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Here is a list of animated shows, features, and short subjects that are Public Domain in the United States or elsewhere. Expectedly, a bulk of them are from The Golden and Silent Ages of Animation; although a few from the Dark Age have started to lapse into this as well. When presented in other media, examples like these would appear on The Public Domain Channel.

Keep in mind that just because a cartoon is old and widely bootlegged doesn't automatically mean it's PD, there has to be solid evidence that the copyright either ran out or was waived by the filmmakers before adding it here. Links to view cartoons without their own pages are permitted when possible.

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    Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies works 

    Columbia/Screen Gems works 

    Shanghai Animation Film Studio 

    Van Beuren Studio works 

    International Film Service 

    Bray Productions 

    MGM cartoons 

    Ub Iwerks cartoons 

    Walt Disney works 

    John Sutherland works 

    Max Fleischer works 

    George Dunning works 

    Richard Williams works 

    Stephen Bosustow works 

    Terrytoons works 

    Walter Lantz works 

    Famous Studios works 

    Winsor McCay works 

    Felix the Cat 

    Hubley Studios works 

    Ernest Pintoff works 

    Art Clokey works 

    Sam Singer works 

    Cambria Productions 

    Filmation works 

    Soyuzmultfilm works 

    Murakami Wolf cartoons 

    Ray Harryhausen works 

    Jan Lenica works 

    Harry Smith works 

    John Korty works 

    Soundac works 

    Len Lye works