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5 Reasons To Describe Dopatwo

Okay, maybe less than 5, but still!

Dopatwo is a web animator best known for a series of Dota 2 animation series known as "Five Reasons To Pick", where he described five reasons how a Dota hero should be picked and played... and usually done with much hilarity and smooth chibi animation and using the massive sound bytes provided by the Dota 2 heroes. Part of the fun is that at times, a hero that becomes the focus doesn't always thrive, sometimes they suffer hilarious humiliations or damages as well.


You can view his videos here.

His tropes

  • Action Duo: The Centaur-Tiny combo is often used as a wrecking duo in his series.
  • April Fools' Day: You know he's trying to have one when he released a video for Techies BEFORE they were released, using the Warcraft sound bytes. The video itself ended up being nothing but someone yelling the Trollololo song with Axe spinning in the background. Though shortly later, the actual Techies video is released.
  • Affectionate Parody
  • Art Evolution: As more videos are added, it's clear that Dopatwo is evolving as an animator, boasting better animations, drawings and more varying sounds.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Many of his segments involve an epic build up for something awesome... only for it to instead produce Epic Fail, as a parody of Dota 2 players doing the same thing except without the epic build up.
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  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Enchantress has more focus on being this. This includes having no regrets when her converted creeps die due to heart attack, happily skewering and torturing Spirit Breaker and only to turn a puppy face on Tiny (to showcase Untouchable) and then attack while he's lowering his guard, and described as 'Pure Sweetness'... right after showing a mountain of corpse and her face bloodied as hell. This is despite just saying "You know what I love? Everything." and previously described as 'Dota 2's favorite waifu' (with Beastmaster hugging her pillows)
  • Butt-Monkey: Crystal Maiden is abused on daily basis for laughs because she's a hard support thus becoming a Memetic Loser. You can just count a few videos where she's not being abused. Even her focus video is nothing but everyone abusing her.
    • Faceless Void, aside of suffering CM-style abuses, always have to appear in the opening and then there are chances the focus hero of the video abusing him, or the creep he's farming giving the middle finger.
    • Sniper, if he's not being the douchebag, is also similarly abused.
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    • If Kunkka is to appear, chances are he'd be the punching bag of the current hero.
    • Master Yi is the primary target of abuse when it comes to taking potshots at LOL.
  • Evolving Credits: At the end of the video, there's usually a photo of all heroes that had their video feature. With each video, a new hero is added.
  • Exact Words: When they say "5 Reasons", there are really five reasons. It is obvious in early episodes where the first words in the video aside from its title are "His/Her qualities", followed by several sentences describing the hero, before moving on the other 4. The newer episodes drop the two first words completely, likely causing confusion to those who are new for the series. One thing to note that one "reason" is backgrounded black.
  • Gainaxing: Luna's breasts bounce during her feature video.
  • Invisible Anatomy: Newer versions of Puck only have two arms instead of 4, which is still less than the original version.
  • Ms. Fanservice: The Luna video seems to emphasis on how... alluring her features are (curves, ass, boobs)
  • Shout-Out: All over the place:
    • The opening uses a theme from Kirby's Dream Land
    • During Sven's 'His qualities' segment, the BGM is instead using Kurt Angle's theme.
    • During the Stifling Dagger segment of Phantom Assassin, Invoker is dressed as Joe Higashi and yells "HURRICANE UPPER!" when using Tornado.
    • Luna teams up with Drow Ranger and Vengeful Spirit to form a Power Rangers style team based on attack-boosting aura... with Troll Warlord as the BFG.
    • Lina is 'Sailor Mars in free time'.
    • Super Zeus Kart
    • "Ai wo Torimodose" plays during Tusk's introduction segment.
    • During Earthshaker's first section, Weaver is cosplaying Tracer while the 'Play of the Game' theme plays, which made sense since Tracer has Weaver's ult as one of her skills.
  • The Scrappy: In-Universe, as Dopatwo seems to dislike Alchemist the most, even giving a message that basically says "Fuck you" to all Alchemist players (giving him the most trouble) during his video.
  • Super-Deformed: Everyone, but worth mentioning that Ursa is drawn even smaller than he is, making him look like a cute bear cub... that mauls you to death.
  • Take That!: Many times, potshots to League of Legends are done, mostly in form of Master Yi also getting abused. Also there's a potshot against the Smite version of Zeus. Dopatwo himself doesn't really hate LOL, but he's more than willing to make parodies of the Fandom Rivalry between the two games, and he personally thought that Master Yi is not what he'd call a well-built champion.
    • Also subtly: After Outworld Devourer drains Nature Prophet's Intelligence too many times, he gets dumber and dumber looks... until he turned to Garen as the final transformation of dumbness.
  • There Can Be Only One: Mirana made her position of the top servant of Selemene by literally kicking Luna off the moon.
  • Troll: Sniper is a douche. More often than not, he'll ruin someone's day all while generating his "HWOO-HOO-HOO!!!" "Mm-hmm??" with a mini trollface to boot.
    • Additionally, Axe is his poster boy to do some "Hue hue hue" nastiness, and the majority of his video is about him trolling others.

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