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  • J-Roc's Mom: "I don't know of any twenty-nine-year-old rappers who live in their mothers' trailers, you know what I'm saying?"
  • The scene where Ricky fights with the satellite company, arguably one of the most infamous moments of the show.
  • The character of Randy, his shirtlessness, and the casual acceptance of this by the other characters.
  • Bubbles dressed up as a wrestler called the Green Bastard. His proclamation of "I'm the Green Bastard!" right before rubbing a chicken wing on Lahey's sunglasses catches a lot of people by surprise because of how loony it is, even for Trailer Park Boys.
    • In the same episode, Bubbles describing Trevor as having "translucent skin stretched over an alien frame."
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    • In season 8, The Green Bastard makes a return and drags Ricky out of his trailer half-naked right as Lucy's about to give him oral sex.
    • Made even funnier when Randy and his new assistant Don try to intervene.
    Don: Gentlemen, calm! Violence is never the answer!
    Green Bastard: Fuck you Don, you weird spiritual bastard!
  • The montage of Lahey's rampage when he has an alcoholic delusion that he's still a police officer.
  • At one point the main trio are in a swamp and find a puppet named Conky which once belonged to Bubbles. Ricky isn't too happy when Bubbles and Conky are reunited. Bubbles starts to have fun with Conky again. Then Conky starts to control every aspect of Bubbles' life, and make death threats to an increasingly frightened Ricky. It doesn't end well for Conky.
    • In season eight, Bubbles is ordered to perform a drug-awareness show at a school, so he makes a new dummy, Bobby Turkalino, which starts acting like Conky. He then makes another, smaller dummy of Ricky, Little Ricky, which Bobby uses to mock Ricky by saying things like, "Hi, me Ricky, me fucked in the head" and, when Ricky shoots himself in the foot, "Me Ricky, me shoot myself in the foot for the fiftieth time. Me must be a fucking idiot."
      Hey! I'm Bobby Turkalino. I'm here to help Bubbles express himself and say the things he wants to say to Ricky. Sometimes Bubbles wants to go deep into Ricky's mind. He can't bring himself to say hurtful things. That's why I made this guy! [holds up Little Ricky puppet] " Yeah! Drugs! Drugs! Drugs! Drugs!"
      • While travelling to a drug deal with Sebastian Bach, Julian tries to get Bubbles to put away Bobby Turkalino.
        Bubbles: (as Bobby Turkalino) Julian, we should get your crystal back to Castle Grayskull, before Skeletor notices it's missing.
        Julian: Bubbles, this is serious. Put the puppet away.
        Bubbles: Oh I know this is serious, this drug deal's very serious. That's why you brought Lahey the alcoholic, and Ricky the fucking idiot.
        Li'l Ricky: Me a idiot! Nothing could go wrong!
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    • Poor Bubbles's puppet show goes straight down the shitter thanks to Ricky. He smokes weed backstage, swears into a live mic, insults the principal, pisses in a jug, throws the open piss jug into the crowd of children and absolutely fails at operating a puppet before telling everyone to fuck off and quitting, oblivious to the damage he's done. Poor Bubbles, who never even considered Ricky might screw it up until Julian pointed it out, grows increasingly frantic and furious at Ricky which culminates in him pissing himself on stage and getting kicked out.
  • Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are put on trial. Ricky opts to represent himself and successfully(!) asks the judge for permission to smoke and swear, stating that "If I can't smoke and swear, I'm fucked." Then he bullies the prosecutor into giving him a cigarette - "You've been a dick all morning, it's the least you can do." Following this, he unleashes a tide of curses and hilarity, eventually getting the group off and framing Cory and Trevor.
    Ricky: First, I'm gonna tell this guy (the prosecutor) to shut the fuck up and wipe that stupid fucking grin off his face. Next, the testimony given by Randy and Lahey was total fuckin' bullshit. They're drunk as fuck, they've been drinking all morning, and they're both assholes.
    • "I'd like to make a request under the Canadian Freedoms Act of Choices and Voices."
  • Bubbles describing Randy as a "big coagulated gravy hot dog bun bastard."
    • Also, whenever Bubbles talks about Sam Losco. The phrase "greasy bastard" is hilarious coming out of Bubbles' mouth.
  • Bubbles trying to create a new identity: "From now on my name is... Scorpion."
    • Made even funnier by his wearing a red leather jacket and black afro wig.
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  • A pissed-off Ricky takes J-roc's new recording equipment from him..... and then on a whim, he takes the dryer. Even better is the struggle he has trying to get a dryer home in a shopping cart.
  • Ricky goes to a department store and presses the Page button.
    Ricky: Mr. Lahey and Randy to the Fuck Off department, Mr. Lahey and Randy to the Fuck Off department, and hurry the fuck up. Thank you.
  • Ricky's imitation of a drunken Lahey in "A Shit River Runs Through It."
  • The Running Gag of Ricky just throwing shit. Ricky throws things like a kid's temper tantrum, but special mention goes to the season 4 premiere where he tosses out two garbage bags - the first one being an awesome throw, and the second one pathetically hitting the house.
  • J-Roc getting himself intentionally arrested for street cred and record sales. It's sublimely ridiculous.
    • Especially when it's revealed that he was only sentenced to community service, and since community service doesn't sell records, he simply moved into the crawlspace under his mom's trailer. This was only discovered when Bubbles attempted to hide a mountain lion in the crawlspace.
  • In Season 8, Bubbles tells Cory and Jacob to find a goldfish to replace Ricky's dead one. The two go to a supermarket instead of the petstore nearby! Bubble's reaction is what you'd expect.
    Bubbles: Are you two dick pinchers huffin fuckin glue?!
  • In episode 8-8, "The Super-Duper-[...]" Rick coaches Jacob while holding a drink contained in a cut-off 2L plastic bottle:
    Ricky: Jacob, you're part of my family now (smiles) and my family does not fuck things up (drops his drink, spilling it all over his clipboard) for fucks sakes! (whips the bottle at one of the sheds)
  • Talko, a parrot a friend of the boys owns, gets into the walls of Ricky's trailer(where he's hidden his weed) through the AC ducts and starts repeating the curse words Ricky taught him. Ricky is confused to say the least:
    Ricky: Is that my weed? How could my weed be talkin to me? It sounds pissed off. Fuck you too weed ya whore!
    Bubbles: Ricky is that what you actually think happened? Your weed came to life and is talkin to ya?
  • Before and after the Dublin live show, Ricky is "grilled" by customs officers (all fans of the show) asking if he has pot, and both times he freely admits it, citing a different Insane Troll Logic law in each case. The judge in Dublin also gets one for chastising Ricky... for not buying pot locally instead.
    • Arriving at Dublin: He took a private jet, therefore the contraband he's carrying is his private property.
    • Arriving back in Halifax: He only brought back as much as he had brought to Dublin.
      Ricky: I mean, that's a real law right? Not just something I made up in my head?
  • During season 8, there was a stretch of time where Ricky had a surplus of hash, made "hash coins" out of them, and used them as currency for everything he bought, including government services.
  • Season 9 episode 2 has Ricky taking a leak on the fence keeping him out of Sunnyvale. Col. Leslie Dancer pulls a switch and it turns the fence electric, giving Ricky quite the Groin Attack!
  • Season 10 has Julian and Bubbles, frustrated at Ricky for other reasons, actually calling him out on a Rickyism: "we're gonna need two turnips in heat" (as opposed to "we're gonna need to turn up the heat.") They argue for well over a minute about this, with Ricky explaining that you would do the latter to achieve the former.
    Ricky: Turnips are whole different fucking animal, aren't they.
    Julian: Turnips are fucking vegetables Ricky!
  • In Season 10, Sam "Caveman" Losco becomes kinder and gentler in response to his mother's Last Words, and becomes a tacky denture salesman ("The Denture King"). Through much of his time in the season, he's sporting a large smile and comically large dentures himself.
  • Cory being his usual stupid self after a Dr announces Ricky was shot in his temporal lobe and displays no brain activity
    Cory: What's a temporal lobe?
    Bubbles: It's a very important part Cory. Not a good time to be stupid bud.
  • J-roc and the Roc-pile doing "Here Comes The Bride" at Trinity's wedding. Beatbox-style.
  • A great Rickyism in season 11:
    Ricky: Oh I get it, the old keep your friends close but get your enemy's toaster. We just gotta get Randy's toaster.
  • In Out of the Park: Europe, Ricky mistakes the locals of Berlin for aliens because they speak German.
  • Season 11 Lahey revealing he is Ricky's father in a dead-on recreation of The Empire Strikes Back's most famous scene.


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