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     Multiple Seasons 
  • Pretty much every time Gordon decides to have a little fun by making a joke or pulling a prank at the expense of Jean-Philippe and his unflappable stuffiness.
    • Or the pranks he pulls on the chefs. One episode had them woken up by chickens, which they were to catch and bring down to the kitchen, then he took one as if to butcher it.
    Time to prepare these chickens. (brings cleaver up, then drops it next to the chook) Not these chickens, you doughnuts.
    • Another time was in Season 7, where Chef Scott woke them up to get changed, and the chefs think they're going to a slaughterhouse. They see a pig pen outside, think they're adorable, then see Chef Ramsay grimly sharpening a knife. Turns out they weren't to butcher the pigs, but chase them for ingredients attached to them.
    • For that matter, about half the insults he throws around are absolutely hilarious, as long as you aren't fond of the recipient. For someone who specializes in the Cluster F-Bomb, Ramsay's occasional use of "bozo" "donut" or "muppet" will crack you up.
    • Then there was that time in Season 6 (the vegetarian challenge for kids) that has Ramsay grab onto Jean Philippe and throw him around like a ragdoll...with poor Jean being the target of confetti and party poppers!
  • The blind taste test often evokes these. Expect some truly Epic Fail moments. Like confusing lobster with egg yolk.
    • Season 15's Frank takes the cake, at one point responding "snickers".
  • From Television Without Pity
    • "How do you make a burrito into "fine dining"? Microwave it while watching Downton Abbey, of course!"
    • Next, we get a suspiciously good close-up of Nilka cutting into some uncooked chicken. Gordon is angry. "Raw! Raw! Raw!" That’s the spirit! Rah, rah, rah!
  • On a few occasions, a customer will go up to the kitchen and ask Gordon some questions. While no malice is intended, the customer is interrupting kitchen operations and the customer gets a good telling off. In the funniest instance, a particularly persistent, not to mention particularly busty, female customer is verbally pwned. (Said guest ruined two dishes in revenge and had to be escorted out by security.)
  • Every time they've done the "Run the pass" challenge later in the season, Scott and Maryann/Gloria/Heather/Andi will make deliberate mistakes. Every time the contestant catches them, Scott's responses are an amusing case of Bad "Bad Acting".
    Holli: Scott, the scallops need to be cooked on the other side as well.
  • Every time Chef Ramsay does a "GET OUT!!" or "FUCK OFF!!" kicking a chef or the whole team out of the kitchen.
  • This video that was released during April Fools Day.
  • The theme song, Fire by the Ohio Players, is a love song. The way it's worded, though, it's not hard to hear it as Ramsay chewing out the 'chefs' in his kitchen for being so incompetent. It's just such a perfect turnaround from the original meaning, it's beautiful.

     Season 1 
  • In a late Season 1 episode, Elsie is doing tableside Caesar salad and a guest makes a trivial complaint (which his fellow guests call him out on). JP's response is particularly amusing.
  • Wendy's unclear on the finer points of chemistry. Gordon can't even recover from the shocking stupidity to yell at her, and can only muster a Flat "What" in response.
    Wendy: I thought cold water boiled faster than hot water, chef!
  • In the blind taste test, Jimmy is given Chicken. His guess makes the other chefs crack up and makes Gordon damn near Face Fault:
    Jimmy: It tasted like meat tortellini with a bit of sweated onions in the background.
    Ramsay: Jesus christ! (takes a moment to recover) That was chicken, you twat!
    • Ramsay nearly falls over again when Jessica (somehow) confuses scallops for liver. His shocked tone of voice when repeating Jessica's answer makes it seem like he's about to faint.
  • Michael presented one dish with the mushrooms carved out in the "HK" letters. Gordon soon asks if he had it tattooed on his ass.
  • "You cook like old people fuck!" That was from Michael, who was The Quiet One of the season, which came out of nowhere.
    • He then practices being assertive by reciting all of Ramsay's insults out loud. Ralph was really amused by this.
  • During the final service, Ralph told Dewberry that he was his rock of Gibraltar, but Dewberry said he rather be Brad Pitt's wife. That caused Ramsay and Sous Chef Scott to break down snickering.
    Ralph: He's got issues.
  • The second dinner service in Hell’s Kitchen history is called off after someone orders a pizza. You read that right - the chefs did so poorly that someone ordered a pizza for their table. And by the time it was delivered and fully eaten, their food still hadn't arrived.
  • This moment when both the chefs are discussing with the experts on how they want their side of the restaurant to look, and JP is obviously in charge of the front of house.
    Ralph: Men are men, and women are women, and there's no reason to dress them alike.
    Jean-Phillipe: No... do you want the ladies to wear, err... black panties?
    Ralph: [stunned Beat] Excuse me?

     Season 2 

     Season 3 
  • Jen's reaction to the "lame duck" incident in episode 5.
    Ramsay: What is that?
    Jen: That's a duck breast.
    • She wasn't lying. The duck breast was the only thing on the plate. And it was rubbery and overcooked at that.
    • There's also Chef Ramsay's reaction when the domes come off, and he just looks like he's trying not to explode.
    • Before the food was served, there's the soon-to-be-married couple's entrance into Hell's Kitchen. As they're walking in, Ramsay starts clapping for them...only to turn around and give an annoyed, "Clap, you idiots!" look to the contestants.
    • "Get. Out. My. Sight". As Russell Howard noted in Would I Lie to You?, Gordon was so cross that he forgot to say "of".
  • Rock and Bonnie have to clean the dorms, where Bonnie says she cannot clean despite being a nanny and needs to eat, drink, rest, etc. When Rock sarcastically asks if she needs anything else and she asks for a foot rub, Rock makes an absolutely hilarious bug eyed crazy face like he's about to snap clean in two, worse than when he scored his own bleep-o-fucking meter on having to sort through trash, this time it's clearly Played for Laughs.
  • The chefs getting assertiveness training. Bonnie in particular takes it Up to Eleven.
  • Bonnie's reaction to the covered up lobster tank, thinking it was a piano.
  • During one challenge, Rock asks for thyme. Ramsay misunderstands and tells him how much time is left.
  • In a deleted scene from the finale when Josh and Vinnie are on Rock's team, they make the mistake of asking Sous Chef Scott how long on the garnish. His reaction is priceless.
    Sous Chef Scott: Am I in charge of the garnish now because you two fucking dickheads can't handle it? Green beans are coming right up. How long on the garnish because you two douchebags can't handle it? "How long on the fucking garnish?" I love that.
  • Bonnie's cheese course dish in the signature dish challenge gave us this little exchange.
    Gordon: I think I'll start here, and work my way there.
    Bonnie: It actually goes the other way. (Cue a series of double takes)
    Gordon: Oh so I have to go here and work my way there? And that's gonna make a big difference in terms of what I'm eating?
    Bonnie: Yes, chef.

     Season 4 
  • Craig's first appearance on the Confession Cam wearing his Nice Hat. The camera has zoomed out to where his head is barely in the frame so you can see how freaking tall his hat is.
    • Ramsay asked if he had "Small Boy Syndrome" downstairs.
    • Then there's when Ramsay tells him to take it off; Craig looks positively bummed out and claims he "feels naked" without it.
  • Matt's Exotic Tartar, made with venison, caviar, diver scallops, capers, raw quail's egg, and white chocolate. Ramsay asked at first if he was being Punk'd. The fact that it made him throw up is just the icing on the cake.
    Ramsay: Do you smoke?
    Matt: Cigarettes??
    Ramsay: No.
  • Petrozza's dish, which was a cornish game hen stuffed in a pumpkin. The dish's name? "Hen in a Pumpkin."
    Narrator: With Rosann's dish receiving a good review from Chef Ramsay, things might be looking up.
    Ramsay: (Lifts up the tray cover) Oh, fuck me.
    Narrator: Or are they?
    Ramsay: What in the fuck...Happy Halloween?
    Ramsay: Right now, looking at that mess, I'd like to stick your fucking head in there, you know that.
    • Ramsay looks positively mortified as Petrozza prepares the dish for him. He is appropriately astonished when he finds how lacking in flavor it was.
  • During the Blue Team's disastrous first service, Chef Ramsay describes Louross as "running around like a toilet brush."
    Ramsay: All of you, come here! RUN, DOMINIC! YOU LAZY FUCKER!
  • In relation to the chicken episode in the General section, there's a shot of Bobby, the guy who calls himself the "Black Gordon Ramsay", stroking the chicken in his hands in nervousness, and one of Jason covering his chicken's eyes.
  • Episode 2: While serving as assistant maitre'd during service, Craig accidentally hit a customer in the head while moving a chair. Jean-Philippe's immediate reaction says it all.
  • Chef Ramsay's comment to Jason, after Jason said he ran his ass off trying to help his team.
    Ramsay: You move like a fucking tortoise giving birth.
  • Episode 4: Ramsay has been getting angry with Ben, for his constant excuses as well as early celebration with Bobby. After dinner service, Ramsay has some choice words for Ben. Craig's reaction most likely matched the audience's.
    Ramsay: Ben, what you've done and your ambitions, you do, seriously, suprise me.
    Ramsay: You surprise me to how shit you are.
    Ben: (Looks down, embarrassed) Oh...thank you...
    • The moment right before elimination:
    Ben: I'm just gonna keep giving you 100%, Chef. Every day.
    Matt: And I'll give you 125%, Chef.
    Ramsay: [Looks at Craig, expectantly]
    Ramsay: [Slaps his leg in frustration]
    Craig: ...But just, over that.
    • Finally, Chef Ramsay's parting words for Craig.
    Craig: Thank you, Chef.
    Ramsay: Thank you. ...Yes, thank you, for giving me a fucking headache.
  • During one of the punishments, the losing team had to dress up in white jumpsuits. Louross decided to have a little fun with his by hiking it up so his head couldn't be seen and running around as though he was a ghost.
  • Jason was unable to keep his soufflés from sticking to the cups, and mentioned to Ramsay that he was going to try brushing sugar and cocoa around the rim to prevent this (for those of you that don't know, this is the first thing you're supposed to do when cooking a soufflé). After hearing this, Gordon stood there slack-jawed for a few seconds before going to the counter in between the kitchens...and bashing his forehead against it repeatedly.
    • Episodes later, Louross is tanking hard on the meat station and his beef wellington isn't going up to pass. Petrozza gets a crazy idea: slice a sliver off to reveal that the meat's cooked well. Louross is cursing and stating that it wouldn't work. Cue Scott stating it was good.
    Louross: (in confession cam) Oh my god! That was the most ghettoist thing that's ever happen in this kitchen!
  • During one of the punishments, Jean-Philippe is trying to get a smile out of Jen, which doesn't work. So later on, he brings in a live crab and starts teasing Jen with it.
  • Ramsay's elimination quote to Matt was set up like a limerick:
    There once was a boy named Matt
    Whose kitchen performance fell flat
    He was far from neat, miserable on meat
    So I kicked him out, and that's that
  • In season 4, the assertiveness training that the last 3 contestants got. In preparation for getting a chance to run the kitchen, Gordon teaches each of the contestants how to be more aggressive. Seeing Gordon encouraging them to scream at him and cuss him out is priceless.
  • When a fire starts in the kitchen, two girls on the Red Team try blowing on it.

     Season 5 
  • Danny's signature dish was a grilled banana. Gordon calls him bananas, and we get this:
    Ramsay: "Where did this idea come from?"
    Danny: "I pulled it out of my ass, chef."
  • Robert was single-handedly keeping the appetizers flowing during Lacey's ultimately fatal meltdown on the meat station, and got going so fast that he ended up busting open the seat of his pants. Even if you consider that type of thing to be puerile, Robert's nonchalant reaction to the situation in both the kitchen and the Confession Cam inserts was brilliantly funny. (RIIIIIIIIP!)
    "I'll cook in my boxer shorts. I don't give a shit."
    • Honestly, Robert may very well be the funniest contestant the show has ever had:
    (To Lacey): "Dude, I swear to God, if you win this, I will hang up my coat and become a crack whore dude."
    (Upon hearing Ben's idea to put poached halibut on the menu): "I can just imagine a group of old fuddie-duddies sitting around in the dining room going [in a faux-sophisticated tone] 'I'll have the poached halibut, with extra poached please'."
    (Finding out he has to make a dish of only 700 calories): "I take 700 calorie BITES."
    (In an increasingly high-pitched voice): "Can't take da heat, get out da kit-CHEEEEEEEEN!"
  • During the blind taste test challenge, Robert and Giovanni went up against each other. Neither got a single point. One particular moment comes from their confession cam reaction to the pea tendrils.
    Giovanni: Pea tenders? What are those?
    Robert: Dude... does it look like I eat fucking pea tendrils?
    • The Blue Team was confident that Robert would guess black truffle correctly, as they were his favorite. Ramsay was bemused by this, and without skipping a beat, asks Robert what he just tasted.
    Robert: Tasted like shit, whatever it was!
    • At the beginning of the challenge, Ben and Andrea were asked to put on blindfolds and headphones. Andrea starts dancing to the music, and Ramsay tests out the headphones by calling Ben a "fat fuck" which Ben doesn't react at all.
  • During the elimination sequence in Episode 7, after Gordon asks who he thinks from the Blue Team (who lost the dinner service that night) should go home, Robert explains that he wants Lacey gone and Lacey explains that she wants Robert gone, leading to this quote from Gordon:
    Gordon: Why do you want to get rid of each other? Is there love in the air? (cut to a few of the contestants trying and failing to hold back a laugh)
    • Neither of them were eliminated, since J had already gotten eliminated during dinner service due to his constant screw-ups.
  • Episode 9 was particularly funny. During one of the challenges, Paula (a normally rational contestant) was looking for a piece of kitchen equipment and she asked Chef Ramsay if he could find a chinois for them. Predictably, he told her to fuck herself and asked her if she wanted a latte as well.
    • In that same episode, Chef Ramsay calls Ben a "shellfish bastard" when he found that Ben was hiding a bottle of alcohol.
    • Later that episode, Ramsay really gives it to Ben over his mishaps on the garnish station:
    Chef Ramsay: You're clumsy!
    Ben: Yes, chef!
    Chef Ramsay: You salted it!
    Ben: Yes, chef!
    Chef Ramsay: You over-seasoned it!
    Ben: Yes I did, chef!
    Chef Ramsay: You over-reduced it!
    Ben: Yes, chef!
    Ben: [in confessional] I'm a soldier, that's why I say "yes, chef"!
    Chef Ramsay: Hey, clumsy fuck.
    Ben: Yes, chef!
  • Paula's nomination in Episode 11, even though she had a flawless performance that night (and most of the past ones for that matter). Andrea had by far the worst performance that night, but won an immunity card from the recent challenge, leaving options very limited. When Andrea told Chef Ramsay Paula, he was taken aback (while Paula actually chuckled) and asked why. She justified it with "lack of communication," which was blatantly false. He noted to himself that this should be quick. He asked Paula why she should stay. She started explaining how she felt like she had been a solid performer throughout the competition. Chef Ramsay cuts her off in the middle of her first sentence and tells her to get back in line. He wasn't kidding about it being quick.
  • Episode 13. After a good dinner service, the cooks had a little fun with Chef Ramsay.
    Chef Ramsay: Look closely. Do you notice anything different?
    Paula: Your hair?
    Chef Ramsay: My hair? No, not my fucking hair.
    Andrea: You have a spot on your jacket?
    Chef Ramsay: (looks down at his jacket first) No! What's different?
    Andrea: You're smiling!
    Chef Ramsay: Exactly!
  • The finale, when Chef Ramsay "announced" the winner. (Warning, spoiler alert)
    Chef Ramsay: The winner... of Hell's Kitchen...lives in Florida.
    (Cut to Paula's mouth dropping)
    Paula: (Confession Cam) Oh my God. That's me! I live in Florida!
    (Then she frowned as she had an "oh wait" moment)
    Paula: (Confession Cam) Wait a second...Danny lives in Florida too.
  • An early episode had a scene in which Chef Ramsay scolded Seth for his ineptitude in cutting beef, telling everyone to "Look at the fucking waste!" During this scene, there's a quick shot of Ben's reaction, which can best be described as, "D8". Ramsay then gets so livid he just throws the entire waste at Seth.
    • From that same scene, Gio's reaction when he saw what happened:
    Giovanni: (Confession Cam) He molested that poor thing! People have gone to jail for worse, but it looked like he went at it with a jackhammer.
    • Before Ramsay showed the blue team just how much Seth butchered the filet, the latter tried to hide it away from Chef Ramsay.

     Season 6 
  • From the premiere during the signature dish challenge:
    • Amanda comes in with her dish, before rushing back with two glasses of tequila for herself and Ramsay, clearly plastered out of her mind. Before she even lifts the dome off, she announces that her dish is french toast topped with tequila. She then downs her glass right in front of Ramsay, who just stares at her completely dumbfounded. And then he finally sees the dish, with Amanda smiling cluelessly through the entire thing.
    "I thought you were joking. (...) What the fuck were you doing for forty-two minutes? Because that literally takes three minutes. Shocking!"
    • Then we have Melinda, who struts in boasting almost sensuously of her lobster tail dish, complete with a hair flip for Gordon's pleasure as she grins flirtatiously at his direction. And then the dome comes off to reveal no lobster tail.
    "Where's the lobster tail? Where's the fucking tail?! Absolutely fucking pathetic!"
    • It becomes all the more hilarious in the first service after Melinda is caught wasting a truckload of pasta capellini, the entire time staring with a "deer in the headlights" look as Ramsay chews her out.
    • Louie claims his dish, sausage gravy over biscuits, is sold by five gallons every week, causing Chef Ramsay to ask if he serves it to pigs.
  • Jim also deserves some mention.
    Chef Ramsay: Jim, do me a favor.
    Jim (confession): I'm not intimidated by anybody.
    Chef Ramsay: Take your coat off.
    Jim: (immediately) Ok. (takes coat off)
    Jim (confession): [Beat] Alright, I'm a little intimidated by Chef Ramsay.
    • Some of the one-liners in his confession cam segments also count. Especially his description of Jean-Phillipe coming in on a boat with a "sock stuffed down his pants."
  • Twice in the premiere where Chef Ramsay suffers a Heroic BSoD, once over pasta (Melinda had discarded it since it was undercooked) and once over lamb chops, (which were chopped too thin, thanks to Louie) and he begins to lose his voice because he's so worked up.
    "Look. At. This! Look! LOOK! LOOK! What the fuck is this?!"
    • When Louie first sends the lamb to the pass, Ramsay finds a lamb chop that looked like he bit in. When Ramsay calls him out on this, Louie instinctively licks his lips.
    • The fact that Louie is the only chef to get eliminated before the first service even ended. A mid-service elimination is usually a shocking turn of events but when it happens this early in the competition, it's downright laughable. His undignified exit makes it all the more hilarious.
      Gordon: Hey! Get upstairs, get your bags packed-
      Louie: Can I help? Can I help in the kitchen?
      Gordon: Yeah, you can help me! GET OUT!!
      Louie: (Confession Cam) You want me out? You want me to pack my fucking bags? I'm out. My bags are packed. HE CAN KISS! MY! FUCKIN'! ASS!
  • After Joseph's meltdown, culminating in him attempting to challenge Gordon to a fight he storms out of the dining room... and trips over the landing where the bar is situated. Ramsay, not missing a beat, says "Watch the step."
    • Uncensored version
    • “I’m not no bitch!” Becoming a Memetic Mutation, but especially Gordon’s first reaction with a Flat "What", which isn’t even an angry one, and more in a tone of “Are you listening to yourself?!”
  • In the episode that followed the start of Joseph's meltdown, Ramsay opted not to eliminate either of the nominees (Lovely and Tennille) due to Joseph removing himself and Tony having been eliminated earlier on. Ramsay had one more thing to say before dismissing everyone: "I'm nobody's bitch", while mimicking Joseph's accent. This got a laugh out of all of the contestants, and was likely a much-needed bit of whiplash for them after the past couple days of drama.
    • Ramsay did it again in the outtakes (shown while the credits were rolling during the finale). In the same way as Joseph, he tells both Kevin and Dave "You are nobody's bitch", making them crack up once more.
  • In one episode, part of the blue team's punishment was to drink a blended-up mixture of various fine dining meals, resulting in this quote, which Dave's deadpan tone made hilarious:
    You're not supposed to drink duck.
  • Tennille thinking venison was lamb for one of her dishes. Ramsay instantly knew it wasn't a lamb.
    Sabrina: They kept calling it lamb, there is no lamb that's purple.
  • Sabrina saying to the Confession Cam "Guys, you got nothing on Tom Cruise or Val Kilmer. You guys are dorks," with a lungful of helium.
  • It can be safely said that Season 6 would be the most hilarious season, with a bicycle punishment and a video that pretty much vouches for at least one third of the season's hilarity.
  • The sausage-making challenge. Oh my God, the Double Entendre puns just went flying, including such lines as "Gentlemen, clearly comfortable with your meat." (To put this into context, several of the men had hand-made sausages before, while the women were a little more nervous.)
  • Although a lot of people found Tenille annoying, they have to admit that she had some funny one-liners. Like her reaction to Suzanne's drawn out monologue while showcasing the crepe she made.
    "You sauteed some meat and onions. And put it inside a crepe. Just say that!"
    • "Suzanne, there's five minutes left. Why are you asking me NOW how I feel about the menu?"
  • When Ramsay asks Jean-Philippe what his problem with Van is, JP says there's a language barrier.
    Ramsay: What do you mean there's a language barrier? He's speaking English, you dick.
    Jean-Philippe: I know, but he's from Texas.
    Ramsay turns away, unable to stop himself from smiling.
  • Gordon had a little kid impersonate him and tell the candidates they suck. It starts with four contestants see a silhouette of Ramsay pace back and forth from upstairs looking flustered. Cue the kid coming down the stairs. This sets up the challenge to make eighty vegetarian dishes, except it turns out that once done it's for eighty vegetable hating kids. The look on each chef's face tells the story: they're hosed. Dave's reactions were particularly hilarious:
    Dave: I don't work well with children!
    Dave: (passing out dishes with his good arm) Who wants a sandwich? From the One-Armed Bandit. That's my name. (cut to him in confession cam) I tried any angle I could yet to make the kids like me. I sold myself out.
    • Mini-Gordon also had some lines that were absolute gold:
    Mini-Gordon: Dave, I don't know how you do it with one arm. Bloody hell, if you were a horse I would've shot you by now!
  • The final 3 were tasked with creating dishes suited to a specific nation's cuisine. Dave received Indian, which he had never cooked before, and he was struggling to pick a protein for his dish, as he knew that in Indian culture, certain animals were highly revered, and some of those animals were on the menunote . Dave summed this up perfectly, in one of the funniest possible tones:
    Dave: The goal is to not cook an animal that India worships...
    • He chose pork for his dish, and learned that pork was definitely not a meat you served to Indians. His response:
    Dave: Why did I choose pork for my protein? I just screwed myself up.
  • During a punishment where Dave, Kevin, and Ariel have to clean up the dining room after kids make a mess of it, Dave takes the opportunity to grab a bunch of unopened candies for later.
    • To add onto this, Ariel notices this and helps Dave out with scavenging for unopened candies.

     Season 7 
  • Gordon praises a contestant for their excellent cooking and then makes out with her in front of everyone (to the shock of all of the other contestants). Then it's revealed that it's actually his wife in disguise.
  • Seeing the normally straitlaced high school teacher Ed get drunk in the dorms was hilarious.
  • When a little girl was drawing a picture while she was waiting to be served her food. Her drawing? An image of Gordon Ramsay screaming "YOU DONKEY!"
  • During the dining room cleaning punishment after the chefs get their black jackets, Jay and Holli repeatedly make sex jokes towards each other.
    Jay: Holli, you should probably polish the wood.
    Holli: You spray, I'll polish?
    Jay (confession): I have two goals in Hell's Kitchen, one is to win, and the other is to sleep with Holli.
    Holli (confession): We don't talk about food, we talk about sex.
  • The Red Team deciding to do Scott's suggestion for a dish: blood sausage with prune puree. Nilka already had a look of defeat on her face as she stepped up to the table in order to serve the dish to Ramsay. It goes about as well as expected which is to say very poorly for the Red Team:
    Ramsay: What is your dish?
    Nilka: (deadpan/defeated tone) We have blood sausage with a prune puree.
    Ramsay: Already you look negative.
    Nilka: I'm not pleased with the plate. That's why I don't look happy. I'm really really not. (grimaces as Gordon takes a bite of the dish)
    Ramsay: (grimaces as the taste of the dish fully settles in, and tries to spit out the taste) Who in the fuck chose prune with blood sausage? (Red Team remains silent) TALK TO ME, RED TEAM!
    (Red Team points toward Scott; cue flashback to when Scott suggests the dish to which his teammates react with pure shock)
    Nilka: It went completely wrong.
    Ramsay: Understatement of the year.
  • The final line...
    Jay: Hopefully I can get [Holli's] pants off tonight!

     Season 8 
  • Chef Ramsay's reaction to Raj's signature dish. You would think the dish came to life.
  • During the signature dish challenge, Sabrina yawns and Chef Ramsay takes the piss out of her for it and makes her sit down, calls her "Baby Spice" and then says sarcastically "Would you like a drink?" and after she declines, comments that he hasn't tasted her food and he's already pissed with her.
  • From the first elimination round of Season 8:
    Gordon: Aren't you the most experienced chef in here?
    Raj: Yes.
    Gordon:...You've been cooking longer than me.
    Raj: Yes.
  • Everything that Raj does in general. Especially in the first episode where he does karate moves while drunk, made even funnier thanks to the editor. A quote from one reviewer:
  • Any time Raj got overheated or stressed, he could often be found seeking relief by sticking his head in the freezer.
  • At one point, Raj starts eating food in the middle of service.
    Raj: (interview) I see all this food, and it looks delicious, so I just, you know, ate it.
    Ramsay: Look, he's eating it, look! (pats his stomach) Haven't you got enough in there?!
    Gordon: Wow!
    Raj: No. I mean— just a quick little bite. It's really tasty.
    Gordon: Ah, fucking hell!
  • The following line, when Raj attempted to refuse Ramsay's order to go apologize to some diners on the grounds that his jacket was dirty:
    Ramsay: If I tell you to get out there, I don't give a fuck if you've got a thong on your fat crack!
  • After Raj failed to convince Gordon not to send him out, he pleads his case with Sous Chef Scott who sounds both extremely upset and like he's doing a mental Face Palm. Scott screams for Raj to just put down his apron an do what Gordon says.
  • This line from episode 4:
    Jill: Well, make us something delicious for dinner!
    (Drunk) Vinny: I'm delicious.
    • From the same episode, Trev complains about his team with Gail.
    Trev: You don't wanna make out a lil' bit?
    Gail: Not really. (laughs)
    Cut to the Time Passes Montage, and a scene of the chefs preparing for service.
    Narrator: Trev may have not got lucky last night, but both teams are hoping to score.
  • In one challenge, Boris was explaining his dish only to be dripping with sweat. A visibly annoyed Ramsay had to motion to Boris to wipe his face.
  • After the Blue Team won the challenge in episode 6, they compare the works of art to Gail, Trev (who had been shifted over to the Red Team), and Raj (who had been eliminated). The editing crew decided to impose the contestants' faces on the artworks.
  • The Blue Team lost a challenge where the punishment was being made to sort trash for recycling. As the Red Team left for their reward, Trev (who had been transferred back to the Blue Team after a short stint on the Red Team) ran towards the Red Team covered in trash and yelled "GIVE US A HUG! DON'T YOU MISS ME?" The Red Team ran away.
  • During a challenge Sabrina is ready to propose to guest judge Chef Ludo, then when she works out from him speaking French that her dish is visually not up to par she dumps him on confession cam, only to beg to be taken back when he thinks it tastes good.
  • During the fusion challenge in the penultimate episode before the final, Trev is tasked with fusing Chinese and Mexican food. He notes that there is a lot of spice in his dish, which causes a pan fire (intentionally). When the flames finally die out, Ramsay walks behind Trev and drops a fire extinguisher on the counter
  • After 6 horrible services, Ramsay decides to prank Rob at Episode 7 by asking him to take off his jacket only to give him a clean one and tell him to get back with line with Nona. He then tells everyone that they're not getting eliminated due to a great service and ask them to relax, cueing to everyone laughing and Rob stating this:
  • When chewing out Gail for making fish that stuck to the pan in episode 11, Ramsay almost hit himself in the face when he hit the table and catapulted some tongs directly up. He noticeably flinched, too.
    • Also in this episode, Trev takes over the appetizer station and prepares salads for Sabrina and we hear this:
  • Raj tries to argue with Ramsay after he attempts to serve unseasoned scrambled eggs.
    Ramsay: Not an ounce of seasoning!
    Raj: What do you—?!
    Russell: We're doing it again! Don't argue with chef!
    Trev: (interview) Don't talk back to chef. He says something, you say "Yes, chef" and move on. That's it.
    Gordon: Say that again? Hey, say that again? Say—say—don't spit fucking scrambled egg in my face! Say that again?! Say that again?!
    Raj: Yes, chef.
    Gordon: There's not an ounce of fucking seasoning in there. These guys save lives for a living, yeah, and you're about to fuck up their breakfast. Got it?
    Raj: Yes, chef!

     Season 9 
  • Episode 1: Ramsay's description of Krupa's signature dish got a good chunk of contestants laughing:
    Ramsay: It's like you've got four bits of arsewipe on a plate; splat.
    Ramsay: My dear Krupa, that was crap-a.
  • Episode 2: Ramsay asks the Blue Team, winners of the challenge, to say why they're cooking. After Monteray and Will give humble answers, Brendan goes on a looooong speech about how great he and his family think of him to be in regards to cooking. Ramsay gives a simple "Wow." Will on the other hand, in the confession cam, decides to mock him.
  • Episode 8 has the Red Team go to a comedy club as a reward and the comedian jokes about how she wishes Gordon Ramsay was there when she was in labor with her child because he would have gotten her baby out quicker and how he would have yelled "It's RAW!" when it was born.
  • Episode 10 brings a funny line from Will when Paul confuses cheddar cheese for parm:
    Will: I'm pulling your Italian card!
  • Elise tells Ramsay that the reason why her Beef Wellington didn't cook right is because Tommy, who wasn't even on her team, scored it improperly during prep work. Ramsay stares at her slack-jawed for a moment, then waves her over to the blue kitchen, where Tommy is working. "I wanna see what you say to him, c'mere you."
    • Made funnier by the fact that the tape shows Tommy clearly telling Elise that he isn't going to score her Wellingtons, which jump cuts to a scene of Elise scoring the Wellingtons herself.
  • Jennifer and Elise are put up to leave, Jennifer because she never talks in the kitchen and Elise because, well because she's Elise. "I have two chefs, one who can't fucking talk, and one who can't fucking shut up".
  • Chef Ramsay actually summons a bigger fish and scares the contestants.
  • Ramsay repeatedly teasing Tommy about having a 19-year-old girlfriend.
  • Tommy in general is considered to be one of the funniest contestants to ever appear on the show.
    • In episode 7, before Ramsay announces the blue team's reward after winning a challenge, he asks them if they like speed. Tommy's response?
    Tommy: Meth or Coke?
    • One of the blue team's punishments for losing a challenge was to peel a massive amount of grapes. Tommy started cracking a lot of incredibly bad grape-related puns, which Natalie got tired of. Combined with the tedious job of peeling, this culminated in her throwing grapes onto the floor and stomping on them, shouting that she was done with grapes. Tommy then made another related pun, and Natalie answered by throwing grapes at him.
    • In the finale, Paul and Will open up a giant present box, where the past contestants make their entrance from. Tommy makes his memorable by mooning the two of them the moment the box is opened. Paul drops this gem.
    Paul: All of the past contestants... and Tommy's ass.
  • During one of the rewards, the remaining blue team (Tommy, Will, and Paul), were riding in a limousine drinking champagne. While Paul is sticking his head out the window, Will gets the idea to stick the bottle up Paul's ass. Paul's reaction to it just sells it.
    • To add on, Paul accidentally knocks Will's champange onto him in response.

     Season 10 
  • In the first episode, sous chef Andi removed a wig, revealing that she's just as bald as sous chef Scott! Even better, Scott said that the contestants would have to shave their heads to prove to Ramsay that they are dedicated to the competition. Two people actually did get their heads shaved by Scott, and then he told Danielle, who in the confessional had said that she didn't want her head shaved, that it was her turn...but Ramsay appeared at the last second and told Scott to leave the contestants alone. It later turned out that the two people who had their heads shaved were friends of Scott's, and Andi was wearing a bald cap.
  • Royce, after having utterly struck out at trying to wrest leadership from Patrick, tried to hit on Kimmie by asking her if she wanted to use him as a loofah! The man is such an example of Small Name, Big Ego it's impossible not to laugh when he gets his butt handed to him (which happens often).
    • Even more hilarious was when he failed miserably at one of the challenges, his dish had a piece of hair in it! And to add insult to injury, the judge then discovered a "shit sack" left in the dish! Everyone's reaction was priceless.
  • When Patrick is told by Chef Ramsay to get some fresh air, we cut to a child laughing at him. Talk about adding insult to injury.
  • Roshni's turn to zipline in Episode 2 does not go well for the poor chef, who ends up suspended in midair while in hysterics.
    Roshni: Oh my, God, oh my, God...
    (her zipline slows to a stop long before she reaches the other side)
    (everyone in the Red Team laughs at her predicament)
    Roshni: This is not funny! THIS IS NOT FUNNY!
  • In Episode 7, Hell's Kitchen was having its first fashion night for service that evening. During service, the men find it difficult to cook as the models walk down the runway. Justin and Guy's reactions sums it up the best:
    Justin: How the fuck am I supposed to cook with that going on?
    Guy: That's what we're dealing with? Don't look. Don't look, guys.
    • Also from this same moment, after Guy says the above line, he proceeds to be completely distracted by the models causing Ramsay to tell him to focus because his pan is on fire.
  • The Red Team runs out of beef in Episode 7, prompting Robyn to try and persuade anyone brave enough to sneak into the Blue Team and steal some of their beef. With everyone too scared to take the risk, Christina of all people takes up the offer and heads over to the Blue Kitchen...and immediately bolts back in the Red Team upon seeing Chef Ramsay.
  • Kimmie's "rap"(if you can all that) in the 9th episode.
  • The girls fawning over David Beckham in episode 11, particularly Christina:
    Christina: When David Beckham arrives, I'm just like "Holy shit! Holy shit!" He rode in on a rainbow, carried by a unicorn, eating a cupcake. He is a magical creature.
  • Brian, due to his goofiness.
    (After Robyn rolls a D in the craps challenge): We needed a what was going in my mind was protein protein protein protein duck duck duck duck protein protein protein protein duck duck duck duck...
    • And then Robin calls Dragonfruit, and we get Brian in the confession room slapping himself.
      Ramsay: Holy crap...
    • When Chef Ramsay made him taste an overcooked piece of fish and asked him what it tasted like, he just said it tasted like fish, and claimed he didn't try to sound like a smartass.
  • After the men win a shopping spree, Robyn can't resist getting a taunt in as they leave:
    Robyn: Have fun being girls!
  • The Red team, after losing the blind taste challenge, attempting to stop the Blue team from leaving for their reward by barricading the entrance with heavy boxes.
  • After — for the first time ever — both teams fail to score a point in a challenge, resulting in both teams getting punished, Dana says "Hell's Kitchen, Season 10! We're making history! Because we suck!"
  • For the value profit challenge, everyone's given $15 and manages to stay under budget except for Justin who is 77 cents over. Justin asks Chef Scott of all people for 77 cents, who quickly shakes his head.
  • Three of the four final chefs have garbage-sorting as a punishment, and Justin is about to be sick from the smell:
    Barbie: If you're gonna puke, do it in the organic one.
  • When Barbie is running the pass, she calls out the orders while facing away from the kitchen, Dana makes fun of her in the confessional by facing away from the camera whilst talking:
    Dana: Barbie! We can't hear you if you're not looking at us!
  • In the finale, Ramsay declaring that, for the first time ever, he is going to declare the winner immediately following service. "The winner, of Hell's Kitchen Season 10, is...Tavon!" For reference, Tavon was the first eliminated contestant, who failed to live up to his "executive chef" title.
  • Also from the finale, Justin was yelling at Royce for messing up the fish, and Royce was shown imitating Justin in the confessional as such:
    Royce: [clutching his face] I'M FREAKING OUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT!!! I CAN'T KEEP MY FACE ON!!!!!!!
  • Barbie's facial expressions throughout the entirety of season were flat-out hilarious, especially whenever she displayed suspicion, surprise or annoyance.
    • Ramsay's reaction is that's such a silly statement he pulls faces trying not to laugh.
  • In Episode 15, Ramsay gets cut off mid-rant by a sudden huge burst of flames from the stove he's passing, gives a stunned WTF look at the stove, and then goes right on with chewing out Justin note  like nothing happened.
    Ramsay: So, all that time you were cook- [HUGE BURST OF FLAME!] ...[Beat]''...All that time you were cooking, you couldn't think to put two fresh bass in?!
  • When the Final Six went up against six runner-ups, each one of them received a retrospective introduction run, with most of them either being badasses, being goofy or doing something stupid. Russell's on the other hand consists mostly of him threatening to beat up Trev and vowing to blackball his own brigade for losing the final service. Christina then comments that she hopes Russell goes down hard during the service for the dickery he displayed in his season.
  • After being transferred to the Blue Team, Robyn tries to bond with her new teammates by...flirting with Clemenza. Cue WTF look from Clemenza and a Sexophone from the soundtrack.

     Season 11 
  • Jean-Philippe's long-awaited return to the show after three seasons off...consisted of him walking through the front door carrying a ton of luggage, tripping over a chair, and getting yelled at by Ramsay. You expected any different?
  • The narrator's deadpanning about Gina and her "special friend.", aka the puppet.
    • Then when Gina quits and we see her coat hanging and picture burning in the next episode, the puppet gets a picture, too.
  • Episode 5, overweight contestant Jeremy briefly went to the hospital after getting dizzy during the blue team's fourth straight punishment, and upon his return, informed his worried teammates of the doctor's diagnosis: "I wasn't eating enough". The rest were quite incredulous.
    Ray: Doctor says you gotta eat more...I think you need a second opinion.
  • When the blue team FINALLY managed to win a challenge, they were rewarded with a trip to go paintballing, and the men seized the opportunity to attack Dan.
    Zach: It's Operation Kill Dan!
  • One particular exchange during episode 6 as the men's team is sinking horribly.
    Ramsay: Hey! Dumb and Dumber!
    Ray and Dan (in unison): Yes chef!
  • During the Asian food challenge, Dan brags constantly about the fact that he lived in Asia for a year, meaning he's a shoe-in to win the challenge. Then it turns out his rice is undercooked.
  • Zach describing Nedra's advice/critique of the blue team as sounding like "Charlie Brown's teacher".
  • In Episode 17, the chefs had to make meals using pressure cookers. Cue these responses:
    Susan: I have never ever used a pressure cooker before.
    Ja'Nel: I have never used a pressure cooker before.
    Mary: I...have a pressure cooker at home! (cue ding noise as camera shows Mary smiling)
    • Also in Episode 17, Ramsay calling the chefs from the dorms to introduce them to their opponents during service; Susan, in the shower, was forced to wear a towel on her head.
      • Oh and who's one of their opponents? None other then DAVE who now has BOTH arms working.
  • In the finale, Anthony said in the confessional about Nedra:
    "To use one of Nedra's analogies, she's struggling like 'two fat bitches'. I don't know what that means but she seems to be doing it."

     Season 12 
  • Rochelle's Establishing Character Moment, where she breaks down into a burst of giggles in front of a live audience, explains to Ramsay that her laughter comes up when she's nervous or excited, and then her Confession Cam where she tries (emphasis tries) to introduce herself before it's reduced to laughter once again.
  • Simone saying that Ramsay reminded her of a teddy bear, and her strategy would be that every time he yelled at her, she'd just close her eyes and repeat "teddy bear, teddy bear, teddy bear..."
  • Mike's decision to use pre-packaged tortellini and canned tomatoes in his signature dish. When he first reveals his tortellini isn't fresh, Ramsay's head snaps up, his eyes narrow, and pretty much everybody else in the room goes "Oooooh!"
  • One of the first things the new contestants do on the bus ride is check to see if Gordon Ramsay is hiding amongst them (he's not).
  • Ralph's introduction, where he says "I've got a spark in my ass." Without missing a beat, Ramsay laughs and replies, "Maybe you should have somebody take a look at that!"
  • Jason's magnificent use of Last-Second Word Swap with "I'm gonna rock out with my crock pot out!"
    • This actually gets a Call-Back in the finale, when he asks his team if they're ready to rock out with their crock pots out. Jason in the finale is hilarious in general, especially when he's explaining his menu to his team before service, saying "BAM!" after almost everything. When asked if he's okay, he remarks "I haven't gotten much sleep lately."
  • The editing team was clearly having some fun this season. In the first episode, Ramsay gets angry at the Red Team's scallops and calls them rubber. As he throws them, the editing team decided to add a silly "Boing!" sound effect as they hit the table.
  • After the chefs are woken up by a group of BMX bikers, Ramsay announces that they will also be doing some bike riding. Right on cue, who should come jauntily pedaling up on a string of connected tricycles? Jean-Philippe!
    • Blink and you'll miss it, when the chefs are woken up the noise is so loud Andi is wearing ear muffs. The contestants wish they were so lucky.
      Bev: JP, he's just so cute on these little bicycles! He looked so happy, I just wanted to pinch his little cheeks!
  • During a Blue Team punishment, Jean-Philippe instructs them to clean everything for the wait staff and when he tells them to polish their shoes, Jason asks him if he wants them to use spit. Jean-Philippe asks if he has enough spit and then when he's walking off, you hear him calling Jason an idiot.
  • The Running Gag of the Blue Team calling themselves "Azul" ("Blue" in Spanish). They turn it into a war cry!
  • Gordon's elimination quote for DeMarco:
    Ramsay: DeMarco. Demented. Demoted. Denied.
  • Melanie does a little dance in the confessional booth after her win. While most of the confession booth shots are chest-up, Melanie's is waist-up.
  • In episode 8, Jason gets yelled at for raw chicken. Normally, this is NOTHING to laugh at, since raw chicken is potentially deadly, but Chef Ramsay makes one hilarious comment:
  • In episode 9 the chefs are getting personal advice from Ramsay and Gabriel's response in the confession cam is hilarious:
    Gabirel: "You take advice from Chef Ramsay, I don't give a shit if he tells you how to wipe your ass... he might know how to do it a little bit better."
  • Episode 10, after the red team is ordered to finish the blue team's service after their ejection:
    Kashia: "The blue team's attitude stinks. That's why y'all got yo asses KICKED OUT DA KITCHEN!"
  • In episode 11, the blue team wins a day trip to an indoor skydiving machine, and when they arrive, Jean-Philippe is inside! This is exactly as funny as it sounds. Seeing Jason's and Gabriel's faces flapping in the machine as well is almost as funny.
  • Jason's Evil Laugh. The show even added stock lightning and black and white filter to make him sound like a Disney villain!
    Jason: I am the evil pork master! (cue maniacal laugh)
  • During episode 12's challenge, in which contestants pulled ingredients out of a fake grocery store in the dark, Anton had this analogy:
    "Shopping in the dark is just like lovemaking: You have to feel your way; feel for that particular texture. Y'know, silky or smooth, soft or hard, it's all about the hands."
  • In episode 14, the red team was rewarded with an ice skating lesson, and Scott seemed to be picking it up the most, leading to him attempting a jumping spin...where he promptly landed flat on his face before even getting off the ground.
    • In the same episode with the taste-test challenge, Ramsay pretty much trolls the people who were eating the sample foods with a ridiculous grin on his face.
    • During punishment, Rochelle is laughing over the fact that she was working the ice-cream maker yet there was nothing in it. And later when trying to scoop ice cream off, there's an adorkable shot of her with some vanilla ice cream on her cheek.
    • And during dinner service, as Chef Ramsay is checking on her Beef Wellingtons, Rochelle is praying in the Confession Cam that her Wellingtons are not "blue or purple on the inside" (They came out perfectly).
      Rochelle: Oh crap oh crap oh crap! Please let my wellingtons be cooked! Please be cooked at all! Do not be blue or purple on the inside!
  • In episode fifteen, Scott's dish in the points challenge is getting praised by the judges, and it looks like he's going to win... And then Chef Paul turns around and gives it a two. It's absolutely hilarious to see Scott's face go from a pleased expression to an absolutely blindsided one in the space of about half a second.
    • During the Blue Team's punishment, poor Rochelle has to clean the toilets, and ends up losing her lunch. When she comes into the kitchen after finishing, she looks so absolutely woebegone that everyone else starts laughing.
      • And then the morning after, Scott asks Joy how she's feeling. Her reply is "Really crabby, but good morning!"
  • In episode 17, Scott and Jason won the challenge and earned a day of winetasting, while the women had to sort the trash. When the men returned, the trash-covered women wanted to hug them; Scott ran away, while Jason gladly hugged them. Immediately afterwards, as they walked in the door, Jason nearly plowed over sous chef Andi; she gave him a Death Glare and Jason said...
    "She scares the HELL outta me!"
    • Later on, Jason is so hungover he is late to prep and is sluggish when he gets there.
  • In episode 18, Rochelle slices the tip of her finger during the punishment, and has to be rushed to the hospital. Nothing funny about that, but Joy's and Melanie's squicked-out reactions were HILARIOUS. Rochelle's fingertip was STILL on the counter after she left, and neither of them could look at it, let alone get rid of it, so they walked backwards, hand-in-hand, and Joy dropped a napkin over it. She missed.
    • Jason's experience in the reward challenge (a day flying in a fighter jet) can only be described as him screaming the whole time.
    • In the very same episode, we have the Narrator's comic book related puns.
    • Stan Lee is sitting at the chef's table as that night's guest of honor, and his running commentary as he watches the chaos in the kitchen is hilarious. At one point he notes "I've gotta figure out a way to turn this into a story!"
  • Kashia telling Chef Ramsay that she needs to cook her chicken a little longer with slang and he needs Andi to translate for him and she proceeds to in a deadpan manner.
    Kashia: Chef, I have to drag on one of my chickens. There’s a low pig. I’m gonna hold it.
    Ramsay: I have no fucking clue what she's saying.
    Andi: (Deadpan) She needs one more minute on her chicken.
  • Rochelle's departure, where she just can't stop giggling, then slaps her hands over her mouth in a perfect Oh, Crap! reaction. To top it off, Chef Ramsay can't help laughing along with her.
  • In the finale, the images of JP (and Andi) gleefully spraying everyone with champagne.
    • Jason had a little trouble with his VIP table - actor Mark Boone Jr, who took the delay in stride, remarking "This is really good water."
    • Scott's young daughter being unwilling to try some scallops.

     Season 13 
  • During the signature dish challenge, when Aaron presented a dessert to Chef Ramsay:
    Ramsay: I'm looking for a head chef....Not a pastry chef.
    Aaron: At the restaurant at which I work, I'm required to go both ways. (Ramsay doubletakes, much to the audience's amusement)
  • Chef Ramsay's use of Fun with Acronyms as JP and JR were tanking the fish station in the first service:
    Ramsay: "JP! Just PATHETIC! JR! Just RIDICULOUS!"
  • During the blue team's punishment in episode 2, they had to eat gross seafood, and Sterling is eating it like it's nothing, boasting about it when some teammates praise him, even getting up and dancing. Bryant, as per usual, is in no mood for goofiness and gets into an argument with Sterling, who is not even the slightest bit mad or upset, and his responses are hilarious as Bryant just gets angrier, all while others, like Santos, try to stifle their laughter.
    Bryant: "Look, look, I don't know why the fuck you got something to prove."
    Sterling: "I don't. I just ate my fish."
    Bryant: "Why you standing up and telling me that?"
    Sterling: "I love you. You need a hug?"
    Bryant: "No, I don't need a hug, you ain't gotta talk to me like that."
    Sterling: "Don't get mad at me cause your plate is full."
    Bryant: "It's full because I don't wanna eat it."
    Sterling: "Ain't my fault."
    Bryant: "Then why the fuck are you talking to me about it?! Leave me the fuck alone, I'ma tell you right now, leave me alone."
    Sterling: "What are you gonna do, eat me?"
  • From episode 3, we have Sade's comment on how much Denine's questions and carelessness (causing a flare-up on a stove) during prep are annoying her.
    Sade: "Like, seriously? If Denine burn my weave today, we are gonna have 99 problems and all of them are gonna be me." (bonus funny points by having her follow this statement with a cool, sassy flick of her weave and a well placed "Mm-hmm")
  • In episode three, after Denine served a dry piece of chicken, Ramsay had this gem:
    Ramsay: "It's dry as a fucking camel's dick in a fucking desert storm!"
  • Sterling during the brunch challenge in episode 4 proclaiming that he was like the (musical) "Conductor" in Hells Kitchen. The editing team clearly had some fun with this one afterwards.
    Sterling: "French toast, creeeeepes / Florentine, how loooooong..."
  • In episode 6 Sterling does a "remix" of "Old MacDonald" that has to be heard to be believed.
    Sterling: Old MacSterling had a pig; oink, oink, oink, oink, oink! And Aaron's eyes I wanna go; doink, doink, doink, doink, doink!
  • Another one a la editing team in episode 7 involves the teams having to pick operas to have their dish revealed behind them. Sterling's partner picks an alfredo dish and the singer starts singing the dish in this beautiful operatic style, only for it to cut to Sterling finishing it off in the confession cam in the most un-operatic way possible-complete with corny music!
  • One episode has the "first ever Hell's Kitchen dog show", with the episode's challenge being to make dishes for the menu. Sade, however, thinks they're supposed to be cooking for the dogs, and makes dog food, only figuring it out when she sees the other completed dishes. Fortunately for her, unfortunately for us, it was a challenge that excluded one dish, so we didn't get to see Gordon's reaction to finding that out. Though we did get Ramsay seeing the dish and describing it as looking like "a dog shat on my plate".
    Sade: Fuck my life...
  • Episode 9 has the return of the craps challenge, and an unintentional Call-Back to Season 10.
    Bryant: (in the confessional, after Sade rolls a C) Come on, grab something we can use. Some sort of chicken. Chicken chicken chicken chicken...
    • In the same challenge, after Aaron rolls a D, Gordon preemptively tells him he can't use duck because the red team already took that. Aaron curses "Fuck!", to which Gordon replies, "Fuck does not start with a D." (Aaron eventually chooses daikon.)
    • The Red team has some very unforgiving dice rolls Such as rolling 2 L's in a row, and the only ingredients they can think of is lemons and limes", and end up with a bizarre combination of ingredients they have to cook with. Ramsay can't even stop himself from laughing when he wishes them Good Luck. The Red team ends up winning the challenge, much to the disbelief of the Smug Snakes on the Blue Team.
  • Episode 10 has sees Sterling geting the short end of the stick with ingredients. Each team was presented with slide puzzle to produce a desired list of ingredients for each dish they'd have to cook, and Sterling ends up being stuck with both lentils and chickpeas.
  • Episode 10 has Sterling, who is performing so well in appetizers, that he decides to have a little song for himself in confessional, going "Risotto risotto, capellini, I'm hot," which suddenly gets turned into a 16 second music video, "My Name is Sterling", by Sterling Beats, Hell's Kitchen Fresh Jams. At this point it's clear as day that the editing team are just loving Sterling's antics.
  • In episode 13, Santos compares the large hunk of beef they have to carry into Hell's Kitchen to a "Fred Flintstone Brontosaurus".

     Season 14 
  • In the signature dish challenge, Chrissa revealed that she had gotten inspiration for her dish in the cookie aisle, and revealed a chicken breast wrapped in ginger cookies. A disbelieving Ramsay said that he could only be grateful that she hadn't gotten inspiration in the pet food aisle.
  • Subsequently, the Red Team lose the first service and have to nominate two for elimination. They decide almost immediately on Christine and Monique, who crashed and burned on the meat station, with T ranting about how they have to get rid of the weak links. Cue the sound of a glass breaking, after which the other women notice Chrissa wandering around in the kitchen, not even seeming interested in discussing their performance. Not at all surprisingly, the other women decide that they'd probably be better off nominating her instead of Christine, which eventually leads to Chrissa getting eliminated.
  • In the second episode, Ramsay dragged the men into the storeroom and told them to have a group meeting to get their heads together, and when they're done, they go to open the door...and they can't get out because there's no handle. Ramsay realizes this and has to let them out; Sous Chef James cracked a smile at the situation.
  • Episode 6: the blue team is enjoying their first reward in a while, and when they are being served lunch, Nick recognizes one of the waitresses as his ex-girlfriend. The rest of his teammates are in disbelief because Nick is gay (apparently, he tried dating women before he acknowledged that he was gay).
    Nick: "What are the chances that [my ex-girlfriend] would be HERE?"
    Randy: "What's the chances we'd see one of your girlfriends?"
    • From the same reward, Ramsay eventually showed up to have lunch with the guys, and he sat down right next to Adam. Cue Adam's Confession Cam where he's still squeeing about it.
  • When put up for elimination, Sarah claims her teammates have it out for her and that she could do much better on the Blue Team. When it looks like Ramsay might seriously be considering switching her, the camera shows a few Blue Team members exchanging panicked glances.
  • Ramsay has two great Troll moments in episode 9:
    • Just before the challenge, after showing the chefs cages of animals that are delicacies around the world, including snakes, rats, and tarantulas, Ramsay says that one of the snakes is missing. As the chefs are nervously glancing around the floor, a rubber snake falls from the ceiling, freaking them all out (particularly T). After they all realize that it's fake, Ramsay suddenly drops a few dozen fake snakes from the ceiling, sending them running again and cracking Ramsay up.
    • After having called the chefs into his office individually for evaluations, he calls the dorms, where Josh, the only person not called yet, answers the phone. Ramsay tells him that he's all done with his evaluations.
    Ramsay: "I've spoken to everyone I wanted to speak with."
    Josh: (nervously) "...You don't wanna speak to me?"
    Ramsay: (smirking) "Get your ass up here."
    • The best part is that smirk lingering on his face well after he hangs up the phone.

     Season 15 
  • In the signature dish challenge, Manda made a Corn-Flaked Fried Scallop, and Ramsay said while good, the concept was a bit weird. Manda then argued that she was a "bit weird", causing the audience to laugh at that remark. You can even see Ramsay trying to hold his laughter.
  • In episode 2, the team challenge is making dumplings. While this is happening, Ramsay brings in some "friends" to test the chefs concentration:
    • The first is a pair of guards from Europe standing still during the challenge announcement to display the value of focus. When the challenge starts, several other guards appear and play music... that turns into a techno beat as the "guards" reveal themselves to be male strippers by removing their pants.
    • Later on, a boxing ring girl comes in. Frank starts panting like a dog, while Jared...
      Jared: "Boobs or dumpling? Boobs or dumpling? Boobs or dumpling?"
    • Finally, a pair of sumo wrestlers come in and start fighting. Alan wonders if there's an earthquake as they enter, while Jared just wants their diapers to stay on.
      • Becomes a Brick Joke when the two sumo wrestlers are later seen attending the dinner service as guests.
    • Alan's Confession Cam moments during said challenge are also worth a chuckle. In the first one, a light shines behind him before he announces it's his time to shine. When he gets all seven of his baskets accepted, he makes karate motions, complete with steriotypical sounds. And when the final pair of girls present their dumplings (which have holes in them)?
      Alan: "Ohhh. Hory dumpring. Uh oh."
  • In episode 3, after Frank loses to Ashley in the jackets challenge due to him deviating from the recipe he was given:
  • The duck challenge in episode 4: Chef Ramsay has Marino in a canoe out on a lake with a bucket of rubber ducks. Marino empties bucket into lake, Chef Ramsay asks where the rest of ducks are. Marino shrugs and says that's all he has. Cue a helicopter flying overhead and dumping loads of rubber ducks into the lake.
  • In episode 6, the blue team had to sit at the chef's table during dinner service because Chad's chicken was pink. Eddie's comment that "CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigation, not your Chicken Sucks, Idiot" is hilarious.
  • The oath in episode 8 that Chef Ramsay has the other chefs recite - "I will not suck."
    • At the end of the episode, when the teams are nominating members for elimination, Kristen is nominated alongside Jackie, Joe, and Eddie, despite not having performed as egregiously as those three. Tellingly, Gordon has a look of confusion on his face when first hearing this, and after listening to Jackie, Joe, and Eddie give their cases as to why they should stay, doesn't even bother asking Kristen for hers, instead telling her to "get back in line".
  • In episode 9, Chef Ramsay introduces the contestants to a live bison standing in the middle of the restaurant. The bison then proceeds to urinate all over the floor. Ramsay quips, "At least it's a number one." Three guesses what the bison does next, and the first two don't count.
  • In episode 9, Ramsay's reaction to Marino's cowboy outfit is just priceless.
  • In episode 10, Jeff Dunham dines at Hell’s Kitchen and brings Walter with him. Jeff is just as funny as he’s always been with Walter giving some pretty good quips at the chefs.
  • The blind taste test in episode 12, which saw a chef get blasted with ice cream toppings if their teammate got three items wrong, and then whipped cream if they get the fourth wrong. Seeing Ramsay laughing during it only makes it funnier.
    Manda: *covered in cherry syrup that she spread onto the wall after being blasted* "I look like I just got fuckin' murdered."
    • Afterwards, Manda gets blasted by whipped cream after Frank fails to identify peanut butter. What did he say it was? Snickers.
    Manda: Thanks a lot, Frank. You're getting a hug, whether you like it or not!

     Season 16 
  • In the first episode, when the Blue Team are doing the punishment, one wonders how they could've lost the challenge...
    Marino: You lost because someone invented Pigeon Bolognese.
  • The punishment in episode 2 is unloading and prepping a truckload of fish. Lunch is scallops and fish guts put through a blender. All of the chefs are miserable. They're throwing up, complaining, and going at each other. Somehow, one of the chefs, Shaina, got a glass of chocolate milk instead.
    Shaina: (Smiling) "Oh shoot, mine's just chocolate milk! But there's no way in hell I'm about to let the rest of them know that."
    • From the same punishment, Andi's comment:
    Andi: "I'm sure you guys have swallowed worse."
  • Also from Episode 2, the guys have just finished going on a reward trip on a yacht. How do they re-enter Hell's Kitchen before prepping for dinner service? By forming a conga line and dancing through the restaurant while wearing little sailor hats!
  • Additionally from Episode 2, Ramsay takes the chefs all out to the grand prix and asks them who wants to race, only to reveal that they're actually going to be racing golf carts.
    Ramsay: Are you ready to get in the car? Who's first? Definitely not. Let me show you all what you'll be racing in.
  • The intro to the Fish Around the World challenge features a group of singers onboard a wooden ship. They sing a little song, much to everyone's amusement. Then, when the contestants are asked to select a fish, they actually created little ditties for each fish, rather than just singing the name of the fish out loud!
  • Andrew starting a splash fight with his teammates during the reward.
  • The intro to Episode 7's challenge has four artists (including Marino) painting portraits of Ramsay. The first artist does a photorealistic image, the second does a caricature, the third paints Ramsay as a battle-scarred cyborg, and Marino gives us...a stick figure wearing a chef's attire and holding cooking utensils.
  • Johnny does not take his elimination very well.
    Johnny: It is disgusting that my team let me go down, and I stepped it up. All these people here say they're these all high-class chefs - they suck, and for me to be standing here right now, I want to rip out the BEAUTIFUL hair on my head!
  • When told that they need to send one of their chefs over to the Blue Team, which was down in numbers, the faces of the Red Team members was appropriate to being told they had a death sentence. Which, given that the Blue Team has been falling apart from the start and the Red Team is extremely solid, it may as well be.
  • The challenge in episode 15. It involves creating a dish to be served to multiple chefs tableside. Heather and Heidi both had a hard time with the tableside conversation part of the challenge. Meanwhile Ryan offers the chefs shots of Tequila that was leftover from making her dish. Ryan won the challenge by a landside.
    Ryan: "If no one is watching, I'll take one too".

     Season 17 (All Stars) 
  • The sequence at the end of the first episode, where Robyn demonstrates a pendulum to her team, to which one can ask questions and receive answers much like a Magic 8-Ball. Keep in mind, this is right after she single-handedly lost the signature dish challenge for the red team.
    Elise: You didn't ask it about the salmon though.
  • After winning the signature dish challenge, the men are rewarded with a trip down the all-glass slide situated on the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles; They immediately volunteer Josh to take the first slide; his Oh, Crap! reaction is priceless.
    Josh: Are you fucking kidding me? Who puts a slide on the side of a seventy story building?! Like what was that guy doing?
  • After Michelle won the cup-stacking competition, the rest of the contestants awkwardly wait as Jared takes a minute more to finish.
    Ramsay: Ladies, two dinner services and two challenges, you are 0:4. Hold on there, you did actually win a cup-stacking challenge. Big fucking deal. (to the Blue team) Give them a round of applause.
  • Jared's beautiful speech about oysters:
    Jared: Benjamin and I start shucking oysters, but with oysters you gotta be gentle. You've gotta caress them like a beautiful woman. (cheesy romantic music start playing) Oh yeah, there's no foreplay with this, you just slide it in there. Flip it over and so you get that beautiful plumpness on the other side... My girlfriend is going to be so mad.
  • Van's reaction to Josh being forced to eat excess risotto with VIP guest Paige Van Zant.
    Van: C'mon man, that ain't no punishment.
  • Josh's elimination in the appropriately titled episode "Josh, Josh, Josh." After being kicked out in the middle of service, Josh decides to return to the kitchen, saying that his body was telling him that he needed to come back. Everyone just sort of stares at him, wondering just what he's doing there, and eventually Ramsay hauls him to the back room, tells him that there's nothing more he can do with him, and kicks him off the show.
  • Van slips in the hot tub while everyone else is debating Elise and Dana's abilities in bed.
  • Jared (conveniently at a time when he keeps screwing up his times and communication of them) cuts his finger and calls for a medic, claiming it won't stop bleeding. As he heads into the back, Ramsay asks the rest of the team if they could saw the cut, they reply no; for that matter, the camera operators couldn't find it either. Yet Jared felt it was so bad he needed to see a medic...
    Narrator: With Jared in triage fighting for his life...
    • When he comes back bandaged up, Ramsay asks him how many stitches he needed
    Ramsay: Do me a favor: grow some!
    Jared: Yes, chef!
    • And then he tops that by, when he pulls the Blue team and throws them out, he takes a moment to call the medic over and confirm no, there was no cut.
    • Made even better in the promos where Jared’s whole arm is censored out to make the audience think that Jared actually got hurt, when in actuality there was no cut.
    Ramsay (sarcastically): He’s bleeding to death!
  • In the Cook For Your Life episode, the blue team went rock climbing as a reward, during which we all learned the color of Milly's boxer shorts.
  • When Ramsay asks Robyn not to call her teammates "baby" during service.
    Robyn: Sorry, baby!
  • Anytime someone says "BOOP" to Elise.
  • In Episode 9, Milly sends raw steaks to the pass, which Ramsay brings back to yell at him. Milly describes everything as going in slow motion when this happens, and the producers proceed to play Ramsay's yelling in slow motion.
    • Also from Episode 9, the Blue Team wins the reward challenge with the reward being them going to Las Vegas. The most hilarious part about this is Ramsay explaining the reward in detail: the Blue Team will be staying overnight at the Caesar's Palace hotel, they'll be riding the tallest Ferris Wheel while they're there, and for the final part, he tells the Red Team to cover their ears because it's going to be too much for them: Blue Team will have their own private plane to go to Vegas. During this entire time, Red Team's facial expressions are becoming more and more miserable and Gordon is just enjoying their suffering the entire time.
  • The blind taste test this year involved mashed potatoes and gravy. The sight of the red team getting dumped with gravy was hilarious.
  • In Episode 11, Elise refers to what she perceives to be a clique between Dana and Michelle as "Dachelle". The producers even morphed Dana and Michelle's faces together for emphasis.
  • In the episode for the Black Jacket's challenge, Elise's downfall is hilarious for viewers sick of putting up with her all season. during the first challenge she spends most of her time panicking. During the second, she fights Michelle to get the lobster to cook...and then doesn't prepare it properly, failing to remove the digestive tract aka the "poop sack." For the third and final challenge, she's overwhelmed by the amount of ingredients available and for some reason puts potatoes in a blender, to the utter befuddlement of the chefs in the black jacket lounge. She EARNED being the first of the two chefs kicked out that episode.
    • During the final challenge of Episode 12, Elise asks for more thyme (similar to Rock in Season 3). Robyn chides her, saying they could all use some more time, only realizing her mistake when Chef Jocky brings in thyme.
  • Chef Jocky calling for Michelle's halibut sauce, not at all unlike Chef Ramsay infamously calling for lamb sauce.
  • In the finale, Elise throws a rubber glove at Dana and replies...
    Elise: Don't act like you've never had rubber in your face before!
  • Dana has a confessional labelled "CONFUSED" when she has trouble assembling a cold appetizer.

     Season 18 (Rookies vs. Veterans) 
  • Episode 2 had some funny highlights such as:
    • That funeral Cliffhanger from the previous episode? It was to mourn the removal of the risotto!
      • Sous Chef Jocky came out wearing a traditional kilt, and Ramsay took the time to peek under it, much to the chef's bemusement.
    • After Bret won the challenge, he made a some boastful, emotional comments that led to the rookies mocking him in their confessionals.
    • Scott's problem on the shrimp. The video alone is worth a thousand words.
    • The Rookie team takes their time when they get called to go to the kitchen. Cue Christina going into Drill Sergeant Nasty mode.
  • In episode 3, when Ramsay scolds Jen for overdressing the salad, the camera cuts to Trev, who had that exact same problem in Season 8.
  • Episode 4. During the punishment, all the veterans were shoveling the fake snow of the sled challenge, where they have this banter.
    'I know! Let's go back to Hell's Kitchen!! At the time is sounded like a great idea.
  • Episode 6 - the women of the blue team "murdering" a bunch of potatoes under the watchful eyes of a number of Mr. Potato Head toys.
  • Episode 8 - We get a little taste of the chef’s 15 year old photos. They’re all quite...shocking to say the least.
    • Then Ramsay decided to show the staffs pictures as well; while Christina's looked normal, Jocky was sporting a kilt (which according to him was for school), and Marino was seen wearing short shorts on a motorcycle. However, Marino decided to get a little revenge by showing everybody a picture of Ramsay as a teenager, embarrassing the latter.
  • Episode 9 - Motto went up against Ariel because he wanted to beat the best and believed Ariel was the best. He had to make a duck dish based on Chinese ingredients and he said that wouldn’t quack under pressure. He lost to Ariel and the caption in his Confession Cam says “Quacked Under the Pressure”!
    • A lot of the nameplates were great this season. Bret "makes risotto 5 times a week", been described as a "quail whisperer", and "used [his] punishment pass in Week 1", Trev having a "fetish for fettuccine", Chris' height actually being 5'5" when he says that it's 5'7", and the editors confirming that Motto does indeed have 12 toes.
  • Episode 10 - Trevor is the main factor in the Red Team losing the Blind Taste Tests challenge with an abysmal 0/4. Afterwards, part of the punishment is to make gelato by hand-churning, but Trev somehow messes up the churner and a couple of the other chefs decide to do a spot-on imitation of the show's typical style of narration...
    Bret: As Jose and Bret polish silverware...
    Jose: ...Trevor's still on his first batch of churning.
    • All the others had some snark at Trev's expense as well.
      Ariel: Trevor, you should have had "nicotine" as a flavor
      Trev: (Taking the headphones off) I can't hear you.
      Kanae: You can't taste either.
    • There's also Gordon's utter glee when blasting someone with food in the hot seat.
  • Episode 11 - When the judge is criticizing Trev's dish, Gordon can be seen taking a drink of water with an expression that reads "this is going to get ugly", clearly expecting that the dressing down that the judge is going to give Trev is going to be harsh.

     Season 19 (Las Vegas) 
  • Episode 1 - Kenneth manages to finish his dish in just 20 minutes and spends the last 15 minutes of the challenge cleaning it. It turns out it’s not even close to delicious and gets only 1 point unlike the other contestants.
  • Episode 2 - In the Cook For Your Life challenge, Kenneth serves a shrimp dish with a big chunk of cheese. The worst part? He at first confuses it for a “potato”, before tasting it! Cue an huge Face Palm from everyone, and Gordon has no other choice but to eliminate him.
    • The replay that shows us when that chunk of cheese went in his dish is the icing on the cake.
  • Episode 3:
  • Episode 10: At the start of the episode's challenge, a 52 Card Pickup for burger ingredients becomes a 5,200 Card Pickup with a ton of extra cards being dumped from above the set.
  • Episode 12 - As the contestants are secretly taken to see Criss Angel's show, Mary Lou comments on how scary the lead-up to it is, assuming Gordon might declare a duel to the death with knives.

     Season 20 (Young Guns) 
  • In episode 2, while Ramsay is reaming out the struggling blue team in the pantry, Megan briefly pops in for an unknown reason. Ramsay tells her to piss off, which she does.
  • Episode 3: After the elimination from episode 2, the red team spend their time comparing feet before talking about other how other women sell pics of their feet, prompting Brynn to straight out leave. As Sam and Alex watch on in intrigue, the woman just agree that men are weird. For the next day, the announcer puns that the teams will have to put their foot forward.
    • Marino the Life Guard.
    • The blue team's punishment forces them to eat squid and calamari sandwiches, and all of them end up feeling like they want to vomit. All except Steve, who actually admits to being into it.
    • Gordon makes the men sings out the order, "Two halibut, two wellington, one chicken, one duck," when Jay forgets it, and all of them continue to fail at it, even Alex in the diary room.
    • When Gordon drives the men in the back room to get their act together, he gets fed up with Antonio using the word baby (something that got Brian kicked out in Season 10), and threatens to get him a diaper.
    • Gordon dubbing the mystery of whoever brought up the raw chicken, "chicken gate," when no one initially fesses up to picking Alex's chicken to the pass and leaves for his office. Even the red team jumps in to figure out what the hell is going on as four of the guys are standing for elimination.
  • When the blue team gets back from the previous elimination in episode 4, Steve drops this gem after the guys talk about picking themselves themselves up.
    Payton: We gotta dig ourselves up from the grave.
    Antonio: We six feet deep, we go another 2 feet, done-ski.
    Steve: Fortunately, I'm 6'4.
  • Gordon doting over Megan in an overprotective way throughout episode 6, from saying that he's only allergic to boyfriends, to questioning how she knows that tequila and lime go so well together (only for her to claim that she learned about it on the Internet).
  • When the chefs have to pair up ingredients with proteins like a dating website. One of the ingredients, Snow Peas, has the name Jon.
  • In a Call-Back to season 5, after the final dinner service, Ramsay announces the winner is "under the age of 25", much to Trenton and Megan's annoyance.