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It all began with a girl. And a cat.

The Alice Comedies was a series of short cartoons made by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks during The Silent Age of Animation. It was the successor to their failed Newman Laugh O Grams series, and a precursor to 'their 'Oswald the Lucky Rabbit'' series. The cartoons feature Alice, a live action girl, interacting with an animated world. Near the beginning, the shorts would start with something happening to Alice in the real world after which she falls asleep or gets knocked out. She then enters an animated dream world where she interacts with Julius the Cat and a host of other Funny Animals. Hi-jinx Ensue. Later installments dropped the real world Framing Device and took place entirely in the cartoon world.

The cartoons themselves had little in the way of plot or continuity, and were mainly just for showing off the animation.


Compare Max and Dave Fleischer's' Out of the Inkwell, another live action/animation blending cartoon that was the inspiration for this series.







  • Alice the Golf Bug January 10, 1927, lost cartoon
  • Alice Foils the Pirates January 24, 1927 (Lost cartoon)
  • Alice at the Carnival February 10, 1927 (Lost cartoon)
  • Alice at the Rodeo February 21, 1927
  • Alice the Collegiate March 7, 1927 (Lost cartoon)
  • Alice in the Alps March 21, 1927 (Lost cartoon)
  • Alice's Auto Race April 4, 1927 (Lost cartoon)
  • Alice's Circus Daze April 18, 1927
  • Alice's Knaughty Knight May 2, 1927 (Lost cartoon)
  • Alice's Three Bad Eggs May 16, 1927 (Lost cartoon)
  • Alice's Picnic May 30, 1927
  • Alice's Channel Swim June 13, 1927 (Lost cartoon)
  • Alice in the Klondike June 27, 1927 (Lost cartoon)
  • Alice's Medicine Show July 11, 1927 (Lost cartoon)
  • Alice the Whaler July 25, 1927
  • Alice the Beach Nut August 8, 1927 (Lost cartoon)
  • Alice in the Big League August 22, 1927

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