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Season 1

  • Davis' rant about how "the mafia is way better equipped to run new Orleans than the United States government."
  • In the commentary for the season one finale, Janette says "Beignets don't really travel that well," and David Simon comments "They really don't," in the tone of someone who knows exactly what he's talking about.
  • "Antoine Batiste is strictly a cooked-fish eating motherfucker."

Season 2

  • Davis cleaning his house in the season two premiere, including throwing dishes away rather than washing them.
  • Antoine's voicemails in the opening of the season two finale.
  • Annie meeting Davis' family at Thanksgiving.
  • Aunt Mimi at the bounce party.
  • Davis' spirited version of James Brown's Sex Machine. DJ Davis got the funk!

Season 3

  • Davis on tour: "This is New Orleans. We just let it go to hell. Preservation through neglect."
  • Davis is warned they will put the sign "If your name is Davis McAlary, please leave.", again.
  • Davis wanting to do a paradoxical comeback after his "I quit" becomes a hit.


Season 4

  • Davis growing out of his Manchild state by the finale, taken to the extreme with a slicked hairstyle and a business suit for Mardi Grass.
    I'm no longer DJ Davis, I'M MR. MCALARY!!!



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