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Pusonicominote  is an online Japanese Gag Series web comic based on SEGA's hit Online Action RPG game Phantasy Star Online 2 and illustrated by Pekeko. It was initially released in January 2018 and is currently ongoing, with new comics published weekly (during scheduled maintenance for PSO2).


Unlike the previous adaptations of the game, two of which were canon and all of which took themselves (and PSO2) seriously, Pusonicomi takes a gag manga twist on the series. The webcomic follows the misadventures of PSO2 player Mitarashi and her friends as they Quest together, hang out, and just generally have a good time online.

In December 2018, it was announced that the series would be receiving an anime adaptation aptly titled "Anime Pusonicomi", which premiered in January 2019. It is also released weekly through the game's official YouTube channel, with episode being roughly 3 1/2 minutes in length adapting two comics per episode. Each episode also contains an Item Code which can be redeemed in PSO2 for "Pusonicomi Memories", an item that can be used to purchase virtual merchandise in-game .


Pusonicomi contains examples of:

  • Alternate Character Reading: The "ni" in the title refers to the "2" in "PSO2", but uses the kanji "煮" from the word "nimono", hence the hot pot logo.
  • As You Know: Many comics have a small "Pusoni Memo" text box off to the side, which explains a game mechanic that is the subject of the comic or a miscellaneous PSO2 detail. In the anime, these are introduced by a brief cut-in slide that is narrated by the characters.
  • Bait-and-Switch:
    • One comic has Mitarashi and Makino talking about their favorite characters from the game while on a Featured Quest. Mitarashi proceeds to talk about Xierra, Matoi and Io and why she likes them... then opens her Present Box and suddenly exclaims "I KNEW HANS IS THE BEST!" upon seeing a Bonus Key Tokyo (Gold).
    • A comic follows an attractive high-school girl wearing a yellow striped scrunchie in Makino's color as she goes to have lunch at Sweets Paradise. In the next comic, she arrives home to her grandmother's house; she sees her grandmother has logged into PSO2 again... as Makino!
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  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Zekt's only reaction to Mitarashi congratulating him on getting Gilles Weihen (14★ Jet Boots) is a decidedly nonplussed "Uh, yeah".
  • The Cameo: The comic that promotes the release of the first manga compilation has Nagisa and Emilia in the background.
  • Color-Coded Characters: In one comic, Tetora is greeted by Zekt, Mitarashi, and Dolche wearing reindeer suits. In this comic, each character is identified by the color suit they're wearing, compared to most normal comics which only have one colored panel.
  • Fanservice Pack: In one comic, Tetora insists on taking Mitarashi to the Salon. When they both come out, Tetora finds that Mitarashi has increased her bust size by a substantial amount.
  • Food Porn: One comic has Tetora crafting a Jerky from the Campship's Cuisine Shop. Upon hearing Tetora's description of Jerky, Mitarashi tells Tetora a delectable description of a bowl of ramen, complete with a relevant image. Tetora quickly suspects that Mitarashi is eating while playing.
  • G.I.R.L.:
    • Both Tetora and Mitarashi believe that the other is some middle-aged dude on the other side of the screen. Tetora plays it straight, but is a male college student instead of some old guy. Mitarashi subverts it, as her character is played by a young 20-something woman.
    • Both Ichika and Makino invert it; Ichika is a male Deuman played by a middle school girl with a case of Chuunibyou, while Makino is a male Newman played by an elderly woman.
    • In one comic, Tetora and Mitarashi are suddenly asked about their preference in fragrances by a random party member. Tetora is taken aback by the question since he believes that the "girl" is actually a guy.
  • Player Archetypes: Referenced in a comic where Tetora and Zekt's PSO2 playstyles are compared to each other, echoing the two common types of real PSO2 players. Tetora is the archetypal "casual" player, who plays on a "my pace" basis, mostly plays Emergency Quests with randoms, and just chats or takes screenshots the rest of the time. Zekt is the archetypal "hardcore" player, who does organized Advance Quest and Emergency Quest runs with his Team, does all of his Featured Quests, and knows zilch about the game's story.
  • Pragmatic Adaptation: In the very first comic, Mitarashi is seen praying at the shrine for 14★ drops. When the comic was adapted a year later, this specific line was changed into "15★ drops" due to the 15★ rarity tier having been released prior to the episode.

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