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YMMV / Alice Comedies

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Considering he's the only character from this series to have continued making appearances in modern Disney media (even 90 years after his debut), Pete can be considered this.
  • Follow the Leader: The cartoons were heavily deriative of Otto Messmer's Felix the Cat, Paul Terry's Aesop's Fables and Max Fleischer's Out of the Inkwell cartoons.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: "Alice's Egg Plant" involves a Russian chicken convincing the hens on Alice's farm to go on strike. In 1941, a devastating strike would hit the Disney studio, which Walt blamed on Communists.
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  • What an Idiot!: 'Alice's Tin Pony'. Julius, slapping a sign that reads "This car is carrying a big payroll" onto the train? That's not helping.

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