the women had an extra person, they had to drop somebody to even the dishes 6-6.
    You'd Expect: They taste the dishes as it's one of the biggest points of considerations for these challenges.
    Instead: T pushed on presentation, and they sat out Kanae's dish for a clunky presentation. Unfortunately, both T and Gizzy had underwhelming dishes and scored 3 points.
    As a Result: The women lost to the men after a tie at 40 each. Oh, and Kanae's would have scored an 8 had it been used, meaning that there wouldn't have been a tie breaker in the first place.

     Season 19 
  • In episode 1, the women lose the challenge and must clean a fountain outside a restaurant. Specifically, the restaurant Sous Chef Christina is head chef at, and she is very angry about it.
    You'd Expect: The women would keep their heads down and do the punishment.
    Instead: Jordan, Mary Lou, and Fabiola start joking around.
    The Result: Christina calls all three of them front of a large crowd of citizens who had come by to see the women clean the fountain.
  • In episode 2, the men lose, and Drew and Elliot are nominated, the former for his meat failures, and the latter for literally standing there doing nothing. Chef Ramsay eventually asks them if they are better than each other, and Drew answers that he is better than Elliot.
    You'd Expect: For Elliot to do the same.
    Instead: He starts to go off-topic, annoying Chef Ramsay, who demands he answers the question.
    You'd Then Expect: He'd immediately say yes.
    Instead: He hesitates...then says no!
    The Result: Chef Ramsay immediately eliminates Elliot, saying he made it easy for him.

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