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Ride / Hell's Kitchen

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A host of demonic butchers chase you through this flight of terror. (Description)

Hell's Kitchen was a haunted house at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights 1994 taking place in a demonic, cannibalistic butcher's shop.

The facade included a window containing a man eating live cockroaches.

The atmosphere was very hot and smelled of rotten meat. It was also very dark, and the architecture was somewhat gothic. The entrance of the house contained scareactors harassing the guests, with one scareactor portraying a head chef yelling at them. Other scareactors portrayed victims being butchered alive. All around the house bodies and body parts laid around in heaps or dangled down from the ceiling. The guests would be blasted with water and air hoses. At the end of the house were a scareactor portraying a cook with a chainsaw.


Not to be confused with the TV show or the manga, or the former title of The Boy Who Fell.

This house provided examples of:

  • Bloody Horror: Like so many of Halloween Horror Nights' haunted houses, this one had its fair share of blood-covered surroundings.
  • Chainsaw Good: At the end of the house was a demonic cook with a chainsaw.
  • Evil Chef: The house was inhabited by demonic chefs slaughtering human beings.