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  • Bill helping Sookie babysit Arlene's kids. He seems like a natural (Rene does point out that he had a couple kids of his own way back when) and it's good to see him just being happy.
  • Terry comforting Lafayette after Andy sets off his PTSD.
  • How about Sookie, Bill, Lafayette and Lettie Mae working together to free Tara from Maryann's mind control?
  • Eric begging Godric not to up and kill himself.
  • Andy and Jason resolving their differences in "Frenzy".
  • Practically every Hoyt/Jessica scene in Season 2.
    • And Season 3 as well.
  • Terry (an Iraq War veteran) embracing Bill (a Civil War veteran) in "Sparks Fly Out" recognizing the connection they share as two former soldiers, even though they fought in wars separated by almost 150 years.
    • Terry later on using his experience as a sufferer of PTSD to calm down Lafayette when Andy brings his memories of Eric locking him up in the cellar to the surface, holding him close.
  • This exchange in "Night on the Sun" after Bill returns and releases Jessica so she can escape and not be hunted down from the Wolfpack and or the King of Mississippi. Jessica confesses she screwed up and needs Bill's guidance.
    Jessica: No! You listen to me. I drained someone. And I was hungry and I was sad and it was an accident, and and I didn't know how to control myself because you never taught me! No. I need you. You're the only maker I got.
    Bill: I can't take care of you! I can't protect you! I'm no good to you.
    Jessica: Well, I'm no good either, and I don't care what you say, I am not leaving!
    (She begins to cry, looks up.)
    Jessica: I don't want to be alone anymore. (She breaks down and Bill slowly approaches her and cradles her as she clings to his waist like she's drowning and he's her lifejacket)
    • Bill finally acting like a Maker, and training Jessica. Her excitement at her speed and his patient teaching ends up like a father and daughter moment.
      • Especially if you watch Jessica's video-blogs, and she talks about how lonely and confused she feels without Bill there.
  • Eric and Pam in "Everything Is Broken" especially when he tells her she should make her own vampire child should he not survive his upcoming tussle with Big Bad Russell Edgington. Aww.
  • Arlene admits to Terry that her baby is Rene's, and Terry immediately agrees to still raise it as his own.
  • Terry's quiet astonishment at moving in with his girlfriend. Anyone who's ever despaired at getting the sort of life that most people take for granted can relate.
    Terry: This is what normal people do, Sam. They fall in love. They make each other laugh. And they move in together. They raise kids. They fight over money. They get old and fat together, and it's normal. And it's happening to me. I can't believe it.
    Sam: Well, I can. Nobody deserves it more.
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  • Before the conversation goes to hell, Tara and Jason's moment in "I Smell A Rat" was exceedingly sweet and touching considering what they'd both been through and the fact that Tara still has residual feelings for Jason and vice versa. Too bad the ship had to sink yet again.
  • Eric and Pam saying their goodbyes before Eric tries to kill Russell in "Fresh Blood".
    Eric: (Pam is crying) C'mon, what's this?
    Pam: Nothing. Just the bleeds.
    Eric: You know I love you more when you're cold and heartless. (kisses her)
  • Sookie paying for Egg's Funeral. It's a remarkably touching moment that will sadly go forgotten after the ending of the episode.
  • Really, basically any scene with Terry.
  • Sookie's grandfather's Heroic Sacrifice to get her back to Earth, and using his last moments to say he loves her.
  • Sam and Tommy mutually taking the first step to repairing their relationship, agreeing to try to trust each other a little more each day. Sure, it quickly goes to hell, but that one moment is nice.
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  • Tara and Lafayette's relationship. Despite how much they call each other "bitch" and "hooker", the two cousins are utterly devoted to each other; he convinced her not to kill herself in the third season, and when she visits Bon Temps in the fourth after moving to New Orleans, she refuses to leave Lafayette until the whole mess with Eric and the witches is squared away.
  • All of Sookie and Eric's interaction in 4x5 (besides the dream sequence). Alexander Skarsgard's "lost little boy" performance really lets you buy how close they're growing.
  • S4E6, "I Wish I Was The Moon" — Erik is down on his knees, before King Bill. He asks first for Pam to be set free, since she seems to be dying already. But then he gives a beautiful speech about what knowing and loving Sookie has meant to him. But then he tops it off by wishing that after his death, that Sookie and Bill can patch things up, because Sookie deserves happiness from whoever it is that can give it to her. All of this in a soft, sincere voice without a hint of irony.
    • Jason and Jessica's talk in the woods.
    • Bill sparing Eric's life so he and Sookie can be together.
  • Mavis being reunited with her baby.
  • Debbie moving past her jealousy of Sookie to help her sneak into Antonia's place.
    • Ruined in the Season 4 finale when she attempts to murder Sookie and shoots Tara instead.
  • Sam turning into a bunny for Emma to pet.
  • Despite having ruined any chance of reconciling with Sam, Tommy willingly takes a fatal beating from Marcus and his gang in his place.
  • Terry forcing Andy to admit his V addiction at their old treehouse.
  • Sam forgiving Tommy for everything, as Tommy dies.
  • Eric not reverting to his evil ways when he gets his memory back.
    • Pam's reaction when she learns Eric's memory has returned.
  • Say what you want about Maxine, but seeing her comforting Sam and still referring Tommy as her son despite everything and tells Sam to consider her his mom. Maxine may not be mother of the year but when compared to Sam's parents, it's very heartwarming. Even Sam was moved by that.
    • Which sadly gets undone in Season 7 when the truth comes out about Sam being a shifter. Instead of holding to that promise, Maxine shows she'd much rather gleefully kill Sam just out of pure hatred for nonhumans.
  • Ginger hugging Pam as she weeps over losing Eric, after being told she'll die if she does it.
  • Andy and Holly starting over.
  • "Just keep breathing baby."
    • Followed by Lafayette being able to feel Jesus' ghost.
  • Antonia and Gran helping Marnie pass on.
  • Pam helping Tara transition to being a vampire. It's a very "tough love" approach, but it's still clear that she wants her progeny to have a good unlife, and it only took her three days to start taking an interest, in stark contast to Bill with Jessica.
    • To be fair , Bill has issues regarding being a Vampire and never wanted to be a maker even preferring a hellish death over it...he's improved immensely since then.
    • Pam goes one better in 'In the Beginning.' After Lettie Mae effectively disowns Tara for daring to be a vampire, Pam finds Tara crying in her office. Tara expresses surprise that she can still weep over everything Lettie Mae has done to her, and shrugs, saying that she's 'still my Mama.' Pam's response? "In a hundred years, you won't even remember her. And she's not your mother. Not anymore." Cue Tara getting up to hug Pam, and Pam actually being affected by it. Awww.
    • Mixing it with CMOA, she first seems to be angry at Tara for arguing with a racist bully from her high school while on the job, but then abducts the woman and glamors her into being Tara's willing food slave.
    • After Tara kills the newly appointed Bon Temps sheriff, Pam tells his maker that she did it, after forbidding Tara from discussing it with their sire bond.
  • Jason telling Sookie not to blame herself for their parents' death, after Claude reveals that it was her blood in the car that drew the vampire to them in the first place.
  • Terry saying goodbye to Arlene before he goes to wait for the Ifrit to kill him and Patrick. Doubles as an effective TearJerker.
  • Martha Boozeman disowning JD and effectively joining Alcide when JD attempts to feed Emma some V.
  • Either the ghost or a hallucination of Godric snapping Eric out of his Lilith-induced trance and begging him to save Nora and the others.
  • Sam telling Andy he's not the worst sheriff the town has had.
  • Russell giving Steve Newlin his first pet, and the look of surprise and happiness on Steve's face.
    • Although this is made sour by the fact that said pet is an eight-year old werewolf puppy, snatched from her grandmother to ensure the obedience of the pack
  • Jessica glamoring Hoyt to forget about him and Jason as he heads to Alaska, and telling him he'll meet someone there who will make him just as happy as she did. Doubles as a Tear Jerker
  • Jesus and Lafayette's initial courtship. There's something cute about seeing the usually so unflappable Lafayette acting like an awkward teenager at prom.
  • Tara opening Pam's cell door, burning her hand in the process, and passionately making out with her, to the Shipper on Deck delight of Jessica.
  • Andy's face lighting up like a little kid at the birth of his fairy daughters.
    • Although this quickly becomes an Oh, Crap! moment when he learns that he has to take care of all four of them without the help of the mother.
  • Arlene and Terry giving Andy parenting advice.
  • Jessica's tentative and tearful prayer for all of her friends, including Jason who had been so harsh and cruel to her seemingly out of the blue. The fact that she acknowledges that he is in emotional pain rather than just being a jerk makes this extra poignant. Plus her pleading for Bill to wake from his coma reminds us just how much she looks up to him, no matter what.
    Jessica: I don't know if you can hear me. My great-aunt Matilda was in a coma once when I was a kid. The doctor said she could hear us talking to her, so. You said you could feel the pain of all vampires? I was wondering if you can feel mine. Because I'm scared. It feels like the world is spinning out of control and I have this terrible feeling. Out there it's just chaos, and in here...[trails off] I was raised on the human Bible and then you gave me the vampire bible and I...I don't know if I believe any of it, but...are you Lilith? Are you? Are you God?
    [kneels down next to Bill]
    Jessica: Heavenly Father, I don't know the last time I prayed to you. I have been greedy and lustful and wrathful. I've killed people. I've lied. I've taken your name in vain. I beg you for your forgiveness. Please watch over my friends, if that's what they are. Please bless Jason. He's such a good man and he's hurting so bad. Please bless Sookie. I know she tried to kill you, but she's been good to me, and she loves you. I know she does. And bless Eric, even in his anger and wrongheadedness. Bless Pam. Give her the courage to let happiness in. And bless Tara, that she may find whatever it is she's looking for. And bless Sam and Lafayette and Arlene all the good people of Bon Temps. They know not what they do. And bless Hoyt, wherever he is. Watch out for him for me. And bless Bill. If you are him or he is you, bless him. Please bring him back to me.
  • Andy and his faerie daughters, full stop. Even with their hand lasers and telepathy and rapid aging (they go from being infants to preteens in less than twenty-four hours), Andy really does love them and is trying his best. Which makes episode four all the more heartbreaking...
    • The true crowning moment is his granting his one remaining daughter a real name, plus three middle names so she can remember her sisters.
  • Jessica and a vampire named James are put into a room and ordered to have sex with each other. James refuses and declares that he is not a rapist. He continues to refuse even when their captors repeatedly burn him with UV lights.
  • Eric's tearful goodbye to Nora as she dies from hepatitis V.
  • Sookie comforts Arlene in the cemetery after Terry dies. Terry's death is also a Tear Jerker for the entire series.
  • The speeches at Terry's funeral. All of them.
    • Sookie's in particular. "He loved you since the second you walked into his life. Not to many people can say they were loved like that but you can Arlene. I just want you to know."
  • The vampires in the White Room dancing in the sun unharmed, thanks to Billith's/Warlow's blood. It should be noted that some of them, like Violet, haven't been out in the daylight for centuries.
  • Pam warmly hugging Sookie and saying she actually missed her, then telling Tara to take care of Willa before leaving to search for Eric.
  • Lettie Mae offering her blood to Tara is a CMOH. It wasn't the first time she tried patching things up with her daughter, but it was the first time she actually apologized for being a crappy mother. The whole "There were times I forgot to feed you; let me feed you now" speech just clinched it.
  • In a subtle way, Alcide and Sookie in a relationship after the time jump. It's nice seeing her with someone with absolutely no agenda with her other than to make her happy.
  • Tara hugging Sookie. Even if she was high on Bill's blood, it's heartwarming to see the two best friends (although the card is still out on whether or not they can really be considered 'friends' now) embrace considering Tara loathed Sookie for all of last season because of her making Pam turn her.
  • Wade and Adilyn's relationship in Season 7 is all kinds of cute and heartwarming. Sure, causes a bit of a stir between Andy (Adilyn's Dad) and Holly (Wade's Mom). But seeing it grow and work out in the end is fun.
  • After Alcide's death, everyone throws a party to try and cheer Sookie up. Among the highlights: Arelene trying to offer Sookie advice about dealing with grief, Sookie finding out that people don't hate her as much anymore, Andy extending an olive branch towards Jessica, and Andy finally proposing to Holly.
  • Lafayette and James bonding. It's not clear if Sam realized how exceptionally compatible they would be or if he just paired up the unclaimed vampire and human for convenience, but it turned out to be a match made in heaven. Whatever crap is going down in the rest of Bon Temps, these two are taking care of each other...and apparently anyone else they can manage to take under their collective wings, thus far including Jessica (James trying to talk her into eating and Lafayette feeding her), Sookie (the party), Lettie Mae (Lafayette taking her home and James offering his blood to help her "quest").
  • Hoyt and Jessica's reconciliation. Despite Hoyt not remembering his past relationship, he still manages to start fresh with Jessica. It's heavily implied that this new relationship will be much more healthy and they still stay together after three years.
    • Which also leads to Jason and Brigette's relationship. It's very nice to finally see a woman more interested in getting to know Jason rather than trying to get into his pants like almost every other woman he meets.


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