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Have a drink!

"Drip-Along Daffy" is a 1951 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Chuck Jones and starring Daffy Duck. Daffy is a "Western-Type Hero" who, along with his "Comedy Relief" sidekick Porky Pig, wanders into The Wild West town of "Snake-Bite Center" and resolves to clean it up and stop all the violence and mayhem. Unfortunately the residents are entirely indifferent to Daffy, and when he finally finds a villain who will pay attention to him in the form of murderous bandit and square dance caller Nasty Canasta, things do not go well.

Conceived as a satire of all sorts of cliches of The Western and The Wild West. Even the backgrounds look like the Monument Valley made so familiar by John Ford films.



  • Adventure Town: Even the horses have shootouts.
  • Alliterative Title
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Canasta's wanted poster lists his crimes as "rustler, bandit, square dance caller."
  • Aside Comment: Daffy pulls this when confronting Nasty Canasta:
    Daffy: Hankering for trouble, eh? Well, I would like...[aside] I would like? I would like a trip to Europe...[back] I would like to introduce myself!
  • "Awkward Silence" Entrance: Subverted, then played straight. Daffy bursts into a saloon with guns drawn, daring anyone within earshot to challenge him, but no one pays any attention to him. But then everyone stops when bad guy Nasty Canasta makes his entrance, leaving immediately as Canasta approaches Daffy.
  • Bowdlerise: When this cartoon aired on ABC, the following scenes are cut and/or shortened:
    • Several scenes of characters exchanging gunfire in the lawless Western town
    • A cowboy mannequin holding an Indian mannequin at gunpoint, followed by an actual Indian being robbed in a teepee
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    • A cowboy getting shot and carted off to "Rigor O'Mortis: The Smiling Undertaker"
    • The bartender mixing the noxious drink that Nasty Canasta orders for Daffy and Porky
      • Versions of this cartoon shown on Cartoon Network and Boomerang (though, as of 2019, Boomerang airs the ending of this cartoon uncut) cut off after the reveal that Daffy is the town's new sanitation person, removing Porky's line, "Lucky for him, it is a one-horse town." It's been hotly debated online whether this was cut to get rid of the scatological implications (which wouldn't make sense, as Cartoon Network has gotten away with worse in that department) or because of time constraints (the short was running at PAL speed and often, cartoons do have innocuous scenes cut to make room for commercial breaks).
  • Butt-Monkey: Who do you think?
  • Clean Up the Town: Daffy resolves to do this, and at the end he a street sweeper.
  • Comedic Underwear Exposure: Daffy accidentally pulls off his chaps while drawing his guns in the saloon.
  • Gargle Blaster: Nasty Canasta orders two of "the usual" (one for him, the other for do-gooder Daffy, whom Canasta was holding at gunpoint) from a saloon bartender: a drink made with such ingredients as "cobra fang-juice", "hydrogen bitters", and "Old Panther whiskey". It's prepared with asbestos gloves, welding mask, and tongs. He then drops two ice cubes in it... which immediately jump out as if on fire and head for the coolness of the fire bucket.... All the effect the drink has on Nasty Canasta is to make his cowboy hat lift off his head and spin around, but that's it. On Daffy and Porky, on the other hand, it makes them bend their hats into bonnets and prance around giddily while reciting "Mary Had a Little Lamb". It also causes Daffy's guns to shoot a hole in the floor, which he falls into and then rockets out of.
    Daffy: (parachuting down) I hate you.
  • Green Around the Gills: Both Daffy and Porky after drinking Nasty Canasta's "usual".
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Porky turns out to be far more competent than Daffy, defeating Nasty Canasta himself. And Daffy provided his own plucky comic relief anyway.
  • Kill on Sight: Implied with wanted outlaw Nasty Canasta, who is standing right next to a "Wanted!" Poster that reads "WANTED: DEAD" on his Establishing Character Moment. Unfortunately for Daffy, he's such an incredibly badass man that when Daffy tries to draw on him, he literally eats Daffy's guns.
    Daffy: (looking toward camera) Probably didn't have his iron today...
  • Leitmotif: "She's the Flower of Gower Gulch" for Porky, which was actually written for this cartoon by Carl Stalling and Mike Maltese. Gower Gulch is a nickname for the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street in Hollywood.
  • Little Useless Gun: That little gun the little toy soldier is toting isn't as useless as it looks.
  • Population: X, and Counting: At the start, a gunshot is heard, the population sign goes down one number and a sign reading "Sheriff Wanted" pops up. Pan over to the cemetery, where the population (listed as all sheriffs) goes up one number.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Porky. He's actually identified as "Comedy Relief" via a caption.
  • Road Apples: Daffy ends up as a pooper-scooper.
    Daffy: I said I'd clean up this one-horse town!
    Porky: Lucky for him it is a one-horse town.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Daffy's incredibly confident in his "heroism," despite his blatant incompetence and everybody else's indifference towards him.
  • The Sheriff: As noted, many of them have been killed. Porky triumphantly becomes the new occupant of the office at the short's end.
  • Showdown at High Noon: Spoofed. Daffy is walking down the street for his showdown with Nasty Canasta when Porky defeats Nasty with a toy soldier. Porky's being carried away on the shoulders of the townspeople when Daffy finally figures out what happened.
  • This Banana is Armed: Nasty Canasta is felled by a tiny wind-up soldier… whose rifle packs a mighty wallop.
  • Through a Face Full of Fur: Daffy turns green after drinking Nasty Canasta's Gargle Blaster.
  • Undertaker: They have the tallest building in town.
  • "Wanted!" Poster: Nasty Canasta is standing in front of his own wanted poster.
  • Wretched Hive: Snake-Bite Center is depicted as a town where there are shoot-outs or hold-ups on every corner.

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