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Tear Jerker / True Blood

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  • Lafayette's panicked reaction to former Detective Andy's enraged accusations that he killed Miss Jeanette. Terry's kind, calm consoling towards Lafayette also count for this as well.
  • Eric: Mr. Unflappable Stoic, breaking down in tears and begging Godric not to commit suicide.
  • "A human with me at the end, and human tears! Even after two thousand years, I can still be surprised. In this, I see God." If it wasn't Eric breaking down and weeping blood, it was Godric's total calm acceptance and joy combined with Sookie weeping that'll bring a lump to your throat.
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  • When Bill gets the photo of his family.
  • Granddad Stackhouse's Heroic Sacrifice in the premier of season 4.
  • Tommy shapeshifting into Sam, sleeping with Sam's girlfriend, and then dumping her.
  • Jason trying to stop the magically entranced Jessica from stepping into the sun, only to apparently get shot. Fortunately, he survived and saved her anyway.
  • Tommy's death.
  • Season 4 Finale "And When I Die": Jesus' death, Hoyt and Jason ending their friendship, Sookie having to say goodbye to Adele's spirit, Sookie dumping Eric, and Tara's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Andy's barely-contained grief and fury when he discovers that all but one of his faerie daughters lying dead in Bill's house.
  • Terry's death. Sweet Jesus...
    • Arlene's subsequent breakdown as she cradles his dying body.
  • Arguably, all of what takes place in the vampire experimentation camps. All the callousness and casual cruelty, combined with how sadistically gleeful all the doctors are, really jerks your heart.
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  • Nora's True Death. She disintegrates in a weeping Eric's arms, as he screams, "Please Don't Leave Me!" over and over again.
  • Sookie's tear-filled speech to her parents' graves as she tells them that she'd rather walk the earth as a vampire than ever lie between their graves.
  • Big John Dixon singing "Life Matters" at Terry's funeral. Arguably, all the related scenes in that episode could qualify as a tearjerker.
  • Jessica's reaction to finding out Tara's dead.
  • Alcide's death.
  • Hoyt's reaction to finding out his mother died? Heart wrenching. Seeing Jason trying to console the man who, because of how much he hurt him had himself glamoured to forget he even met him, and getting rebuffed as a complete stranger? Devastating.
  • Arlene's dying hallucination of Terry one last time. It almost makes it sad that she survives as she is just so happy to see him one last time.
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  • Sookie staking Bill so that he wouldn't die a horrible death from Hep V.

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