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Heartwarming / Treme

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  • Antoine in the ER singing an impromptu song about waiting for a doctor to see him. The other patients get into the song, one man in an oxygen mask even drumming a soft beat on a trash can.
  • Davis helping Janette move:
    Janette: Why are you helping me?
    Davis: Because I'm your friend.
    Janette: You're my friend with benefits.
    Davis: I am your friend with or without benefits.
  • Davis rescuing Sofia from her own drunkenness, and watching over her as she sleeps until Annie gets home:
    Davis: This isn't what it looks like.
    Annie: (with complete trust) Davis, I know your heart.
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  • Toni and her estranged daughter Sofia's much needed talk about Creighton''s suicide, crying over their perceived guilt and blame. A genuine Tear Jerker, it becomes heartwarming when they finally embrace each other.
  • Davis' assorted friends making an "I Quit" video, which becomes a viral hit.


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