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Vampires were created by the fae.
  • This theory comes in several parts. Part 1 being that the fae ruled humanity with an iron fist during pre-history but humans were getting tired of enslavement. Part 2 states that Lilith was created by the fae as a scary monster to hunt humans and terrorize them back into line. Part 3 is that Lilith got fed up with this and rebelled or quit so the fae somehow dragged her out into the sunlight (and she thinks she was actually created directly by god because her memory has gotten a bit fuzzy after 10,000 years as mush in a vial) and killed her. This caused Warlow and the vampires to go full on revolution with the humans and the fae empire was shattered but before they went into hiding they used that supernova skill en masse and killed the majority of humans and vampires and destroyed all their built up infrastructure. Warlow has been seeking to eradicate the fae to the last man, woman and child ever since as revenge for killing his sire and plans to somehow use Sookie to do it.
The bread from Season 1 really was cursed, and many (if not all) of Tara's woes throughout the show are rooted in eating it.
  • Lafayette warned Tara not to eat it during Gran's wake, because he could feel the "bad juju" coming off of it. With the revelation that Lafayette can see, channel and communicate with ghosts is it really so surprising that he could be right about a curse on a food item, born of the hate, misery and mistrust floating around the community at the time?
    • It would also explain why Tara's bad luck is so laser-guided and merciless.
Sookie is pregnant.
  • Because it HAS to happen eventually, why not now? And with rumors of Warlow being a vampire/fairy hybrid, this can bring up some interesting new directions for season 6. Supe hybrids? Count me in. Who doesn't want to see a fampire or fairwolf? And with equality, race, belonging, and labels being such a strong theme throughout True Blood, it only seems appropriate.

Jessica will die, possibly by sunlight exposure.
Why? Because she's the Claudia to Bill's Louis.

Renee's ghost still haunts Arlene
In the latter half of season 3, Lafayette has a sudden vision of Renee strangling Arlene. Since it's now been revealed that Lafayette is a medium and can see dead people, that can only mean one thing.

Hoyt will become Bubba
The two vid bloggers at Camp Blood suspected that Jason calling Hoyt "Bubba" amidst a mess of zombie vampires (the rotting kind with Pam, the Mind Controlled kind with Eric and others) was foreshadowing at his eventual fate. If Hoyt dresses up as Elvis for halloween, it's pretty much a done deal.

Tara will shoot Sookie by accident
Judging by the comic-con trailer, it seems Tara (driven by revenge on the entire vampire race) is hunting them down in a misty graveyard. Sookie suffers a gunshot wound in said misty graveyard. It's likely Tara will have done this by mistake. This will either be her My God, What Have I Done? moment or her Moral Event Horizon.
  • Jossed. Sookie did get shot, but only by a stray bullet that wasn't Tara's.

Sam will become a Skinwalker
Luna, Sam's new love interest, admits that her jealous ex-boyfriend is a werewolf and often spies on her. If that's not a setup for Sam to kill another shifter (thus becoming a skinwalker), I don't know what is.
  • I believe Luna said that a shifter must kill another shifter in their own family to become a skinwalker, so Sam would not become a skinwalker unless he kills Tommy or his mother (or another shifter relative who has yet to be introduced on the show). Also, the show makes a distinction between shifters, who can turn into any type of animal, and werewolves (or werepanthers, etc.), who have one specific animal form that they can shift into, so I'm not sure that a shifter could become a skinwalker by killing a werewolf, even if the werewolf were a family member.
    • Still likely, considering just how much Tommy likes to antagonize Sam.

Tommy will embrace his powers as a Skinwalker.
By killing his mother. He will then impersonate Hoyt's mom in order to get the money from the natural gas rights.
  • The first half was confirmed. Time will tell on the second.
    • The second half is confirmed.

The Inquisition was started up by the Vampires.
If the witches had power over the Vampires, it's likely the Inquisition was started up by vampire thralls in order to hunt the witches down and exterminate them.

Godric is actually The First.
The First apparently really likes to torment vampires, and Eric without his memories is perfectly vulnerable for it to sneak in. Season 4 promos have shown Eric and vision Godric, an ideal form for the First to take to get under Eric's skin.

Bill is the new King of Louisiana
This one's pretty likely, since in preview materials for season 4 Bill is confirmed to be still alive after challenging Sophie-Anne to a fight to the death. He is also seen discussing a situation with Eric, concerning a coven of witches.yeah this one has been proven.
  • Confirmed.

Sophie-Anne is villain and has been Obfusticating Stupidity
She's been playing everyone since day one in an Evil Plan to seize Eddington's territory, his money, and a source of Fairy Blood in one masterstroke and pretending to be nothing more than a spoiled brat all the while. Even if it was all just dumb luck, expect her to exclaim "EXACTLY AS PLANNED!" in the season finale.

Bill set the Rattrays on Sookie.
Bill engineered the whole beating situation in order to give Sookie his blood and at the same time create an emotional and physical dependency by playing the part of the savior. Supported by the fact that Mack was no longer suffering from V-juice withdrawal: Where did he get his fix?
  • As of the season 3 finale, I called it.

Jason has Eidetic Memory
Except he doesn't realize that he does. Supported by the fact that Jason often has very vivid flashbacks of recent events, represented by high-contrast and over saturated footage, much like when Sookie receives visual thoughts from people.

The cast will incriminate Andy
Eggs was shot in the right-hand side of his head. Since Andy has a bloody great plaster cast on his left arm, there's no way he could have done that unless he was standing behind him. The sheriff will work this out. Then one of two things will happen: Either he'll arrest Andy, or he'll try to cover up what he believes was a necessary crime and someone else will find out. From a meta perspective, Andy's cast has so far been a pointless prop. This could be its purpose.
  • Jossed. Sheriff Dearborne bought Andy's story, then stepped down as Sheriff of Bon Temps, appointing Andy as his replacement.

The Vampire Queen can control probability
  • Apparently the older you are as a vampire, the more powers you accumulate. Ergo as the odest one in the Bayou, she could concievably be able to control local (at least within her lair and surrounding area) probability. This is one of only 2 ways I see her being able to get 6 Yahtzees in a single game, the other is that they count the whole Play to 5000 thing as one entire game.
    • Why? Because for all her posturing about Yahtzee being a great equalizer she wants to win. There have thusfar been no Vampires in REAL power wanting anything close to equality with humaity, mainstreaming, or "Equal Rights" as they are seen a step down to the elites. The closest one with anything resembling power that also wanted equality was Godric, but He not only refuses power on ultiple occasions, he "Meets the Sun" in an act of suicide
    • Pretty much Jossed in season three , where shes out of pocket and desperately playing Scratchies, badly.
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    • She isn't the oldest vampire in Louisiana, that would be Eric.

Sam is in hiding from a large pack of shifters.
Basically, Sam seems more skittish about the people around him than is reasonable. Part of that can be chalked up to his background and the abuse there, but I suspect that's only part of the story. It would also explain why he's so very, very hesitant to tell people he's a shifter. He's worried about being discovered by the pack he is hiding from.

[Insert character here] is a Time Lord
Because SOMEONE had to say it.
  • My money is on Ruby Jean.
  • Nah. Rene. He'll be back.

Sookie's powers are affected by vampire blood.
It seems that throughout the series, Sookie gets far less assaulted by the random thoughts of people around her as her control over her mind reading abilities improves. In fact, she has to put effort into reading Maryann. This is no coincidence, as she's been drinking from Bill, a vampire with a talent for Glamouring people's minds. His vampire daughter, Jessica, masters glamouring very quickly despite having been turned only a few months ago. This implies a bloodline talent.Furthermore, Sookie develops some kind of kinetic ability shortly after drinking a bit of blood from Eric, who is an Elder vampire gifted with the ability to fly.
  • Or it could just be that she needed more effort to read Maryann because she isnt human. the flashy-hands thing isnt vampire related so why would blood affect it? She may have had it all along but never been confident enough to use it. Given how Maryann described being on the receiving end of it, its more likely related to Sookie's blood, not Bill's or Eric's.
    • It's outright stated that her mind-reading really only works well on non-supernatural folks. Shifters mostly just seem to be more "guttural" and "simple", but vampire, maneads etc. don't work. The flashiness seems to be a case of emotional stress making her (very thin) fairy blood spike to a greater power.
      • According to the books, this is a fact. Book!Sookie actually uses this to her advantage in the first book
Lorena, Bill and Jessica are better glamourers than other vampires
Demonstrated by comparing Jessica and Eric. Eric, an Elder, could only hypnotize one Soldier of the Sun, leaving the other two ready to flank him. Jessica, just a few months turned, could hold the minds of two bar patrons at Merlotte.

Jessica is a better glamourer because of Sookie.
In order to turn her, Bill had to replace Jessica's blood with the blood contained within his own body, and Bill had only been feeding on Sookie up until that point. This means that it's Sookie's blood flowing through Jessica's veins as much as Bill's. This grants Jessica stronger powers than a Vampire her age should have.

Vampires can be affected by Sookie's blood.
Being of Fairy lineage (at least in the books), Sookie's blood can potentially affect Vampires the same way vampire blood affects humans. In the second episode, Bill feeds Sookie his own blood to save her life, and drinks from her wounds while she heals. It's not unexpected for Sookie to obsess over Bill afterward (as it is a side effect from drinking V) but Bill reciprocates just as quickly. Some fans (most likely Sookie/Eric Shippers) point out how unrealistic the official couple's relationship is: This is intentional.
  • Sookie's blood can also affect a Vampire's behaviour. Bill is, at first, just as mysterious as any other Vampire, but as the series goes on he behaves more and more like a flawed human being. Queen Sophie-Anne notices this and, suspecting the girl's lineage, warns Eric against feeding from Sookie, possibly because he would be more vulnerable to this effect as he is an Elder.
    • Or perhaps because she wants the fairy blood all to herself.
  • This is somewhat supported by the introduction of Hep D, an asymptomatic disease in humans with the side effect of making the infected's blood somewhat unsafe for Vampiric consumption. It's not immediately lethal, but Vampires gotta watch what they eat.
  • As of season 3 episode 7, consuming a large quantity of Sookie's blood increased Bill's resistance to sunlight to the point that he could even use his Celerity even as his skin started to burn.

Sookie can't read minds.
Think about it. She's just pretending to. She might get a few lucky guesses, but it was a crapshoot. After her parents' death, she started to fall back on this to console herself, make her feel special, maybe cover up some learning disorder by using her "telepathy" as an excuse. The whole town feels sorry for her, so they're just going along and feeding to her delusions. And when she does get something right that's important to the plot (ie, the Ratrays' scheme), she only guessed this because she's probably not very trusting. She's also been picked on as a kid, and often as an adult. This would make her a little angry and lead her to not to trust.
  • There's simply too many times that she pulls specific information about things she couldn't possibly know about from thin air; not to mention things like being able to pick up on the thoughts of people in other rooms or in a building that she's not even in.

Sookie is Stephenie Meyer.
Think about it. The show came out at the apex of the vampire fad (ignoring the books; they're pretty much in a different continuity). There are characters who have never shown signs of friendship, or even any interaction at all (Such as Sam coming to Eric for help in the second season). The plot-holes and the exposition (Tara telling Sookie that they have been friends since childhood). Contradictions abound (Vampires having emotions). Broken Aesops (vampires being a euphemism for gays, but want to follow the humans' rules and are blood-thirsty killers). I think Meyer is writing for the show. BUT MORE LIKELY, she IS Sookie. Because:

Bella=Meyer=Twilight. True Blood is part of the vampire fad caused by Twilight. Therefore, True Blood=Twilight. True Blood=Sookie, so Sookie=Stephenie Meyer. Insane Troll Logic needs to be applied for full understanding.

There will be a lot more Ho Yay in th next season.
Because it's Alan Ball. And it won't make a lick of sense. Because this is True Blood. Do not question Alan Ball.
  • Stephen Moyer said in an interview that he'd be down for a love scene with Alexander Skarsgard. Do not brush this theory off.
    • It's almost time to say it. I can feel "I KNEW IT" on the edge of my lips.

True Blood is a Stealth Parody
Think about it. Godawful accents, the stereotypes, the (somewhat idiotic) main character. The creators wanted to make fun of the vampire fad.

Either that, or the accents are similar to bad acting in pornos. The show is basically a soft-core porno. Ergo, it's also quite possible the series is making fun or porno movies AND vampires. This show is going after anything in its path!

  • I have thought from day one that it was the equivalent of a Mary Sue fanfic.
  • I thought parody was the idea. It's essentially HBO's take on the daytime soap.
The show is actually AGAINST gay rights.
As much as I enjoy the show, this just hit me, and it makes a bit too much sense. Some people accuse the show of having a Broken Aesop, but that’s not true if they’re trying to make gays look bad. The vampires are shown as being dangerous, and thinking themselves superior to everyone else. The real give away to me is the Tru Blood itself, that most vampires don’t even like, but which seems to be used as a major part of their political platform (“We don’t HAVE to drink human blood anymore.”). It reminds me of the way conservatives claim that gays don’t really want to get married, but are pushing for gay marriage just as a way to normalize themselves. (needless to say, I hope I’m wrong about this)
  • Well, when you put it like that, it makes half the WMG's I was gonna post wrong. :P
  • There really isn't a gay rights message either way in the show itself. It's just advertisment. It's probably not anti-gay in any case, considering that the director is gay.

Tara is Tara.
Think about it. Arguably Too Dumb to Live, stubborn as fuck, a little self-centered and lashes out at the slightest bit of provocation?

Maryann Forrester was Helen Vaughan.
They're both demonic women connected with a Classical deity of nature and wildness. Both appear to be human yet really aren't and operate by seducing their victims with a charming facade before driving them to deviant sexual behavior, dark worship, madness, and suicide. Both are also subtly linked to Satan and primordial evil. Makes perfect sense.

Villiers turned page after page, absorbed, in spite of himself, in the frightful Walpurgis Night of evil, strange monstrous evil, that the dead artist had set forth in hard black and white. The figures of Fauns and Satyrs and Aegipans danced before his eyes, the darkness of the thicket, the dance on the mountain-top, the scenes by lonely shores, in green vineyards, by rocks and desert places, passed before him: a world before which the human soul seemed to shrink back and shudder.

Shapeshifters got their power from inbreeding.
Now that we know what Crystal and her family are, and the fact that her father placed so much emphasis on "uncontaminated blood" and her betrothal, not to mention Tommy and his family, I'd say it's a safe bet that all shapeshifters got that way due to generations of inbreeding. Either that, or too many years using meth.
  • Potentially Jossed: one of Hotshot's elders tells the tale of the origins of his pack of shifters, which involves a man and a woman being granted the power by a nature deity. The gift was passed through the blood, and thus the myth encouraged in-breeding. However, the hotshot pack undermine their own myth by infecting Jason in their efforts to get new blood, as generations of inbreeding are starting to take their toll, causing sterility and stillbirths.
  • It's actually shown that shifting itself is genetic; while the real source hasn't been positively pinpointed, it's entirely likely that the Hotshot clan simply got into the whole inbreeding hick clan thing because... Well, they're a rather stereotypical inbreeding hick clan that just so happens to be werepanthers. MANY more shifters have been shown in season 4, and so far only that one pounce has been shown to actually be engaging in inbreeding.

Tara has powers that sense powers
This is part of why she has trouble forming relationships. Every time someone uses a bit of power, she gets something like a tickle. It's not enough to set her off, just there. This is why Jason's Kavorka Man powers stopped working once she got over a childhood infatuation, on some level, she knows what they are. And she can't tell Sookie's reading her mind because of the expression, but because she can feel it happening.

When she was young, she actually had positive associations with this—Sookie, mindreader, was her best friend, and Jason was very close—but as she's been meeting vampires, she's growing to associate it with them. Add in vampire Franklin raping her, and all that, and suddenly she's got very strong conditioning for it to be negative. Jason was her last fully positive, since Sookie made it clear she'd choose Bill over her if she forced a choice...and then Jason admitted he killed Eggs. This finished the job, and Tara now has something like a mini-panic attack whenever supernatural shows up. Anyway, remember how she reacted upon seeing Franklin? Yes, he's trying to kill her, but she goes from freaked out to determined in surprisingly little time after Jason shoots him.

Tara has a latent talent for witchcraft, like Lafayette
It was already confirmed in Season 3 that Lafayette has some kind of supernatural power that witches like Jesus can sense, and that he and Tara are descended from conjurers. Marianne actually said to Tara in Season 2 that Tara was responsible for summoning her by participating in the exorcism ritual with Miss Jeanette, although Miss Jeanette turned out to be a charlatan. The promos for Season 4 indicate that itg will heavily feature witches, so both Tara and Lafayette may discover their own supernatural abilities. Also, Tara is likely to end up involved in something supernatural even after she leaves Bon Temps, because her own hidden mystical qualities attract other supernatural beings.
  • Tara adopted the name "Toni" during her time in New Orleans. This could be foreshadowing that she will be the new vessel for Antonia. Their similar experiences with vampires further support that.

Eric's hallucinations of Godric weren't hallucinations
Yes, this could veering nearer Epileptic Trees, and sounds more like blantant fangirlism, but it comes from a lot of thought, and the knowledge that the character is popular enough for them to try to get the actor back next series. First thing to consider is that out of all the 'burning' scenes, Godric's has been the only one which has burnt bright blue ... an effect which looks highly similar to Sookie's magic light to be exact. Hm, interesting, in't it? Secondly, we have to consider the way that they interacted with Eric. Considering the constant requests to forgive Russell, it is unlikely - for the purposes of this WMG though, truthfully there is that possiblity still - to be Eric's own subconscious.

Since Alan Ball has confirmed that series 4 will have witches, it suggests that the main plot of the fourth book, Eric loosing his memory may still happen. So the WMG is this (spoiler tagged for those who haven't read the book): During his memory loss, Eric will continue to see hallucinations of Godric, suggesting to all that it's his memory trying to come back. Then Godric appears to Pam or, more likely, Sookie. It will be mind blowing.

Why is this happening? It'll be connected to the Authority somehow.

Some vampires are more Special then others
]]Remember when Sookie asked if all Vampires could fly and Eric waved it off it got me thinking. That select Vampires due to a quirk of blood are more talented then others. Could be bloodlines could be random chance. Take Jessica taking down a Werewolf on V . Or Bill's ability to alter his voice. These ones usually finds themselves in the services of the higher ups. Hence why Bill who may have other spy like skills ended up working for the Queen.
  • As vampire age their blood becomes more magical gaining them newer and better abilities. Eric is 1000 somewhere between being made and now he garnered the ability to fly. I also believe that Godric could fly.

Jessica will turn Hoyt
Either that or break up with him or kill him. I am calling it before more of Season 4 unfolds.

Arlene's baby is Terry's
Conceived while Maryann was posessing him, so that baby has a bit of Maryann in him. Arlene is right, it is evil, just not because of Rene.
  • Appears to be jossed as of season four episode four. Someone or something clearly wants Terry to know that the baby isn't his.
  • Jossed again (Double-jossed? Sounds like a cooking method). Turns out the whole "Baby not yours" business was from the ghost of a Creole woman who claimed Mikey as hers after her own baby was murdered by its father.

Fellowship of the Sun patented the wooden bullets in Sookie's absense
We saw the Fellowship of the Sun just coming up with the idea of wooden bullets, likely custom made by them. Franklin doesn't have a clue about wooden bullets prior to Jason liquifying him. Fast forward a year, and Tara is walking around with wooden bullets in her revolver, and Pam doesn't bat an eye at the idea. Russeell scared the world into fearing vampires again, and the Fellowship of the Sun came up with an answer to everybody's problem; wooden bullets. Since killing vampires is still illegal, they're marketed for self defense usage.
  • Only if the writers didn't do their homework. Wooden bullets have been around for a long time (the Japanese were known to use them in World War II). You don't hear about them much because they are banned under The Laws and Customs of War; getting shot by one is a nasty way to die.

Jason is going to be the coolest werepanther EVER
He's already more educated than the others (which is saying a lot), and from all that V he took a while back, and when Jessica found him, he must be as strong as ten men.
  • Jossed. Were-anythings cannot pass it on by biting. The werepanther tribe was misinformed on this.
    • Not necessarily knocked out. The effects of his rape and "turning" may not have taken effect, not yet at least.

Baby Mikey isn't really an Enfant Terrible
It's the creepy little doll that they now own Until he showed up, all of the creepy supernatural things that happened in the house could have been explained by Arlene's paranoia on discovering that it might be Rene's baby. The creepy little doll is playing off Arlene's fears and pinning the blame on poor, innocent Baby Mikey.
  • Partially confirmed. The spirit of a woman whose baby was killed is attached to the doll.

Nan is the one who released Russell Edgington
A lot of people seem to think it was Pam, given how Eric treated her in the last two episodes, to get revenge on Sookie. First of all, Eric was the one who killed Russell's lover, so I doubt that Pam would take such a risk with Eric's life, as she still loves him. It makes sense for it to be Nan Flanagan. She was kicked out of both the AVL and the Authority, with her last orders being to kill Eric and Bill. Knowing she would be next, she decided she would take her chances with Edgington. He already hates the Authority, plus he's the world's known oldest vampire. He'd be a powerful ally to have in a mutiny. When she was talking to Eric and Bill about 'other factions' that are unhappy with the Authority, she was talking about Russell.
  • Jossed. It was Salome.

Alternatively, The Blades are the ones who released Russell Edgington, and have also recruited Steve Newlin to their cause
The Blades were mentioned in one throwaway line by Sam in Season 1, and this show has a habit of using throwaway lines to foreshadow events that'll happen the following season (SEE: Ruby-Jean Reynolds, warning Lafayette in Season 3 that 'the vampires and witches are coming for you'). At the same time the Blades were trying to find Russell Edgington after his 'world debut,' Steve Newlin is kidnapped by unrelated vampires, presumably tortured and then turned against his will, so he too could experience the prejudice and hate and violence he and others have been preaching against vampires. He's left to fend for himself and is found by the Blades, who give him training and shelter in exchange for his help against the vampires. It makes sense for a fundamentalist like Steve: he's already damned, but if he kills enough vampires, God might forgive him and save whatever is left of his soul. The Blades soon find out where Russell is buried and get Steve to glamour the construction worker into digging him up. While the Blades carry Russell off to their headquarters, Steve decides to go kill/taunt Jason Stackhouse, for the hell of it.

The vampires are, in at least a few ways, an allegory for drug addicts, particularly those addicted to opiates.

Let's see... they are able to "mainstream" by drinking a substitute for human blood so they do not have to hurt humans by draining their blood. Sounds somewhat similar to drug addicts taking up maintenance treatments like Methadone or Buprenorphine (which are just substitutions for the drugs they were on) so they don't have to constantly leech families/friends for money and/or in extremely desperate cases, rob people. Also, vampires' reaction to going too long without feeding/sleeping (i.e. bleeding out from every orifice) is eerily similar to one of the first symptoms of opiate withdrawal - sudden overproduction of bodily fluid secretions, especially from the eyes and nose.

Salome is Lilith
Or, at least her reincarnation. As a human, she was told who she was and accepted to become a vampire, because that was the only way she could tap into the power of the First. She's been waiting for an opportunity to reveal herself, and plans to completely destroy the Authority from the inside-out and remake the world as it was written in the vampire bible. Also, she's the one who released Russell, seeing as he's now the figurehead/martyr of the Sanguinista Movement and is the perfect rallying avatar for her followers.
  • Jossiewossiepoos. Lilith is another character.
    • Considering how she was introduced, the jury's still out on that one
    • Another theory which accounts for the hallucination while still maintaining that Saolme is Lilith. Salome could have been a real member of the Authority, but was either killed or possessed by Lilith. Either way, the real Salome was replaced by Lilith for an unknown amount of time (perhaps centuries) and has been plotting to take out Roman and reassert her authority over the Earth. The blood the others consumed could very well have been hers, it simply showed them her image as they went on a drunken killing spree. This seems to be supported at least partly in "Everybody wants to Rule the World; while having sex with Salome, bill hallucinates Sookie before she is suddenly and violently replaced by the image of Lilith. Bill then stares at the blood on his hand, having just drunk from Salome. It proves that it is perhaps her blood which triggers such a drastic reaction in other vampires. Not to mention that afterwards, Bill appears to be even further beneath her spell when he still had doubts at the beginning of the episode.

Bill's accent is a clever attempt to render a pre-Civil War Louisiana accent
Rather than just being, you know, a lousy accent. SOOKEH!

The Vampires would fall under these clans -

  • Ventrue: King Russell, Queen Sophie and The Magistrate
  • Brujah: Lorene, Bill, and Jessica
  • Gangrel: Godric
  • Toreador: Eric and Pam
  • Malkavin: Franklin

The Werewolves would fall under these tribes -

  • Get of Fenris: Cooter and Marcus
  • Bone Gnawers: Debbie, Alcide, and The Pack Leader

The other shifters are obviously -

  • Baset: Crystal & Felton Norris, Jason, the Felton Family at Hot Shot
  • Skinwalker: Tommy, Sam, Emerial, Daphne, Luna, and Melinda

The fae so far follow these kith from The Dark Ages -

  • Piskey of Spring Court: Sookie, Barry, and Sookie's grandfather
  • Boggard of Autumn Court: Hunter
  • True Fae: Claudine, Claude, and Queen Mab

The magic wielders (mages/witches/sorcerers) have the following spheres -

  • Spirit/Entropy: Marnie Stonebrook
  • Force/Correspondence/Mind/Death: Antonia Gavilán de Logroño
  • Spirit/Quintessence: Lafayette

The Stranger Beings seem to have come from Exalted so far -

  • Lunar Exalted: Maryann Forrester
  • Wraith: Rene (AD)

Martha Bozeman is the one who told the masked humans about shifters
Think about it. She's just lost her only child, and the only living relative of hers is definitely a werewolf. Like Marcus, Martha wants to keep Emma safe within the pack and get her away from Luna, despite what she says. And why is it that only the shifters in Sam's circle are the ones who got killed? And all within two nights of each other? Plus, last season, Luna tells Sam that Marcus has a habit of stalking her. He might have known whom she was running with, and told his mother about it. Of all the characters on the show, it's Martha who gains the most from having all the shifters in the area killed off: she not only gets revenge for Marcus (Sam might not have killed him, but he was there when he died. And since she can't get revenge on Alcide...), she also gets sole custody of Emma, as her only living relative.
  • The latest episode seems to support this. The leader of the hate group - the 'Dragon' - gave one of the members a special assignment. He was last seen disguised as a hospital orderly, infiltrating the very same hospital that Luna is in. The only person who knows about Luna being a shifter AND the only one who has probable cause to harm her AND the only one who has visited her there is Martha.
  • And there's the fact that no other shifters and/or 'supes' have been reported killed or otherwise since Luna and Sam were attacked....

The Authority are about to undergo a culling
Judging from the expressions seen when Russell staked Roman and some other evidence, I'd say more than one Authority member has been working with the Sanguinistas all along. Dieter and Rosalyn are about to be killed by Russell, while Salome and Kibwe have been working with him the entire time. Salome freed Russell, and Kibwe kept an eye on him when not with the Authority. He wasn't following Bill and Eric; he was there to make sure Russell was arrested instead of staked.half confirmed!
  • Not exactly; Dieter was the only other Authority councilman to get killed, mostly because he was trying to give a rousing speech to the others in the face of fanaticism. Russell interrupted him, after which everyone fell in line, including Bill and Eric who thought the blood was metaphorical and wouldn't have any effect. They were wrong.

Eric and Alcide will end up together
Bonding over a shared mutual attraction to Sookie, and the fact that she chooses neither of them, they will become romantically involved.

Hoyt will get in too far with the hate group
But Jason will forgive him, saying he (Jason) went through the same thing with the Fellowship of the Sun and knows how Hoyt felt.

Lilith doesn't exist, and her supposed blood is actually Queen Mab's blood
Look at the way the vampires reacted after they drunk out of that vial. It's reminiscent of how Amnesiac!Eric behaved after sucking Claudine dry in season 4. Also, Dieter mentioned that he knew the vampire who wrote their bible, and that he was high as fuck when he wrote it. The only thing that's been established to make vampires behave this way is faerie blood. Chances are, that blood belongs to a very pure, very powerful faerie if only a few drops is enough to make even Russell Edgington act loopy. And since Queen Mab is the Faerie Queen - and the most powerful faerie introduced thus far - that's her blood. And that's what sparked off the near-genocide of the faeries: Mab was the first fey ever bitten by vampires, and that's how they realized how potent they could be. It could explain her reasoning behind sealing off every faerie and hybrid away from the human world.
  • Also, when Godric's apparition snaps Eric out of the trance, Eric finds that he can't see or hear Lilith anymore, making it look like Nora and the others are talking to thin air.

Claudine was working with Worlow
Claudine (before Eric sucked her dry) made it clear that her goal is to protect Sookie, and protecting Sookie meant getting her into the faerie world ASAP, whatever means necessary. Perhaps Worlow found out about the Stackhouses' supernatural lineage, but Claudine convinced him to spare Sookie...and in exchange, he could feed on her parents and probably Jason too. But as soon as Worlow smelled how tasty she was, Claudine had to step in and immobilize him before he could do anything. It explains how she knew him, and it fits in with the tradition of faeries coming to kidnap hybrid children and whisking them away.

The identity of 'Dragon', the leader of the redneck assassins
The leader is:
  • Bud Dearborne
    • After a long absence, he comes back to the show for a single scene where he doesn't really do anything. They were re-establishing his character.
    • He's someone Hoyt would count as a 'friendly face'.
    • He's always seemed to dislike vampires.
    • The 'large woman' Luna smelled could be Bud's mistress Sweetie.
    • Confirmed!
  • Mike Spencer
    • Again, he's returned after a long absence. The 'lady friend' sounds almost like an alibi and his appearance wasn't even needed within the context of the show; they'd already zipped up the body.
    • Jossed. See above.
  • Maxine Fortenberry
    • Luna smelled a 'large woman'.
    • She has a hatred for vampires, among other things.
    • She would be a 'friendly face' for Hoyt.
    • She could be aware of shapeshifters following her experiences with Sam and Tommy.
    • On the negative side, what's her motivation now that she has Hoyt back and Jessica out of the picture?
    • Jossed. See above.

Warlo is Russell's maker, and he makes a habit of giving blood to families connected to faeries and/or their kids, so he's psychically connected to them
Denis O'Hare has said that Russell was a druid priest before he was turned. It'd be a way for the audience to take Warlo seriously (Also, 'Warlo' is Welsh for 'Warlock,' something these British faeries would know), by having him be more powerful and more monstrous than the world's known-oldest vampire to date. It's also been established that humans who've had vampire blood will always be connected to the vampire they fed from. Warlo, being an old vampire who's had dealings with faeries (how else would Claudine know about him?, would know enough to track down the families that have fey lineage. And every time a child is born into a certain fey-connected family, he first glamours the parents into letting him in, gives the infant his blood, and glamours the parents to forget about it. Then he waits to see if the child develops psychic powers.

It would add an extra layer of creepy to Sookie's link to him: since she was a baby, a vampire has been able to feel her and she didn't know. And it puts the other hybrids in danger as well, the ones still here and the others that are trapped with Queen Mab. You've got a powerful vampire wizard who can feel each and every single faerie hybrid that's alive right now. With enough faerie blood (and magic, possibly) in him, Warlo could conceivably break down Queen Mab's barrier and enter the faerie realm himself.

  • And in the latest episode Adele's ghost leads Sookie to her box of childhood photos and memories when she asks who Warlo is. Warlo might have made contact with her when she was a baby, or when she was a child.

Luna and Martha will either take out Steve Newlin or Nigel Beckford, and then get killed
Now that Emma's become Steve's pet/a hostage to keep the pack in line, who else but our resident Mama Bear and Cool Old Lady to go and save her? It'll either be Steve who bites the dust (seeing as he's the one who's 'keeping' her) or Nigel (the child-devouring psychopath who has already eaten a child ONSCREEN and God knows how many since the Sanguinistas took over the Authority. Tell me he's not going to go after Emma when she turns back into a human). If it's Steve...well, Russell has a soft spot for him. And season 3 proves that if you kill someone Russell cares for, nothing good ever comes from it. It's more likely to be Luna (if she doesn't go out here, she'll probably succumb to the ravages of being a Skinwalker), since this show likes to kill off/make evil every woman poor Sam has ever loved.

Salome will kill Steve in an effort to get Russell focused
She went through all that effort of digging him up, and now he's flirting with a baby vampire and not taking the Sanguinista Movement/Lilith worship/Mainstream smashing as seriously as he should, Lilith-damnit. Look at how annoyed she seems every time they're trying to do important work, and the both of them are making googly eyes at each other. And with the favour/affection of the world's oldest vampire, Steve will get a little too big for his boots and try to boss her around. This will, of course, backfire spectacularly on him. Either that, or she'll kill him regardless, blame it on humans, and use that excuse to focus Russell's fury on their global conquest.
  • Seemingly jossed. With Russell more or less quitting the Authority to go faerie-hunting, this scenario doesn't look likely to happen

Russell will die if/when he goes after Sookie
And it will be due to the contract that binds her to Warlo. The thing is written in old faerie language, and is very sacred and very binding. If Russell goes after Sookie, either the magic in the contract will destroy him, or Warlo himself will show up and wipe the floor with him.
  • Partly confirmed: Russell does die, but from a combination of Eric staking him and the light from the Faerie Elder he drank overpowering him

Lilith's blood is a magical virus
And it works by literally replacing a vampire's blood with her own. The more a vampire feeds off it, the more batshit and 'religious' they become. It explains how Salome and Nora are such dye-in-the-wool Sanguinistas, and if you want a more literal example, there's Nora and Eric's vision of Godric getting literally ripped apart by Lilith, i.e her blood in their systems overpowering his

Sam will stake Steve Newlin
In the authority headquarters, Steve will be talking to Eric, then suddenly a fly on the wall will shift into Sam, and he'll stake Steve, then start yelling triumphantly...then he'll turn and see Eric looking shocked.
Sam: What?
Eric: me, you should not have done that.

Regardless of whether or not Lilith is real or a hallucination, she/her blood is playing its drinkers against one another
As of "Sunset", it seems that various vampires who have drunk the blood are having visions of Lilith declaring them her "Chosen One". We've already seen it come to bloodshed, what with Bill beheading Kimbwe, who claimed to also be Lilith's chosen. If Lilith is merely a hallucination, then it means that whatever is in the blood is making the vampires even more homicidal and crazed as time goes on. If Lilith is in fact real, then it means that she is indeed looking for a chosen goading those who have drunk from her to kill one another in hopes that the strongest will remain to lead the vampires to rule the world.

Lilith is an agent of tzeentch.
Lilith seems to be able to affect the physical world to a degree and is always messing with a vampires mind.shes is actively getting the vampires to worship her and as of episode 11 shes playing the authority leaders against each other telling all of them you'r the chosen one.

Nora will start a new religion, based on the teachings of Godric
And it will be the coolest religion ever.
  • Further evidenced by in the recent episode, where Eric asks Nora to 'swear on Godric'. With Bill becoming the 'living' incarnation of the vampire god, there will probably be a religion formed around him, so to counteract that, Nora will start a Godric-based religion.

Russell is Warlow
But the pact was so long ago, he forgot about it, but then the fairies will reveal it from him, then he'll say something along the lines of:
Russell: Oh yeah! I knew I'd heard the name 'Stackhouse' before!
  • Jossed, as Russell is sadly dead and Warlow is Ben Flynn.

Warlow is manipulating Jason
The Stackhouse parents that Jason has been hallucinating? They're illusions created and controlled by Warlow to drive a divide between Jason and Sookie. The only reason the hallucinations tell Jason to kill Warlow is because Warlow is very confident that Jason will be unable to really kill him.

True Blood takes place in the Daybreakers universe
There is a blurb in Daybreakers that mention that Vampires came open to the public but humans lashed out against them, and the world we see in Daybreakers is the result, where humans lost. We are not given a timeline on how long this took but for all we know, co-existence could have lasted a few years. Keeping in mind the events of Season 5, perhaps humans and vampires did go to war as a result of the events on True Blood. Here is a possible list of events that could have happened:
  • The Vampire Authority is wiped out, alongside most ancient vampires. The new generation of vampires that rise to power are, as a result, somewhat weaker and completely unaware of the vampire politics that shaped the pre-war world, free to shape the world as they see fit.
    • On a similar scale, most of the people involved in the True Blood storyline are either killed or go into hiding. By the time Daybreakers takes place, nobody has any idea of what happened in those years or the existence of other supernaturals.
  • The True Blood factories are utterly destroyed and the formula lost. The frantic work of various corporations in Daybreakers to create a synthetic blood formula is borne out of a desire to re-create True Blood.
  • Vampire-specific businesses we see in True Blood such as the Anubis Airlines survive, their products such as sun-shielded cars, buildings and armor, once customised and rare, becoming mass produced.
Can't explain the differences in how vampires are created or what happens when they die or starve, but beyond that, the two universes seem remarkably similar to eachother.
At the beginning of Season 6, Eric will mistake Sam for Bill
  • Just a thought I had, since they (Sam and Bill) were both last seen in the Authority headquarters naked and covered in blood.
As of the Season 5 Finale, Bill is officially dead.
  • Bill's been easily swayed before, but never to the point of total brainwash. He wouldn't have accepted his role as a Card-Carrying Villain if he didn't want it. Maybe he was just tired of running. Bill's subplot has always revolved around his search for somewhere to belong, and with the Sanguinistas, he finally found somewhere to be himself without shame. The fulfillment he found in his new home god rid of his pathetic reliance on Sookie, which was his excuse to reject what he really wanted in life. It's not a happy ending for our favorite mopey vampire, but it's what he wanted all along. There's really no way to come back from that. Plus, we saw him explode. That's True Blood language for "super duper dead."

Lilith is not a vampire, but another creature whose blood has the same effects on vampires as vampire blood has on humans (and "Billith" has become the same thing, as of the season 5 finale)
Compare the effects of Lilith's blood on vampires to the effects of vampire blood on humans. Drinking Lilith's blood in small quantities causes vampires to become high, to hallucinate about her and become obsessed with her, and apparently to crave more of her blood. In the season finale, we see that drinking larger quantities of her blood causes the vampire to undergo the true death and then be resurrected as a "new Lilith". For humans, drinking vampire blood causes them to get high, to have erotic dreams about the vampire whose blood they drank, and is addictive. When do humans ingest large quantities of vampire blood? When they are turned—dying and then being resurrected as a vampire. Looks like Bill just rose one link on the food chain.

Jesus was a vampire, because Russell Edgington turned him into one.
Russell was hanging out with Godric and some other vampires around 33 CE, and the topic came up of a revolutionary philosopher named 'Jesus' who had everybody talking. Russell thought the guy sounded interesting, and proposed they meet with him. Godric poo-pooed the idea (regretting later that he 'missed' his chance to meet Jesus), but Russell decided to go see what the fuss was about. Unfortunately for him, when he got there, Jesus had just been murdered by the Romans. Russell, still interested, broke into his tomb and found the body still in good enough condition to turn, although it took three days. When Jesus rose, Russell was disappointed to discover the supposed great teacher was a 'boring hippie who stank of patchouli.' After forty days, Russell had finally had enough of Jesus' rambling and tricked him into walking out into the daylight to meet his followers. What happened next was interpreted by his followers as him "ascending to heaven." Some extra glamor was used along the way, and that's why they claimed he saw the light, rather than the explosion of blood, fire and goo that occured when Jesus went back to heaven.

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer were really having sex when Bill and Sookie were

Season 6 will feature a method of turning vampires back into humans, possibly tied into the power of Warlow
Since so many characters have lately become vampires, and one of them has been upgraded to naughty vampire god, perhaps we'll be seeing a reversal in the next season, and some vampires will be Brought Down to Normal, leading up to Bill becoming his old self again. If so, the mysterious Warlow will possibly play a part in it, due to his as yet unknown powers.

The vampires control Greenpeace, PETA, the Sea Shepherd Society, and other militant environmentalist groups
They would stand the most to gain, as they can't take a "we'll be dead by the time it matters" stance on environmental issues, and they can remember the world before the Industrial Revolution, and dislike what pollution has done to the taste of blood. They are militant in general and many dislike what humans have done to the world. That, combined with their money and power, would indicate that they have at least a hand controlling the crazier environmentalist organizations. Possibly it is all in an effort to avenge the dodo, whom they remember fondly.

Warlow is Count Chocula
His popular cereal is made from fairy blood, so he seeks it at all times.

Warlow is one of Sookie's non-fairy ancestors
  • Close. He's one of Sookie's ancestors, but he was a faerie.

Lilith was a demon.
Similar to The Vampire Chronicles, all vampires are originally descended from a particularly powerful demon. Bill now has the power of that demon in his body, hence his new powers.
  • Interestingly enough, Bill is actually starting to take on several traits of Anne Rice's vampires, mainly telekinesis and flight. That along with the fact that he seems to have absolutely no interest in sex (similarly to how her vampires are unable to at all) makes this comparison oddly apt.

When Sookie was in another dimension for a year, Jason miraculously developed into a pretty decent cop and had his life in reasonable order. Since she returned to Earth he has devolved back into his old self. Maybe some unconscious effect of Sookie's telepathic powers drains thought from Jason, reducing his intelligence so long as she can telepathically connect with his mind?

Lilith was 'given to the sun,' in the sense that she became a human by being zapped by an Original Fae.
As Nora rightly found out, the vampire bible misinterpreted a key passage regarding Lilith's 'death.' She tried to attack Niall's fae village and got hit by a concentrated ball of fae energy. It incinerated the vampire part of her and then changed her human.
  • Jossed: Warlow killed Lilith by exposing her to sunlight.

Sookie is part of the prophecy in the vampire bible, and that's the reason Warlow is after her
"As the blood ascends, two will become one. When light and dark collide, our salvation will be at hand." Somehow, Sookie and Bill are going to break the daylight curse on vampires, either by making them human again or removing that particular weakness. Lilith seems to be on board with the idea, but Warlow - being Lilith's first progeny - hates the idea of Bill owning the world when it should be his in the first place. The reason he convinced John Stackhouse to sign the contract is because the magic will 'legally' bind him and Sookie together, and he can be the 'dark' to her 'light' in the prophecy.

In relation to the third WMG and the one just above, Sookie will become pregnant, and her child may or may not be the Antichrist
The prophecy is talking about a fae-human-vampire hybrid - the world's first dhampir that will 'bring about salvation' by fathering/mothering a new breed of vampires that can walk in daylight and are immune to other vampire weaknesses. The two becoming one talks about Bill's transformation into Billith. The light and dark colliding is him impregnating Sookie (he's already immune to being staked, can see the future and can drain someone without having to bite them: who says he can't get a woman pregnant?) with the child. Also Warlow's after Sookie so he can be the one to get her pregnant with his apocalypse baby.
  • In episode 4, Warlow tells Niall that he wants to revive their clan through Sookie. Then in episode five, we find out that Warlow wants to turn Sookie into a vampire so they can be together forever. If it's possible for faerie vampires to reproduce...

Ben, the new Halfling, is actually Warlow.
He's gotten mind-reading and day-walking from all the fae he's eaten, and is passing himself off as a beleaguered Halfling for the sake of getting to Sookie. Perhaps because he has some ulterior motive, or simply For the Evulz. This is the reason why Sookie is able to "feel" him in her head, unlike the other fae and Halflings she's encountered so far.
  • Agreed. Some points:
    • He appears out of nowhere not long after Warlow escapes.
    • He claims to have been attacked by Warlow, who rarely leaves survivors.
    • He just happened to be right in Sookie's path.
    • Despite being a halfling, he knows who Niall is.
    • He was wondering around the fae dimension area, after they'd all been killed.
    • He also keeps asking Sookie about Bill. According to the vampire bible, Warlow is Lilith's first progeny, so naturally he would be curious about this vampire that's become the living incarnation of his maker.
    • Confirmed! Ben/Warlow is both fae and vampire, evidently a faerie who was turned into a vampire thousands of years ago, by Lilith—allowing him to walk in the sunlight and possess the powers of both species.

Billith and Warlow will not end up battling, they will join forces to conquer humanity and the fey in the name of vampires
  • Just cause I'd like to see that.

Warlow can't drink normal human blood.
  • In the same way that normal vampires can't drink animal blood. He can only eat fae and half fae blood.
    • Unlikely, he mentions that he can't control himself around Sookie if he isn't well fed, and there aren't enough faeries to go around for him to feed unnoticed for how long he's been around.

Warlow is the light, Bill is the dark, Sookie is the blood
"As the blood ascends, two will become one. When light and dark collide, our salvation will be at hand."
  • Both are Vampires + something else. Warlow has the faeness as a light, Bill has Lilith as a dark. Blood ascending is something that will happen to Sookie, perhaps the collision is her being forced to choose between becoming Warlow's progeny, or Bill's.
    • Well I guess we should make that Eric instead of Warlow now...

Lilith got the prophecy wrong: Warlow isn't the salvation of vampires
Sookie is. By turning Warlow all those years ago, she set into motion the events that would allow Sookie to be born at the right time and place (i.e, Warlow sparing Niall, who ends up being the ultimate ancestor of the Stackhouse line of faeries). But the prophecy will only work if Billith is the one who turns Sookie. If it's Warlow that does it, the vampire race is doomed.

Lilith was the first vampire, but she wasn't created by 'God
The woman known as Lilith was once a human whose name has been forgotten. She was sacrificed in some dark ritual and was reborn, covered in blood and screaming. The being who turned her convinced her that he was God, and that she would ultimately find a faerie who would save the vampire race. High on bloodlust and newfound power, Lilith ultimately believed this person and set about doing just that. My guess is it was a demon, since in the books faeries can turn into angels if they choose, and that plot point hasn't been brought up or discarded in the show. What better way to destroy any and all potential angels by infecting them with vampirism?
  • What if this demon was also the same "horned god" that Maryann received her powers from and worshipped in Season 2? It would make for a nice Continuity Nod.
  • Also, remember that the reason faeries are rare in the world is that vampires nearly hunted them into extinction, which would fit in nicely with a hypothetical demon's plan to kill off any and all potential angels.

The series is about the end of vampires
It's a bit of a bloodbath for them, really. Coming out was a bad idea. Eventually they are all going to be killed, or a way will be found to convert them back into being humans.

The alpha female vampire in the prison is an agent of Lilith's
All those blood-covered female vampires that always take Bill to Lilith? Yeah, they're not just there for fan service. They're handmaidens of Lilith's, and one of them has been sent into the vampire concentration camp to watch over the other vampires for whatever reasons Lilith has. It explains how the unnamed female vampire is able to have such sway over the rest of the prisoners. And if you watch her closely, she even poses like Lilith.

We will meet Tara's "brother" Colin before the end of the series
There have been a few mentions to Pam's other progeny, Colin, but I don't think it's ever been stated that he died... So, I imagine he's still out there somewhere, and perhaps he'll come looking for Pam soon.

Andy is going to send Adilyn to the faerie realm
He's slowly beginning to realize that the world is too unsafe for his half-faerie daughter. When the other supernaturals are found out by the government and/or Niall finds his way out of the dark world, Andy's going to meet him and ask him to please send Adilyn where she'll be safe from vampires forever. It'll be heartbreaking, considering how much he genuinely loves his child, but he won't see any other choice.

Sarah Newlin's going to expose the rest of the supernaturals to the world
Thanks to Jason letting her go, Sarah's going to go straight to Bon Temps to murder Sookie as some kind of holy justice for Jason's betrayal. While there, she sees Sookie appearing out of thin air after her visit with Warlow, and Sarah realizes that vampires aren't the only evils in the world. Renewed with zealotry, Sarah gathers her resources and finds out about the disappearance of the students the wolf pack killed, leading her to discover the existence of weres. From there it's just a 'shocking' appearance on global television later as she sets herself up as the would-be martyr, the sole survivor of the vampires AND other supernaturals' attack on the Tru Blood facility. She exposes werewolves and faeries (because of course, she would use her celebrity to get Mrs. Fortenberry to spill about Sookie coming out at Terry's funeral), and she'll make sure that she has the proof of dragging Rikki and the pack out for the world to ogle, naked and snarling and in the middle of turning. The season ends with every single non-human being roundly and truly fucked.

After losing their sun resistance when Bill's blood wears off, the rest of the vampires beg him to lead them to Warlow, so his blood can be synthesized for them to be true daywalkers.
Bill agrees, and manipulates Sookie into taking Warlow to him again...only for Niall to come out of the dark world with Queen Mab and an entire faerie army behind him. It's then that the truth of Lilith's words come out: the war was never between humans and vampires, but between faeries and vampires. And the 'tyrant' is Sookie herself, now Niall's heir apparent.

Warlow has an older brother.
In the form of an even older vampire progeny of Lilith's. He's going to decided that he's had it with all this shit and wipes out half the main cast.

Eric was able to dive into the snow
And save himself.
Dracula exists in the True Blood universe... And is somehow a hybrid vampire/fairie/shifter/werewolf/warlock
I recently read the original Dracula novel, and found it interesting that the Count displays powers common to all of the major supernaturals on True Blood. He is a vampire, but he daywalks and appears and disappears a little like a fae. He can transform into animals such as bats, like a shifter. He can commune with wolves and command them, and he also seems to be able to cast magic spells for things like weather control. I predict that in the True Blood verse, he was a fairie who became a vampire but still sought more power, and so he studied magic, and used it to find a way to appropriate the powers of other supernaturals. He may also have picked up his iconic fashion sense after a dalliance with Russell, who dressed a bit like him.. Perhaps Count Dracula will come to Bon Temps one day seeking new powers for himself.

The faeries are going to go to war against Bon Temps next season
And it will be because Adilyn was the only halfling to survive into (human, at least) adulthood. Maurella clearly told Andy that at least two of the quadruplets had to survive, and he failed. Assuming Maurella wasn't killed by Warlow when he massacred the faerie night club, there will be retribution, because if Warlow was anything to go by, faeries take their contracts very fucking seriously.

Tara isn't dead.
  • Because killing off a character who has been there since the beginning in the first few minutes of the season premiere is either really stupid (something I wouldn't put past the writers) or it's going to come back in the future. It should be noted that her death is off-screen. And considering how Lettie Mae bounces between sane and insane a lot, that could have easily been someone else's blood on her. Other notes being that Pam never reacted to Tara's death, when it has been proven that makers feel the death of the their progeny. Also, making her mother a main character only to kill her off seems a bit fishy. Plus, come on, with all the crap she's been through she's gotta have a nice ending to this.
    • As much as I had hoped this was true, Pam has since stated to have felt Tara meet the true death, so unless she somehow knew Tara was planning something and was telling Eric that she met the true death so he wouldn't question her whereabouts, it looks like the writers just really like screwing Tara over.

Bill's hep-v, mixed with the fairy blood, was actually turning him human.
If Sookie would have shot him with her light ball, it would have destroyed the vampire part of Bill leaving only the human, thus removing both of thier superhuman aspects. If Sookie would have told Bill about being able to read his thoughts, they may have been able to figure this out - but as always on this show Poor Communication Kills.

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