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  • Albert on St. Joseph's Night 2006, finally getting to strut his stuff after a whole season of setbacks and buildup.
  • Toni going up against the impenetrable post-Katrina bereaucracy, and actually forcing them to admit how much they screwed Daymo over and apologize for it.
  • "Fuck you, you fucking fucks!"
  • Janette throwing a drink in Alan Richman's face, in response to his infamous article bashing New Orleans cuisine. Richman himself also gets one for being willing to play himself in the scene.
  • Colson's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to a guy who brought a gun to a parade.
    • And Ladonna's to the entire Louisiana government after one of her rapists is freed by a paperwork error, after she had kicked him in the ribs while he was being re-arrested.
  • Intrepid Reporter L.P. strolling into the N.O.P.D. and very matter-of-factly dropping off a list of 27 questions about Glover's murder, offering them a Last-Second Chance to answer for it before he publishes his expose.
  • In the finale,
    • Nelson tricking Feeny into signing over the Desautel's name to Janeane.
    • Toni finally seeing at least one corrupt cop face justice.
  • From the pilot, Albert's first appearance in his Indian chief suit. It emerges from the darkness, sparkles first, then feathers, then his face. Beautifully shot.


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